Mea Culpa Highlights Episode 16-20

Mea Culpa Highlights Episode 16-20 Fina takes on the Montelibanos over a fake daughter, Dolores discovers Juris is her long-lost daughter

In a stunning turn of events, Fina meets a woman who introduces a young girl as her missing daughter. Wanting to know the truth, Fina and the girl undergo DNA testing. Dolores shows no sign of slowing down in her search for her own daughter.

Fina discovers that her daughter suffered hardships at the hands of Zoila and Felix. Things take a turn for the worse when she acquires a puzzling information about Zoila. Fina then attempts to confront the couple but fails to find any trace of them.

Perplexed by their sudden disappearance, Fina and her allies become suspicious of the couple. Meanwhile, Drei learns that Bogs’ case has eludes Greco’s grasp. Greco, on the other hand, receives a vital piece of information, about the child trafficking syndicate he is investigating.

Fina’s desire to reunite with Noah intensifies upon learning that Maribel has been neglecting her grandson. Soon, the court summons Fina as it hands down its decision regarding the custody battle for Noah. Armand, on the other hand gives Yandro some puzzling files that can be connected to Bogs’ d£ath.

Lolita makes a painful discovery about Lucio. Puzzled by Joy’s claims about her father. Fina asks Juris help to find Zoila. Unknown to her, Juris bent on keeping her shenanigans under wraps. Soon, Fina’s suspicion intensifies when she makes stunning discovery about Joy.

Yandro finds out that Gaylord was the one who deposited huge sums of money in Bogs bank account before he was found dead. He then tries to squeeze the truth out of the prosecutor. Desperate to find Zoila, Fina takes to social media to search for her. Alarmed, Juris and her friends resolve to get rid of the thorn in their side.

In the stunning twist of fate, their elimination attempt leads to a earth-shattering revelation. Elsewhere, Dolores sees a glimmer of hope upon finding a lead on one of Iris’ colleagues.
Plagued by guilt, Zoila confesses that she was bribed to trick Fina into believing that Christi and Joy are one and the same.

This compels Fina to undergo another DNA testing with Christi. Fina begins to crash down when she discovers the painful truth about Christi. Infuriated by what she discovered, Fina beseeches Juris and Drei to allow she and Leyna test for the second time.

Things turn worse for the Montelibanos when Fina makes a shocking announcement on national TV. The Montelibanos vehemently deny Fina’s allegations of falsifying the identity of Christi.

Convinced that Leyna is her real daughter, Fina starts to consider desperate measures. However, the frantic Juris comes up with a way to avoid losing Leyna. Meanwhile, Lolita pins her hopes on Greco to save her from vicious Lucio. Unknown to Lolita, Lucio has her by the throat.

Dolores exhausts all possibilities to find a lead on Iris. She then gets the shock of her life when she unearths the true identity of her long-lost daughter. Armed with startling discovery, Dolores finds herself torn between helping Fina and making amends with her estranged daughter. Juris, on the other hand, becomes upset upon receiving a piece of news about her mother.

Fina discovers Juris plans of sending Leyna to the US. Wanting to have her and Leyna’s DNA tested again. Fina seeks help from Yandro. However, her pursuit of the truth hits a snag when the court denies her request. Things take a turn for the worse when Fina finds that Juris has found a way of prohibiting her from approaching Leyna.

Meanwhile, Juris bristles with rage when she comes face-to-face with a ghost from her past. Elsewhere, Drei encounters a road block in his senatorial campaign. Dolores agrees to help Fina expose the Montelibanos deprivation tactic against her. This intensifies Juris rage towards the two.

To make matters worse, Juris and her friends is holding a trump card against them. Lucio gets rid of a torn of his side. Elsewhere, Titong pulls some strings to prevent congressman Verzosa from filing a case against Drei. Fina shift her focus on the connection of Barbara’s death to Joy’s abduction.

Bent on finding answers to her questions, Fina airs her plea on television. She soon sees a glimmer of hope when an anonymous caller claims to know the truth. However, this troubles Dolores, who is determined to make amends with Juris. Juris exhorts her mother to stop helping Fina.

Dolores discovers the truth about the crime committed by Juris after talking to the witness, Gaston. In hopes of making it up to her daughter, Dolores withholds the information from Fina. Unknown to Dolores, Fina is starting to get suspicious.

Fina then approaches Yandro to help her with the investigation. Juris and her friends find themselves in an unsettling situation after learning about the new witness to their crime.


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