Mea Culpa Episode 4

Mea Culpa Episode 4 Bogs d!es mysteriously, Fina investigates with the NBI after Bogs’ confession on her missing daughter

At Benguet, Amor asked Fina for forgiveness. Fina said it was not her fault and she should not be the one apologising it had to be the one who kidnapped Joy. Fina was optimistic that her daughter would be found even though she did not know where to begin her search from.

Bogs knowing the real mother of Joy told his comrades that the baby did not belong to the woman that they accidentally k!lled so it would be better if they surrender.

They cast vote and no one was willing to do so except Bogs. Bogs asked Juris that he thought she wanted to do the right thing besides they were not bad people. Juris said things had changed now, she had a daughter to take care of.

“Murder, kidnapping of a minor, Obstruction of Justice?” Gaylord retorted.

“We are in big trouble!”

Greco said no one saw the act and it would be difficult for anyone to link them with Barbara, the kidnapper as they were not friends, they have not talked to her before but Lolita was scared the police who stopped them could link them with the kidnapper and would also recognise the car plate number.

Juris doubted since they were not holding a baby at that time. Bogs was left on his own as the friends said third parties would be dragged into their mess so they had to keep mute.

Fina went to visit Maribel with Amor to see Noah, her son. Maribel did not want them to see the boy, claiming it was late but Noah arrived to talk to his mother. Fina reminded Maribel that once she graduated, she would come for her son as the court said she could reopen the case once she graduated but Maribel called it a bluff.

Fina assured Noah that they would be together as she would find his sister and they would be a happy family. Maribel called Noah inside. Fast forward, Fina had a perfect score in class and she thanked her tutor for all of her support which had brought her that far. Her teacher was happy for her and hope she would gain a decent job after graduating.

Matilda had a senate meeting with some senators and she reviewed the country’s laws on crimes. She said the murder case had increased by 30per cent, drug addicts had increased by 35per cent while robbery had shot up to 48per cent.

The senators cast vote and Matilda accomplished her mission of changing the laws but the president had to approve it first. She wanted a death penalty for culprits of heinous crimes but Senator Javier was not in support of it and did not vote.

“For your sake I hope that your family never find themselves victims of your death penalty,” Senator Javier warned her against her crime.

Emil brought Leyna to Drei’s office and only found Matilda, he changed his plans of leaving the girl with the senator and went with Leyna. In Benguet, Fina finally graduated and delivered a speech on how she was left alone to struggle since her mother was arrested at her tender age and her father also passed away.

Due to her struggles, she could not attend school and was being bullied, hence she decided to school to make it her greatest weapon to get a descent work. As his mother and colleague visited his office to talk about the newly approved death penalty to heinous crimes, Bogs broke protocol to storm into the mayor’s office to talk to him that he was ready to surrender as he was going crazy keeping the secret.

For a second, Drei thought he was high but he made it clear that he was no longer into drugs. Drei had a meeting with his friends to inform them about Bogs decision. Bogs got there and Greco engaged in a fight with him and even threatened to k!ll him as his decision would ruin their lives. Fina took Noah on a treat to celebrate her success in her education.

As he was in his room watching Fina’s plea to the public, someone knocked on Bogs’ door and he went to open. The next day, Gaylord came to break the sad news about Bogs’ d£ath to his comrades. The NBI agent went to his room to find Bogs lying helplessly on the floor and in pool of blood as someone hit his head with a heavy object.

Fina arrived at Bogs’ residence to find him being wheeled out. She told Yandro Torres,
the NBI agent that Bogs called her to help her find her daughter who had been missing for five years. She said Bogs confessed knowing where her daughter was but he was not involved with the person who kidnapped her daughter. She did not understand why the culprit would have Bogs k!lled instead of returning her daughter.

Meanwhile, the friends accused each of k!lling Bogs. Juris asked them to stop blaming one another as they were all friends and could not possibly harm the other. Besides Bogs would not like it to see them in that situation and prayed they would not end up like Bogs. They said Bogs did not deserve such a d£ath.

The news of Fina was on Television when Leyna gave a presence to her mother, saying she was the best mom in the world. Emil had been noticing that Juris was bothered and he asked her of what was eating her. She came clean and Emil advised her to do the right thing but she was not ready to give Leyna up for her biological mother.

“The time will come and you will have to let go Juris,” Emil warned.

Soon, a funeral rite was held for Bogs and his friends eulogised him. His twin brother, Armand also arrived at the place and thanked Bogs friends for standing in for him. Fina spoke to the NBI agent and also showed up at the funeral making Juris who was delivering a speech shivered prompting all the five friends to turn to see Fina.

The friends then schemed up to make Greco take up Fina’s case but Fina who was having doubts about the friends after asking them questions on her daughter failed to entrust Greco with the case. Fina came to the NBI office and Greco approached her to ask her once more to make him take charge of the case but she vehemently refused.

When Greco left, she told Yandro Torres, Greco’s boss who was due for retirement and Fina’s case was his last to the force that she met Greco and the rest of Bogs’ friends at the funeral. Since they were close to Bogs and they even said they kept no secret from eachother, she approached them to ask about her daughter but none was able to answer.

From there, Greco came to offer his support but she found them suspicious and believed they knew something but was keeping that as secret. Yandro warned her to be extra careful as Bogs friends were powerful people. Fina said she was a mother and her life did not matter to her except her daughter.

The five friends met to think of what to do since Fina did not want Greco to handle the case. They concluded that no one would link the missing child to Bogs’ death and Bogs d£ath would be dealt on its own. They realised the root of their problems came as a result of drugs.


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