Mea Culpa Highlights Episode 11-15

Mea Culpa Highlights Episode 11-15 Juris gets Fina arrested after Emil’s death, Fina runs DNA test on Leyna

After seeing her mother extending helping hands to Fina, Juris makes it a point to obstruct their investigation. Dolores makes it a mandate to follow Lucio and she discovers his secret.

Dolores and Fina visits Yandro to reveal to him that Lucio is the boss of a child trafficking syndicate. Since Greco is handling a child trafficking case at work, Yandro hands the Del Rio investigation to him.

Greco sends a spy to infiltrates the syndicate camp to fish out information about Lucio. He then alerts Lolita but she refuses to run and leave her husband. Greco in a meeting with his friends stumbles on the chief of NBI womanising and he uses that to blackmail him into getting the case of Baniaga from Yandro.

Unknown to him, Yandro discovers something that will still hinder his plans before he is relieved from the case. Discovering the new alibi Yandro possesses, Fina and Armand takes a drastic steps to fish out the secret Dante is keeping.

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After the sudden death of his wife, Dante talks to his boss to back out from his deal. Fina also uses his children to make Dante expose the real culprit. Gaylord on the other hand finds himself in dilemma whether to become professional in finding the real culprit behind Bogs’ death or to keep covering things up for his friends.

Fast forward, the police finds out that Amor is owing someone and they link her d£ath with her debt. Gaylord finally dismisses Dante’s case. Dante goes into hiding, leaving Fina stuck in her investigation to discover the real person he is covering up for. Subscribe to

Gaylord finds himself in hot waters after dismissing Danete’s case. Juris has threatened to reveal to his parents his $exual interest in men as a gay. Since his hands are tied, Gaylord is unable to help Fina as he wanted so he initiates the process to help her win back the custody of her son, Noah.

Realising her son will leave his political career behind to go into the state with Juris, Matilda threatens to expose Juris for keeping Fina’s long lost daughter. Juris is then compelled to stay in the country for Drei to stand for the senatorial elections.

Later, Juris comes clean to Drei as she reveals herself as the person who hires Dante to confess into k!lling Bogs to get Fina out of their back when she discovers Dante is stealing from the mayor’s office. She offers him a deal to pay his wife’s medical bills while he accepts the crime.

Meanwhile, Gaylord reveals his intention of helping Fina gains Noah’s custody. Greco finds it worth it as it will distracts Fina from pursuing her investigation to find Joy. Dolores also discovers that Dante is a former worker at the mayor’s office and Fina confronts Drei and his wife of using Dante to obstructs justice.

Her accusations lead Drei to fire her and this renders her case of winning Noah’s custody null. Soon, news broke about Drei’s involvement in Bogs’ d£ath and Matilda steps in to salvage the situation in helping her son from scandalous situation that will affect his senatorial elections.

Yandro finds out that Juris and Drei used to be volunteers for an orphanage and Fina sets her eyes there. She stumbles on Juris and Leyna as the latter collapsed. Fina is able to find out from the orphanage that Leyna is suffering from anaemia ever since she is a baby.

Fina now convinced that Leyna is her daughter runs to the hospital which Leyna is admitted. As Emil allows her to see her, Juris drags her out. Drei enlists Greco’s help to obstruct Fina’s attention by using Noah. Fina has to travel to check on the welfare of her son. Later, Emil collapses and dies in his fight with Juris to return Leyna to Fina.

Juris blames Fina for her adopted father’s d£ath but her husband disagrees. She becomes inconsolable and threatens to make Fina pays for the harm done. Fina attempts to get close to Leyna and Juris files harassment charges against Fina and gets her arrested.

Dolores pulls some strings to get Fina to win the public’s heart. Knowing the situation will have dire consequences on her son’s political ambition, Matilda steps in to get Fina released and also gives her the opportunity to run a DNA test on Leyna.

Though Drei and Juris are against her decision, Matilda asks them for their trust and makes Fina chooses the hospital for the test. At test is then run on Fina and Leyna. What will be the out come of of the test? Will Fina finally discover the truth and gets her daughter or the results will be compromised? Subscribe to the site for your day to day update on Mea Culpa.


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