Mea Culpa Episode 30

Mea Culpa Episode 30 Lucio leaks the video that implicate Bogs’ friends as murderers, Drei position drops in the Senatorial race

Fina received a call from her father who told her the company he was working for was hiring so she could tend her application and get interviewed for the available position.

Soon, Dolores visited to ask Fina for forgiveness and explained why she gave a false testimony in court. Fina bemoaned that her act made her end up in jail and made her almost lose all her two children.

Dolores thought Fina would understand since both of them were mothers and knew how it felt like to lose a child. Fina warned Dolores not to compare them together since Dolores abandoned Juris but for her, her daughter was stolen from her.

Dolores pleaded for the charges Fina has filed against Juris to be dropped but Fina refused. She told Dolores that her action did not stem from revenge but was doing all that for Juris to pay for the consequences of her action for justice to prevail.

Elsewhere, Juris and Drei enlisted the help of their three friends to be the principal characters to testify for them in court. Greco wanted only Gaylord to do it but Drei saw that their evidence would be solid if all of them testify in his favour.

Greco was scared for Lolita since Lucio was still hunting for her. Juris wanted to use threat but Lolita shut her as she was not ready to commit perjury. Gaylord deemed it wise for them to help Drei and Juris.

At the NBI, Yandro had all the previous footage at Bogs’ residence but not the day the d£ath occured. They believed Jaime, the security at the place told them lies just to cover up for someone just like Dante, the man who claimed to be the culprit of the crime.

Since both Jaime and Dante were not found, Armand believed someone was pulling the strings and was thinking Drei could be behind it since Dante was the mayor’s former employee but Yandro regarded that and circumstantial evidence.

Lucio sent his henchmen to k!ll Greco and Lolita and return his kids but his men failed as Greco k!lled them all. Lucio called one of his henchman’s phone and Greco received the call and warned him to turn himself to the authorities. He called Lucio a coward and told him yo face him as he has k!lled all his henchmen.

Lucio got upset and released the footage of Bogs’ murder online. Fina told Armand about Dolores plea and Armand could not believe that Dolores after her act came to beg for Juris.

Fina told Armand that she was not prepared to drop the charges and even said Dolores was lucky that she did not file for all the crimes that Juris committed due lack of evidence.

The next day, Fina went for the interview and gained a job. As she was eating with her father, Armand called her over to the NBI office over the new evidence they had gained against the friends of Bogs.

Meanwhile, Gaylord in a meeting questioned Juancho for not regarding his opinion to drop the charges Fina filed. However, Juancho said he regarded Gaylord’s opinion, upon careful scrutiny he realised Fina had a solid case against the Montelibanos, reason he did not drop the charges.

Suddenly, an expose video went viral and the prosecutor’s gathered at the function saw Gaylord as one of the people who visited Bogs and showed the footage to Gaylord, making him shiver.

As Greco arrived in a new safe house with Lolita and her kids, he received a message from Gaylord, saying Lucio had released the video. Due to the exposé, Drei’s first position in the Senatorial race was dropped to tenth. This made Matilda upset for the child he stole along with Juris.

Drei left to campaign in hopes to turn things round to his favour. Titong also told Matilda about how Celia was upset that he spent more time with her and Drei instead of her who was sick and going to hospital each time.

Matilda proposed they told Celia the truth but Titong refused and promised to be there for Drei as his godfather. Reviewing the footage, Yandro concluded that the friends of Bogs were hiding something so he saw them as the suspect of Bogs murder.

Fina deemed her hunch as right and Armand was glad that there was development in the case of his brother and was hoping to finally gain justice.

The friends tried to go against eachother by blaming eachother for the d£ath of Bogs. Joining the pieces together Greco was certain that Juris would be the culprit but Gaylord objected.

Later, the party held a meeting and promised to help Drei get on the spot after dropping. Celia who was drunk was sure Titong would do everything to bring Drei to the top spot. She said Titong l0ved Drei so much like he was his… she almost dropped drinks on the party members.

Titong apologised to the party members for Celia’s behaviour, stressing that she had too much to drink. In a private talk with Titong, Matilda found the action of Celia as offensive and asked Titong if his wife knew the truth about them and Drei. Titong assured his wife knew nothing.

Fast forward, the court case against Juris was heard but Lolita and Greco failed to attend to testify to save themselves from the clutches of Juris. After Fina’s father gave his testimony on how he saw Juris running away with Joy or Leyna, Greco also went to the witness box to testify how Juris l0ved Leyna and shit down claims that she would kidnap the girl.

Juris also went into the box to testify that she did not go to Fina’s place to kidnap Leyna, she only went there to visit her child since she has missed her. After the hearing, Yandro called them over for questioning.

They now admitted they were there during the day which Bogs was murdered but did not earlier admit it since their reputation was at stick. As they were done with the questioning and Lolita felt guilty that they did not testify for Juris, Greco realised someone was keeping eyes on them.

Meanwhile, Armand was upset with the fact that the friends of Bogs kept telling them lies but Yandro said this time around they would not outsmart them. He thought of Gaston and believed the former prisoner might have told Dolores something that could help the case and Dolores was keeping it due to her affiliation with Juris.

They went to PNC to query Dolores but the reporter still denied that Gaston told her something important. She insisted that Gaston gave a fake lead. Yandro wondered how a fake lead would make Gaston be released under a parole.

Dolores still played innocent so Armand threatened to sue her if he found out she was lying to them. Drei and his wife were reprimanded by Matilda as Drei’s position kept dropping and was no longer among the 12 out of the survey.

Juris believed it was a mere survey but Matilda objected and termed Juris as curse upon her family for all of her crimes that has ruined the Montelibanos reputation. Titong believed they needed pragmatic measures to bring Drei up but they wondered the stunt they could pull to do the damage control.


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