Mea Culpa Highlights Episode 21-25

Mea Culpa Highlights Episode 21-25 Juris gets Fina arrested for kidnapping Leyna, Dolores testifies against Fina in court

Greco sneaks into Lucio’s mansion to convince Lolita to escape with her children. Fina seeks help from congressman Verzosa in the hopes of getting Leyna back from Juris and the Montelibanos.

Drei hires his old henchman to get upper hand against Congressman Verzosa. Later, congressman Verzosa’s investigators discover Mario’s whereabouts. In order to keep Fina from learning the truth about Barbara’s death, Dolores strikes a deal with Gaston.

Dolores learns the information about Congressman Verzosa investigators gathered on Mario. This made Drei seeks for Titong’s help. Before he could get the upper hand against the Montelibanos, Verzosa receives an unexpected package from Titong.

After finalising their trip to America, Juris and Leyna attend the foundation day celebration of Angel’s home orphanage. Learning about this, Fina takes matters into her own hands. Desperate to take Leyna back, Fina kidnaps her daughter from Juris. Because of this, Armand finds himself behind bars for allegedly conniving with Fina.

Led by Greco, the authorities wastes no time in finding Fina and Leyna’s possible whereabouts. Dolores has no choice than to reveal her relations to Juris to defend the latter from Matilda. Later, Fina puts herself in danger as she chases after Leyna.

Fina lashes out on Dolores upon learning why the latter betrayed her. While Fina is in jail, social workers take custody of Noah. Juris tries to convince the lawyer who will represent Fina’s case in court to drop her case.

Determined to get out of jail, Gaston threatens Juris with his knowledge about Leyna. Elsewhere, Matilda urges Drei to have his marriage with Juris annulled. Greco sneaks into Lucio’s mansion to help Lolita escape with her children.

Meanwhile, Fina is subjected to solitary confinement after a fight with Paula and her lackeys. Despite this she continues to stand her ground against them.

Elsewhere, Juris is determined to discredit Fina in court. She later finds a way to involve herself in her case against Fina. Fina attends the first hearing of the kidnapping case Juris filed against her.

The court agrees to another DNA test between Leyna and Fina on one condition. Desperate to get upper hand against Fina. Juris leaves Dolores with another hard decision. In jail, Fina influences Andeng to stand up against Paula and her lackeys.

Lucio, on the other hand, is determined to get back at Lolita and her friends.

Fina vows to regain her freedom and get Noah back. Juris however is determined to get Fina for kidnapping Leyna. She recounts her struggles as a child just to get Dolores to testify against Fina.

Left with no choice, Dolores uses her close relationship with Fina to discredit her in court. In jail, Fina learns why Andeng is put behind bars. Juris lashes out at Leyna after the child expressed her sympathy for Fina’s plight.

Juris then goes the extra mile to prevent the court from granting Fina’s petition for granting the DNA test on Leyna. After successfully winning the court’s favour, Juris executes a dirty tactics to smear Fina’s reputation.

Fina on the other hand resolves to bring up how the Montelibanos tried to deceive her. She later gets an unexpected visitor from her ghost past.


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