Mea Culpa Highlights Episode 26-30

Mea Culpa Highlights Episode 26-30 Fina wins the custody of Leyna, Lucio releases evidence that proves Juris and her friends are the k!llers of Bogs

Mario takes the witness stand and admit he was hired him to trick Fina. With this new development, Attorney Pilapil asks the court to admit another DNA test between Fina and Leyna. Fina later makes a tearful appeal to the judge. Juris determined to make her case against Fina despite failing to stop the court’s approval of another DNA test on Leyna.

Gaylord urges Juris to let Fina have Leyna in hopes of keeping their group’s crimes in the dark. Matilda on the other hand tries to help Juris by using her influence on Honourable Molina. Juris rushes Leyna to a hospital to delay the new DNA test between on her adopted daughter.

Attorney Pilapil steps in to thwart Juris’ obvious tactics. Later, Judge Molina finalises her decision on Fina’s conviction. Fina becomes overjoyed after successfully proving that she is Leyna’s real mother.

Waiting her whole life for this, Fina finally reunites with her family. However, Juris and Drei are determined to win back the custody of Leyna. Because of this, Matilda discourages her son from filing a petition against Fina.

Likewise, Dolores refuses to help Juris in her plan to discredit Fina. Fina assures Drei that she will do everything in her power to support her daughter’s needs. During her welcome party, Leyna overhears Fina expressing her desire to make the Montelibanos pay for their crimes.

Struggling to come to terms with her separation from her daughter, Juris hatches a new plan to take her back. On the other hand, Matilda worries about the trouble Fina could bring to her family. Elsewhere, Armand receives a new update on Bogs’ case.

Drei pulls a few strings to prevent Fina from finding work. Noah on the other hand tries to form a bond with her brother Noah. Elsewhere, Armand and Yandro try to find a solid piece of evidence that will link the Montelibanos to Bogs’ murder.

Juris tries to kidnap Leyna from Fina. Her desperate attempt pushes Fina to file multiple cases against her and the Montelibanos. Because of this, Drei and Juris seek Gaylord’s help to prevent the threat to their freedom. Fina, on the other hand, gathers the evidence she has against Juris and her friends.

The prosecutor authorises the charges Fina filed against the Montelibanos. Matilda, meanwhile worries over her family’s political image after Juris’ desperate move aggravated their complicated situation with Fina.

Hell-bent on winning against Fina, Juris and Drei try to convince their friends to testify in their favour. Greco manages to save Lolita and her children from Lucio’s minions. Enraged, Lucio exposes the dirt he has on Juris and her friends to the public.

This causes the ranking of Drei to drop in the Senatorial campaign poll. Yandro and Armand analyse carefully the new evidence they obtained regarding Bogs’ murder. Fina finally lands a job through the help of Pedring. Matilda cannot help but worry that Celia might have knowledge about her and Titong’s secret.

Alarmed by the new evidence against them, Juris and her friends turn against eachother as they try to pinpoint who really k!lled Bogs. Because of this, Juris faces the next trial of Fina’s case against her without the half of her group on her side.

Soon after, Yandro invites the lawyers for another interrogation about their involvement in their friend’s murder. Wanting to save his family’s reputation, Drei offers Fina tempting deal.


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