Now and Forever Episode 10 Stella is determined to kill Rebecca with her bear hand if her henchmen failed to do so

Now and Forever Episode 10

Now and Forever Episode 10 Stella determines to kill Rebecca over fight for Hernan

Due to Oliver’s health condition Inno decided to go to Eva’s place to get Oliver’s wallet . He didn’t know Eva’s house so he asked a neighbour who went to fetch Eva for him.

Abel and Adessa were anxious to know the person who was there to see Eva, Eva told them that it might be a client asking about her jewellery. She then took Oliver’s wallet and went outside. She was surprised to find Inno instead and asked what he was doing there.

Inno said he came to get Oliver’s wallet, saying Oli was sick after visiting her. Eva gave it to him and told him to make sure everything was there. Inno offered to pay Eva 20,000 to stay away from Oli. He raised the amount up to 100,000 but Eva refused to accept it.

Inno therefore concluded that it was because she knew she could get more money from Oliver. Eva was upset about Inno’s utterances and told him that even if they were poor, they were not the kind to go around doing such things for money. She then told Inno to leave.

Inno went back home to check on Oliver and asked him why he gave Eva 50,000. Oliver refused to tell him the reason and said it was his business. He said that he liked Eva because she was the first person who liked him without knowing that he was a Cortes.

He told Inno that Eva found out about him being a Cortes on the night he introduced her at the party. After Inno left, Oliver called Eva to thank her for not telling Inno about their deal.

Rebecca visited Hernan at his house and got to meet Stella. Hernan told Stella that she was his friend and neighbour. Rebbeca’s aunt was worried that she might be in trouble while mingling with the Cortes but Rebecca said she wanted to make sure they didn’t recognise her.

Stella however seemed to recognise Rebecca and called her henchmen to find out whether they killed Rodrigo’s wife. The person she paid was sure that Rebecca died but Stella told him to make sure of his assertion.

She also decided to invite Rebecca over for dinner to learn more about her. Hernan was worried about Stella’s intentions because he thought she was jealous so she told her that he and Rebecca were just friends.

Oliver tried sneaking out of the house in the evening to visit Eva but Rosa and Carmen caught him. Carmen told him to stay in bed and recover instead of going out.

She asked Inno to help look after him. The two stayed up to play video games and Inno told Oliver that he would accept Eva since Oli seemed to like her and also because they were brothers.

Isda found out about the Cortes’ jewellery designer competition online and showed it to Eva. Eva was skeptical about joining the competition after what happened during Carmen’s party.

Isda however told her that she had talent and the Cortes family would keep things professional. Eva talked to her parents about it, albeit indirectly and their response convinced her to join the competition.

During dinner, Stella asked Rebecca about her life before she moved to the farm. Hernan answered that she used to live abroad and Stella found it interesting that he knew about that. Stella asked about Rebecca’s family, if she was married or had any children. Rebecca said her husband, Rodney was killed and Stella was shocked.

She asked who killed her husband and Rebecca said that he died from cancer, adding that they did not have any children. After dinner, Rebecca invited both Hernan and Stella to an exhibit that she was sponsoring.

Rebecca still couldn’t tell whether Stella and Hernan recognised her. She told her aunt that she invited them to the exhibit and would be able to confirm it once Stella and Hernan went there.

The staff at Cortes jewellery went through the design submissions and liked the ones Eva sent. They gave her a call to tell her that she had passed the first stage of the competition.

Eva called Rosa to share the good news and she offered to put in a good word for her. Eva however said that she wanted to compete with her own talent.

Oli sent Eva flowers but she did not like it. He called to check if she received them and said they were to thank her for her help. Eva it was not necessary for him to send flowers. Stella walked in while Oli was on the call and wasn’t glad to see he was still in contact with Eva.

Oliver asked about Hernan and Stella told him that they would eventually work things out.
Oliver called the person he asked to send flowers to Eva and he asked if he was serious about her.

Oli said he was not serious but was sure Eva found it romantic. The person asked if Oli had slept with Eva yet. Oli said he had not yet gone down yet with him and would soon get there with Eva.


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