Mea Culpa Episode 21

Mea Culpa Episode 21 Gaston recounts how he killed Barbara, Dolores protects Juris secret at the expense of Fina

Noah had a nightmare that his mother had left him and asked his mother not to leave him like his grandmother and Christi. Fina comforted him, saying it was a mere dream and she would never abandon him.

Greco and his men discovered the body of Oscar and was shocked to see his ally eliminated.

Yandro, later, met Armand and Fina to tell them about the angle they should also look at in finding Joy. He said Barbara worked for a child trafficking syndicate and was also shot so there was a possibility that the syndicate had Joy.

As Dolores was thinking about means to get closer to Juris, Fina called her to tell her about the new direction of the investigation. Dolores deemed that as good as the investigation had shifted from Juris. She went to see Juris to ask what she could do to make her accept her.

Juris wanted her to stop helping Fina but Dolores made it clear that Fina was a good person. Her daughter pushed her, claiming Dolores meant she was the bad person and Drei overheard Dolores claiming Juris as her daughter.

Drei listened to her to know how her ambition and quest for fame made her lose touch with her daughter which she regretted and had used her adulthood to search for her missing daughter. Drei that night tried to convince Juris to give her mother a chance but she refused.

Fina on Dolores show made an appeal to the public to help find the relative of Barbara or a lead on her syndicate. Gaston, a prisoner while in Bilibid watched the news and made a call to Dolores. Dolores stopped Armand and Fina from going with her, claiming the caller’s information might be a prank.

However, she decided to go alone. Unknown to Fina, Dolores was doing that in order to obstruct justice to protect Juris. Luis was baffled that Dolores wanted to get the first hand information, reason she stopped Fina from going with her.

Elsewhere, Gaylord was promoted and sworn-in. He called Lolita and Lucio who showed Oscar’s picture to Lolita that he has gotten Greco’s informant k!lled and would do worse to her received the call. Gaylord was amazed to know Lolita was in trouble.

Meanwhile, Juris convinced Drei to withdraw from his candidacy for them to run away together but Drei refused. He was doing to fulfill his dreams and that of his mother so he felt reluctant and Juris understood him, claiming she was only being paranoid after Lolita told them her husband had been blackmailing her about the secret footage of their visit to Bogs.

Fina and Noah visited Christy to check up on her. Christy told Fina about a couple wanting to adopt her so Fina said maybe she would be better off with them. Christy promised that Fina will always be her mother.

Dolores holds Juris picture frame and promises to do everything to gain her forgiveness as she arrives in jail to speak to Gaston. He asks for Dolores help to get out of prison in exchange for his information.

Gaston tells Dolores that Barbara used to work for Locas which is the name of their syndicate and their boss ordered him to k!ll Barbara since she wanted to transfer to their rival group and take the baby to Locas but Barbara found out the truth about him and was trying to escape with that baby.

Gaston $hot Barbara and was about to take the baby when he saw a car approaching but he only saw one of the passengers and it was Drei shocking her.

Later, Dolores plays the recording to Louis shocking her and they conclude that the friends caused the accident and have Fina’s baby but Dolores said Juris is Drei’s wife and Juris would also be held liable for that accident and inasmuch as she wants to help Fina she doesn’t want her daughter to get into trouble.

Matilda goes to see Juris bragging about how the new lawyer of her last client was able to drop the case against the congressman’s son and agrees to an out of court settlement shocking Juris who said she only did what’s right as they begin to exchange words with Juris reminding her that even if she leaves distance won’t stop her from being Drei’s wife.

Fina visits Dolores asking if she spoke to Gaston but she lied to her that Gaston had no information to help them so Fina asked for his name so she can go talk to him herself but Dolores refuses saying he doesn’t want her to give his name out as Fina looks at her suspiciously.

At the NBI, Fina tells Yandro about what Dolores told her and that she has a feeling Dolores doesn’t want them to talk to that witness.

Gaylord visits Lucio at his office since he is concerned about Lolita and him locking her up but Lucio threatens him with the CCTV footage and that he can release it anything and easily destroy him so he shouldn’t dare challenge him or meddle in their lives.

Later, Greco goes to see Gaylord to talk about his visit to Lucio so Greco tells him about his final plan to take Lolita and the kids away but Gaylord tells him not to since it will push Lucio to surrender the footage to the police.

The Next Day, Dolores meets up with Juris at a restaurant to confront her about what they did to Barbara five years ago since she knows the truth and also knows they took Fina’s child but Juris denies it.

However, Dolores tells her the details and that Fina doesn’t know yet since she wants to keep it a secret because she wants to protect her.

Yandro goes to see Dolores but meets her absence so asks Louis for the name of the informant in prison since and if she refuses she will charge her with obstruction of justice.

Dolores gives Juris Gaston’s name and promises that no one knows about this and she wants to make it up to her. Right then, Louis calls Dolores informing her about Yandro’s visit.

At the Del Rio mansion, Lucio tells Lolita about Gaylord’s visit and that they are all just worried about the evidence he has against them so Lolita begs him to leave her friends out of their mess since she won’t leave him but Lucio reiterates it to her that he owns her and she can’t leave and forces himself on her again.

The friends meet up to discuss Dolores witness and fears that once Yandro talks to that eye witness they will all be in serious trouble.

Greco said he has an idea to make him shut up but Juris tells them that Dolores will take care of it since she has some dirt on her so she will do anything she wants. Later, Greco disguised himself to storm the Del Rio mansion.


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