Now And Forever Episode 11 Rebecca reveals her identity to Stella and Hernan in a grand event

Now and Forever Episode 11

Now And Forever Episode 11 Rebecca reveals her identity to Stella and Hernan in a grand event

Inno revealed to Carmen about his plans to meet with a Korean Prince in order for the Cortes Jewellery to have a stake in the Korean market.

Carmen was impressed and wished him the best. Inno had gotten an invitation to the Prince’s party but was asked to bring a date.

He called some of his female friends to see if they were free but all of them were busy. Oli tried to offer some suggestions but Inno didn’t like any of the girls he mentioned and decided to go to the party alone.

Stella had Rebecca investigated and found out that she used to work in Macau where she met Rodney and married him. He eventually died from cancer and Rebecca inherited all his wealth.

Rebecca was holding the photo exhibition event and caught up with some of her friends from Macau. They wanted to know why they were not starting yet but Rebecca said she was waiting for some guests to arrive for them to kick-start the event.

Hernan arrived alone and Rebecca’s friends thought he was her date. Rebecca however asked them not to say that since Hernan was married.

She asked him where Stella was and Hernan said he wasn’t sure if she would make it as she already went back to Manila.

The event began and the guests were listening to the Spoken word artist when Stella arrived. Rebecca was glad to see her she made let her sit inbetween her and Hernan.

Stella sat down and clung to Hernan’s arm. After the artist was done, Rebecca took to the stage to inform her guests about the exhibition.

She explained that the event was held to pay tribute to her love, Rodrigo Cortes and revealed the photos that he took of them together. Hernan and Stella were both shocked after what Rebecca revealed.

When Rebecca went to sit down, Stella told her not to pretend that she didn’t know them. Rebecca said she did not understand what Stella meant so Stella went further to say that her last name was Cortes.

Rebecca pretended to be shocked and asked if Stella and Hernan knew Rodrigo. Hernan said that Rodrigo was his half-brother. He asked why they never knew about her and Rebecca said the guards did not allow her to go in during Rodrigo’s wake.

She added that they were to be married but never got to do it because Rodrigo died. Stella seemed glad to find out that Rebecca was Rodrigo’s fiancé and said she was at ease since it wouldn’t look good for Rebecca to go after Rodrigo’s brother.

Inno went to the party alone and had to sit by himself sincd he did not send any date. After the party, he met up with his friends for a drink.

They teased him for not having a date and asked what kind of girl he liked. Inno said he liked a simple girl with clear goals and one who spoke her mind. His friends said he would meet that kind of girl later but he had to enjoy himself like Oliver did.

They mentioned that Oliver introduced a girl to their family and asked Inno about her. Inno said Eva was not an ideal girl for Oliver and he was going to prove it to him.

Inno had visited Eva earlier to offer a truce and apologise for misjudging her. Eva said he had already hurt her enough but Inno said he couldn’t help but judge her given the circumstances that they met.

He indicated that he wanted to make it up to her to get to know her better since she was his brother’s girlfriend. He therefore offered to go out and make it up to her but Eva refused.
She accepted his apology but said it was not necessary for them to go out.

Inno told the story to his friends but one of them told him that he liked Eva. Inno denied it and said that he only wanted to prove to Oli that she wasn’t a good person.

His friend however said Inno seemed to be getting involved to protect Eva from Oliver.
Eva called Oliver to inform him about Inno’s visit.

She wanted him to tell Inno that they were not really dating and Oli said that he would do it once he got what he wanted.

When Inno arrived, Oliver asked if he really asked Eva out. Inno said he did and asked Oliver if it would be a problem. Oliver said he had no problem with it.

Hernan and Stella went home to the farm. Hernan was still in shock after what he found out. Stella told him that Rebecca was smart and was actually after the truth that Hernan was the one who killed Rodrigo.

Rebecca told her aunt what happened at the exhibition. She said that Stella seemed okay and even cracked jokes but Hernan was shocked and could not even look into her eyes.

She concluded that he was hiding something from her. The following day Eva woke up early for her interview at Cortes jewellery for the competition. Inno then arrived to vet the candidates.


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