My music is inspired by a shrine goddess— Enam reveals

My music is inspired by a shrine goddess— Enam reveals

African Mannequin, Angela Enam Keteku, known in the entertainment industry as Enam, has urged musicians to make their music therapeutic to heal music lovers from their ailment.

According to her, music in its actual sense should be soothing and possess an healing factor which after listening could heal humans from trauma, worries and any form of ailment.

Speaking in a media interview, the “talk to your boyfriend” hitmaker stated that she adopted the belief from the shrine, Yeweh in Volta Region where she grew from.

She explained that Yehweh shrine was where her career as a musician developed, adding that her music was inspired by the music goddess worshipped in the shrine, where they used music to heal people.

“My kind of genre of music is influenced by the ‘Hadzivodushis’ (music goddess) of the Yeweh Shrine,” she explained.

Enam indicated that her love for music grew stronger when she sang with her great-grandmother at the shrine in her early childhood days.

“I always feel I am meant for greatness because of my unique abilities and doing music makes me feel at ease,” she added.

The songstress also explained that her Extended Play (EP) album with six tracks christened “Wuieve” which literally meant “12” in Ewe, was inspired by her 12 toes.

That she said reminded her of her 12 toes birthmark, symbolising that she was destined for greatness in the music industry.

“This is not just an extended play. These are the messages of my musical spirits, true feelings on beats. Wuieve let the story begin and let the chants flow,” Enam said.


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