Mea Culpa Episode 9

Mea Culpa Episode 9 Fina, Armand doubt Dante’s alibi on Bogs’ death, Gaylord discovers Amor’s corpse in Drei’s freezer

Greco went to the Del Rio mansion using his NBI tag to get into the building. Lolita sacked him and told him that she wanted to stay with her children. Drei went to meet his mother and a Senator. They tried to convince Drei to stand in the upcoming senatorial elections but he refused.

Elsewhere, Fina and Armand visited Dante’s wife to query the woman why she thought her husband was no murderer. After the woman talked to them, Fina maintained her stance that Dante was innocent and did not know why he chose to cover up for the real culprit.

Juris talked to her father, Emil to ask him if he was still upset with her. Emil told her that she was acting different from the Juris he raised and know and did not understand why she was so afraid to do the right thing while the Juris he knew was smart and brave. Juris yelled at Emil, saying she could not brush off the idea that Leyna could lose her life if she returned her.

That idea alone, Juris said could not allow her to leave Leyna. Emil did not understand Juris anymore so he walked out on her. Fina had a call from Amor, who told her she would be in Manila the next day. As Amor was walking in the middle of the night, she felt that someone was stalking her but was relieved when she bumped into a familiar person who walked with her.

The next day early morning, Fina went to the bus terminal waiting for Amor but her mother never showed up. Meanwhile, Drei set up a party to celebrate his mother 20years in office. Lolita had an invite and Lucio allowed her to go in order not to raise suspicions but made her go in the company of his bodyguards to keep eye on her every movement. He warned her not to use that opportunity to flirt with Greco as he would know everything.

At the party, the friends were surprised to see Lolita. Drei sent them to a private room where they would drink. However, Gaylord was shocked to have discovered the head of a woman in a freezer. In astonishment, the friends went to check to find that the person was Amor as Juris prompted them.

Knowing they were set up with Greco thinking it was Lucio who did that, Juris told them they had to leave the crime scene so that they would not become suspect for the murderer of the woman. They quickly went back to the party and tried hard to behave normal but Lolita was still tensed. Gaylord decided they took pictures as an alibi to defend themselves.

Lolita failed to take some of the pictures due to her husband but she had a strong alibi when a woman approached to talk to her. Elsewhere, Fina went to the police station to file a complaint since she stood at the station from morning to evening and discovered through a phone conversation that her mother left Benguet the previous night.

The five Friends went back to the freezer room and were scared that Amor’s body would be used against them so Juris suggested they burn the body since the last time when they buried the body, it was found. Gaylord wanted them to call the police since they had to behave like a normal person but Drei objected since that was a set up.

He feared that through that their past crime would be revealed so they could not act like normal people in that instance. Lolita also began to suspect Lucio. She revealed to her friends that Lucio might be behind Amor’s d£ath since he out of the blue allowed her to attend the party while he had locked her up for several days and also hired a private investigator to fish out about their celebration in Baguio which resulted the death of Barbara.

Greco was able to confirm his suspicions. Lolita further said she had no choice to confess to her husband and Lucio knew about his affair with Greco. She then received a text from her bodyguard and left. Matilda was also searching for Drei and no one seemed to have seen him. She came to the freezer room to find the guys carrying the freezer.

They told Matilda about it and the woman said that place was her roof and what had happened under her roof should remain there, asking the guys no to talk and assured to find the culprit. He told the boys to leave it in her hands. As they stepped out from there, Juris was astonished by the move of Matilda.

Elsewhere, Fina was impatient since there was still no news on her mother and was scared. She suspected Greco behind her mother’s abduction since she first received threat messages. The friends were worried about how Matilda who handle the corpse but they saw it as means to get rid of their problems.

Juris was driving and almost had an accident so she applied a sudden brake.

“You have fixed this so what is wrong?”Juris began to cry and in the next seconds she stopped.

Lolita reached home and her husband asked how her friends were doing, she answered and the man asked about the Montelibanos. Lolita asked why he was asking her that. That night Lolita overheard her husband doing strange call and realised he was the master planner of Amor’s d£ath.

Fina the next day went to Dolores programme on television to seek public’s help in finding her missing mother. In the house, Leyna who was learning watched the interview and told Emil that she felt sad for Fina as she had already lost her daughter and now her mother. Emil of the television. Fina received a file of bus terminal departure of those who travelled and she found Amor’s name in it.

However, the police had not gotten the arrival list. Fina was hoping her mother was already in Manila. Matilda was helped by her senator friend and they paid some people to dispose the body of Amor in Baguio City. Elsewhere, Gaylord’s secretary came to inform him that journalists were at the premise waiting for an update on Dante Gallego’s case.

He said there was no update yet and asked his secretary what she thought of Dante’s confession and the lady said it was so straight and doubted if she was the actual k!ller. To her before they would determine if she was the k!ller they needed to find if he had the motive to k!ll.

Fina, later, received an information on her d£ad mother whose body was found in Baguio. She broke down after she received the news.


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