Mea Culpa Episode 8

Mea Culpa Episode 8 Gaylord dismissed subpoena filed against Greco, Dante confesses to the crime of murdering Bogs

On his bed Greco woke up and sent Lolita message that they should talk if something was bothering her. At the NBI office, Armand pressed charges against Greco based on Jaime’s witness account.

Soon, Gaylord received the footage of Greco entering Bogs house and he got tensed. His secretary brought the case filed against Greco Cartapang. In the house, a deliverer brought a subpoena letter and Greco’s father read it.

He confronted Greco and the latter was ready to fight the man before reading the charges filed against him by Armand. Fina was positive that Greco and the friends of Bogs were behind Bogs death but Armand was a bit frustrated and wished not to have trusted Greco.

Due to Greco’s friends, Armand feared Greco would be covered to escape justice but Fina still had trust in the justice system. Lucio hired someone to delve into Greco’s case and gaining the information that he wanted, he confronted Lolita that her l0ver Greco was charged with a murder case and asked her if that was what she wanted.

He showed Lolita the number of messages which Greco has sent to her. Dolores offered her help to Fina but due to Dolores’ past action that led to her mother, Amor being arrested Fina did not want to cooperate. Dolores pleaded with Fina to see her gesture as a way of making up for getting her innocent mother arrested.

Fina accepted her help and allowed her to interview her and her interview was played on air during the news. Juris who was watching the news with Leyna became indifferent when Leyna told her that Fina was her friend’s Noah’s mother and the little girl was sad that Fina’s daughter was missing. Juris quickly changed the topic to the colouring homework Leyna was doing.

Greco visited his mother’s grave and recalled how his father had always insulted him and denying him of being a Cartapang. The man said he was not his son but his mother on her sick bed assured him that he was a Carpatang and even if she was gone, she would always remained by side and watched over him.

She then d!ed. Greco wept and missed his mother since she had always defended and protected him even from his father who had always deemed him as good for nothing.

Fast forward, Gaylord dismissed the case against Greco for insufficient evidence. Fina suspected the prosecutor who was Greco’s friend to have done that to cover up for him and wanted Yandro to investigate Gaylord too.
After being exonerated, Greco suffered another punishment as he was told to stay home for a while since the incident has made people to lose trust in their job as NBI agents.

Greco went to the Del Rio mansion and Lucio who came from work just saw him. He ran inside his bedroom and pushed Lolita aside to go for his gun in search of Greco. Greco fled from his hideout realising Lucio had seen him. He then went to inform the rest of his friends that Lucio had locked up Lolita so they had to help her.

Drei termed it as mere allegations and said until they find solid evidence. Juris advised Greco not to get himself into any trouble since his case was just dismissed. Juris went to the washroom to wash her hands.

“You should have fixed this from the start,” Juris looked through the mirror and told herself.

“This all wrong, what were you doing?”

“Huh! You should fix this okay…”

“You should fix this!”

“You can still fix this get moving.”

“You need to act!”

Gaylord arrived home and his parents queried him on Greco’s case and he told them that he had it dismissed. His father said if only he would not be bothered by his conscience of watching his friend’s back and Greco assured his father that his friend was not a murderer and he knew him well.

The next day, he arrived at work to find Fina and Armand at his office and Fina accused him of protecting Greco. She demanded he show her where her daughter was and Gaylord told her that not everything had to do with her missing daughter and per the investigation with Jaime there were loopholes which made his allegations not evidential, reason the case was dismissed.

Fina went in search of Jaime and discovered that he has not been in the house for weeks now and returned to Gaylord’s office to accused him. Soon, a man named Dante went to the NBI office to confess to have k!lled Bogs. His testament matched that of the incident that led to Bogs’ death but Fina objected. She demanded Dante to voice out the truth and also reveal the person who paid him to tell them lies.

Dolores broke the news on Dante Gallego confessing to the crime of being the murderer. However, the family of Dante told PNC news that Dante was no murderer. Fina who was watching the news wondered why Dante was taking a fall for someone else. Meanwhile, Juris got upset seeing her mother casting the news.

She recalled her childhood days when she was abandoned by her both parent, mother and father and was abducted by some bad gang who compelled her to beg for alms for them before they would give her food.

“None of that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you,” Juris accused her mother.

She began destroying things and pulled the TV down.

“It’s all your fault! You deserve to d!e.”

Drei who was carrying Leyna heard the commotion and Leyna wondered what was happening. Drei made Leyna stay in the room while he went to the living room to find Juris on the floor and she acted innocently, asking Drei what had happened to the television set.

She asked whether there was earthquake as she claimed she found the television on the floor. Leyna got there and she hugged her entire family and assured that everything was fine.


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