Mea Culpa Episode 6

Mea Culpa Episode 6 Fina gains a job in Drei’s office, NBI calls Lolita for questioning over Bogs’ death

The five lawyers were interrogated at the NBI’s office. Since they had a strong alibi and denied the allegations of knowing about Fina’s missing daughter but accepted being in Baguio with Bogs, they were set free and bumped into Fina and Armand.

Fina was upset that Yandro did not arrest them. Yandro explained the law to her and made it clear that out of the interrogation, he could not have any criminal offence against them but Fina doubted the five friends were innocent.

When they reached their meet up joint, the five lawyers concluded on scaring Fina since they underestimated the farm woman and needed to act fast before Fina pressed them harder to squeeze the truth out of them.

Emman, the man Fina was living with was pursued by an unknown person at the middle of the night and when Fina arrived home, she learnt about that. However, Juris was indifferent about the decision the group took concerning Fina and Drei told her they would do anything for Leyna so she should sleep and forget.

Juris was also scared that Matilda would unravel the truth about Leyna and rat them out. Drei doubted since his mother knew he l0ved Juris and would do anything to cover them up. Later, Juris came to sit in the living room thinking while crying and looking at her hands. Leyna got there to ask why she was crying and her heart beating fast.

Fast forward, Fina saw a job vacancy at the mayor’s office and applied to gain the job. Juris came to meet Fina and confronted Drei for employing Fina. That, she said could be their downfall but Drei was looking at the picture of them being able to know the move of Fina in order to foil her plans.

After Fina told him about the closer person whose life was being pursued after the five lawyers were interrogated. Yandro decided to make good use of CCTV footage within Bogs’ area to check on the last person who came to see Bogs. Through the footage, Yandro discovered Lolita’s car at the place. This drove Fina’s suspicion even further to link Bogs d£ath to her missing daughter.

Meanwhile, the five friends met up but Lolita was not part. Juris told the available friends that Fina was now working at Drei’s office. Drei knew the woman wanted to get close to them to gather information and by firing her too people would suspect him for Bogs’ d£ath.

Lolita who was in the company of her husband went to an event and bumped into Fina. Fina threatened her to talk otherwise the law would deal with her since her car was seen entering her house. She feared and called Greco to meet up with him, unknown to her, Yandro was following her.

She was compelled to come clean to her friends and said she did not tell them that she went to Bogs house since she knew they would suspect her. Her friends supported her and she was called to Yandro’s office for interrogation. Elsewhere, Delores arrived in the country and was being interviewed. After seeing her mother in the news, Juris became indifferent.

Yandro told Fina that Lolita’s statement was consistent with the footage. Lolita had told Yandro that she had an issue with her husband and went to Bogs’ office to talk to him but upon reaching, she had a change in mind. Fina came out of Yandro’s office to find Greco and Lolita k!ssing in a car.

Lolita told Greco that they should stop seeing eachother. Fina went to inform Armand that she now understood why Greco wanted to take up her case since he wanted to cover up for Lolita as the two were l0vers. Armand told her that Lolita was married with kids and showed Fina the children of Lolita.

Fina started to go to Lolita’s daughter’s school to interrogate the child but the girl said her mother has told her not yo talk to strangers. Mr Del Rio came for his daughter and the girl told him about Fina. He went to tell Lolita that some strange person was talking to their daughter but Lolita did not seem bothered.

This raised suspicions in the minds of her husband. Lolita had a meeting with her friends and told them that she would not have any other choice than to talk to Fina about Leyna since the woman was asking her daughter about her age. This led to an altercation between Juris and Lolita.

Fina, the next day, also went to the school again and saw Lolita’s daughter and started her questions again but the husband of Lolita got there. The man stopped Fina from getting close to his daughter. Fina said if Rio did not know about her and who she was she would tell him the truth that his wife was keeping from him.


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