Mea Culpa Episode 5

Mea Culpa Episode 5 Fina comes face to face with Leyna, Bogs’ friends are summoned to the NBI office for interrogation over Fina’s missing child

Leyna showed some praise write ups she wrote for Juris and the latter got emotional, leading Leyna to ask what was wrong with her. Yandro told Fina that they had identified some guy called Mist in the contact of Bogs and believed he could be a suspect.

This made the five friends get relieved but Drei said they could not be complaisance since the investigation was ongoing. Later, Emil reminded Juris on what needed to be done on Leyna but Juris refused to return her, claiming she did not want to become like her mother.

“Everything I have ever done is to Leyna’s interest.”

“I’m sorry I can’t be like my mother and abandon Leyna.”

Mist was interrogated by Yandro and he said Bogs wanted to change him from his addiction once he became a pastor and since he was not known by the family and companions of Bogs.

Yandro told him that per the diary of Bogs, he was supposed to meet him before his death and Mist denied seeing him before. He added that all the names in the diary of Bogs were all addicts and he wanted to convert and change them for the better.

Armand saw Mist and he attacked him for giving his brother drugs to ruin his life. Mist explained that he only sold the drugs to Bogs and he did not force him. He said Bogs was bothered by some issues and wanted to get rid of it so he only helped him ans not only that he also helped him to get any woman he wanted and even told him about his sexcapades in Baguio with his friends.

This made Fina believe that going back to Baguio would make her get answers so Armand decided to go with her. Yandro asked Armand if Bogs told him something before he d!ed and he said nothing. All that he said was celebrating with his friends in Baguio. He went to the columbarium to talk to his brother for casting him aside from his issues.

Armand and Fina went to Baguio and found one of the ladies whose name was in the diary and the lady mistook Armand for Bogs. Fina did not get the information she wanted from her so they visited Noah. Seeing Armand and lots of gifts, Maribel opened the gate for Fina much to the latter’s dismay.

The five friends saw the news on Matilda’s new punishment for the culprits and were even surprised.

“Your mom is something else you know,” Greco told Drei.

“Actually she might be the one to sentence us to death you know.”

“Greco that is not funny at all,” Lolita’s hissed.

Fina later bumped into a boy who told her that the police came to the farm in search of her, saying they have a news on her missing baby but he did not have any contact to get in touch when she traveled to Manila. Fina went to the precinct the next day to be told that Barbara’s case was a murder case.

Aside the bruises and being hit by a car, she was shot as they discovered a hole in her skull which suggested she was actually shot and that person could be the one who had Fina’s baby. Fina thought the person who murdered Barbara was the same person who k!lled Bogs. Armand said they had to relay the information to Yandro.

Noah came to the gate crying that he would missed his mother and Maribel tried to pamper him. Fina arrived with Armand to say bye to her son and Noah said he would go with her. Armand promised to cater for Noah so Maribel accepted to allow Noah go with Fina.

After receiving the news on Barbara, Yandro and Armand queried Greco about their stay in Baguio. Greco called Lolita and Gaylord in a conference call and told them about the suspicions of Yandro. However, Fina visited the mayor to ask about her missing daughter. Juris termed Fina’s act as slander and warned her not to be roaming about slandering people .

Fina who was surprised about the action Juris pulled up just for asking about her daughter since she was informed that they were also there in Baguio. Meanwhile, Noah was playing with Leyna. Leyna fell and Noah helped her out and got to know her age and name. Since Noah was a year older than her, Leyna called him big brother.

Fina came for Noah and the boy introduced her to Leyna his new friend. Fina had that strange feeling setting her eyes on Leyna. Juris who was told by Emil that Leyna stepped out to play came to meet the child in the arms of Fina and she came for Leyna. Emil also appeared in the scene. Drei then received a call from Greco warning him about Fina but Drei said the woman had already visited his office.

The friends later learnt about the new twist to the news on Barbara and they were relieved that they were not murderers just that they were at a Wong place at a wrong time and all that they did was to bury the woman and making away with the baby.

They had a meeting and Greco suggested they eliminate Fina since she was just a poor farmer no one would search for her but Juris disagreed since already they had committed so many crimes and others have d!ed out of it already. Emil had a talk with Juris but she refused to return the child to Fina even if the woman has come face to face with Leyna.

Fina went to the café to seek help to find the meaning of Slander. She began to suspect Juris as she believed Juris was hiding something. Drei had a call for questioning from the NBI and his mother confronted Juris for being behind it. She said her son had a reputation to protect unlike Juris and reminded her that she still did not like her and hoped the issue would not be on Leyna.

Juris accepted that the woman did not like her but warned her not to drag her daughter into the issue. She added that Matilda’s opinion mattered not to her except that of Drei. Emil reminded Juris again on what to do since Leyna was rushed to hospital due to her ailment.

Emil believed her biological mother could be bone marrow match to the kid and if Juris l0ved Leyna she should give her to her mother to give the child the support she needed to treat her ailment.

Juris objected, claiming after the bone marrow transplant and Fina could not provide the necessary medical assistance for the girl anything could happen to Leyna and was not ready to allow the girl to d!e in her mother’s hands.

The friends had their round table meeting again to reason on what to say during the interrogation and Juris said they had to come up with a strong alibi, nothing happened in Baguio.

The next day, Matilda went to Drei’s office to demand her son’s secretary to find everything that her son would be interrogated on at the NBI office. The five friends arrived at the NBI office.


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