Mea Culpa Episode 3

Mea Culpa Episode 3 Drei marries Juris after adopting Joy, Fina discovers her daughter’s kidnapper is dead

At the Agoncillo residence, Juris told Emil the truth concerning Leyna and the old man suffered mild stroke and was rushed to hospital. Mr Agoncillo woke up to find himself at the hospital. Juris told him about his condition but the good news was that his vital signs were stable.

Emil asked Juris about her next plan, since she was not sure of what to do, her adopted father called for meeting between all the friends that committed the crime.

The next day they all showed up except Bogs who had not been picking his calls. Emil told the guys to do the right thing but they said their license would be revoked and could not waste their future on that.

Emil threatened to report them if they would not turn themselves in. Greco said he has already started his NBI training and the only thing they could do was to provide a better future for Leyna to make up for what they did to her mother.

Later that evening, Juris went to Emil’s room to cry that she was scared he would disown her after letting him down so she would turn herself in the next day. She then called Drei and he also promised to turn himself in and they agreed to meet the next day at the precinct.

Drei saw his mother making a call and was being blotted out of the senator list but she insisted that by hook or crook she had to be the senator and nothing would stop as she has already announced her candidature for the senatorial race. The call cut and Drei wanted to come clean but another call came through and his mother abandoned him.

The next day, Iris descended down the stairs to find Emil already sitting in the living room and she told him that she was turning herself in. Emil decided to follow her. They reached the precinct to find Drei already there. He told Iris that he had already informed the rest of their friends but none was willing to turn themselves in.

As they were in the process of filing the report, a person was caught and sent to the detention unit for stabbing someone and claiming it was self defense. Emil witnessed the inmates fighting ruthlessly among themselves and he got so scared for Juris. They later came home to play with Leyna while Greco and Gaylord were chatting about Juris and Drei turning themselves in.

Greco said they would figure something out since they were already lawyers. Drei told Juris that if they could not account to their crime now someday they would do it. Emil resigned from his position as the head of the school and told the board he was resigning based on personal reasons and not being offered a better deal somewhere.

Gaylord in a group chat told the rest about the good news as Juris and Drei did not report. Gaylord said he was feeling bad not to have joined them. Greco wanted to meet Lolita but she said goodnight and left online. The next day, Emil called Juris who was working on defense in a murder case and was telling her bosses in means to deal with the issue.

Her father told her that Leyna was pale so Sheryl had sent her to St John’s Hospital. Juris asked of her leave and her boss was not happy with it as it was her third emergency for the month.

She went to hospital to discover that the doctor misdiagnosed the patient as she was having hemoglobin deficiency and her red blood cell was malfunctioning so she would need blood transfusion every month till she gained bone marrow transplant. Since Leyna’s case was peculiar and the orphanage that her father volunteered to help did not have the necessary resources, Juris decided to adopt Leyna.

Elsewhere, Maribel, the mother-in-law of Fina gained temporary custody of Fina’s first child, Noah after the negligence that led to the missing of Joy. Fina met with a lawyer to seek legal advice in means to gain her son back and was told unless she proved in court she was a good mother who prioritised her children before gaining Noah’s custody.

The lawyers except Bogs met in a club and each voiced out the new happenings in their lives. Greco in few months would be done with his NBI training, Lolita would do her master’s in USA to study international law while Drei was hoping to win the elections to become a councilor and Juris has applied for a job at the Public Attorneys Office (PAO ) to gain a new job that she could manage her time and care for Lena.

“Please guys I don’t want you to tell Lena that she was adopted because I am not planning to tell her what happened in Baguio,” she said.

Her friends accepted since she said she wanted to raise the child as her own.

“Wait a minute, where is Bogs?” Juris asked after realising Bogs was not there.

The five friends went to Bogs house to find him taking overdose and rushed him to a hospital. Once he recovered they told him to be able to to forget and keep the Baguio incident.

“I can’t promise that, I feel like I am going to explode keeping the secret,” Bogs said.

While seeing his friends having long faces: “Kidding I won’t rat you out you know!”

Later, Gaylord led Juris to a cinema in a well crafted plan for Drei to propose to her. Fast forward, Drei sent Juris to meet his mother, Matilda but the congresswoman was too ambitious and saw Juris as a person who was not ambitious having resigned from a renowned law firm in the country just for PAO.

However, Drei made it clear that he was solely in l0ve with Juris and nothing would stop him from marrying her. Matilda then cut off her support for her son in the counselor elections so Drei got his new office to locate to. Soon, he sent an invitation to his mother and the woman appeared in his wedding.

Drei and Juris married and raised Lena as their own. Five years later, Leyna was a grown up girl and attended Hope and Faith Academy. The school had an event and Leyna was leading in the choreography. Later, in class she brilliantly answered questions and was sent to her father’s office.

Soon, she looked pale and was sent to hospital and the doctor said alternative treatment was to give birth and a sibling would be a bone marrow transplant match for the child. All the five friends were successful in their endeavours, Bogs was the only person gaining psychological therapy to get over the trauma incident.

Some mining company discovered the bones of a body which was buried in Baguio city. Bogs later joined his friends in a get-together and told them about his new call to be a priest. Elsewhere, the police finally found a right picture of the woman who stole the baby of Fina and identified the woman as Barbara Villanueva.

The police said the woman was a kidnapper and was working in a syndicate which they kidnap people including babies and sell them. Leyna came home with some kittens and told her parents and their friends that the kittens mother was run over by a moving vehicle and she felt sorry for the kittens that was why she brought them home so Drei told her to send the box to the kitchen and give it to her grandpa. The six friends looked disturbed.

They then saw the news on the 45years Barbara Villanueva whose bone has been identified together with the hospital costume which she stole to kidnap a six month old baby who was supposed to be sent to Manila for the necessary medical treatment.

Amor told the news agency that she was supposed to watch over the baby but she ate vegetables and also fell asleep and pleaded with the public that anyone who had news on Joy should contact them as they wanted to know if Joy was alive or dead.

However, Fina strongly believed Joy was alive and pleaded if anyone has a child who fit the description of her child who frequently fell sick, she should contact her as life was not the same without her and it felt like it was yesterday. The six friends looked tensed.


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