Now and Forever Episode 13 Inno, Eva spice up their friendship

Now and Forever Episode 13

Now and Forever Episode 13 Inno, Eva spice up their friendship

Rosa asks for for forgiveness after Stella arrived home for bleaching her dress. She showed the dress to her and said it was her mistake.

Stella said the dress cost more than Rosa’s life and her apology would not mend the mistake, immediately she raised her hand ready to slap Rosa for ruining her dress butt Rosa caught her arm and told her she didn’t understand why she had to be punished over a dress.

She expressed her disappointment in Stella, telling on her face that she and her family had always been cruel. Stella asked what her family had to do with the dress and Rosa told her that she was among the people they drove out of San Narsiso due of their greed.

Stella was surprised but she left Rosa alone and went upstairs. All the staff at the house praised Rosa for having stood up to Stella. Rosa stated that she might get fired because of it.

Inno gave Eva the dress she was supposed to wear for the party and was awed when she came out. He tried setting the mood with music and sharing a joke with Eva but it did not work.

He therefore decided to give her a jewellery piece to go with the dress but Eva refused to wear it since she would not be able to pay it back if it got lost.

They later went to the Korean prince’s party. Inno then left Eva to greet the prince and told him about his business proposal with Cortes jewellery.

Eva saw the Korean celebrity she wanted to meet and went to get a photo with him but ended up knocking over a waiter carrying a tray of glasses. Inno went over to check if she was fine and was upset because his conversation with the Prince was interrupted. He told Eva to stay still and went back to speak to the prince.

Eva went to ask for water at the refreshments table and saw a bottle. She asked for it and borrowed scissors then went back to her table to make a plastic jewellery.

A girl at the party was interested in what she was doing so Eva explained to her how she made jewellery from plastic. The girl wanted to have what Eva was making but Eva said that it was not done.

She got a bracelet from her bag and gave it to her. They continued to burn the plastics but the girl burned her hand making Inno and the prince rush over to see what was wrong.

The girl turned out to be the prince’s girl friend. She assured both Inno and the Prince that she was fine and was actually having fun with Eva.

The prince was yet to accept Inno’s proposal but his girlfriend put in a good word for Cortes after her chat with Eva. The prince therefore told Inno to send him his proposal.

Eva told Inno to thank him since the deal was made possible due to her. Inno did not seem excited so Eva said she was sorry for him. She told him to stop being rigid and give in to his emotions and be happy because something good happened.

She went on to dance with the guests at the party and took more photos with the Korean celebrity.

Hernan woke up and found Rebecca at his house. She had prepared some food for him and asked him not to get drunk. She left because she had a meeting with Stella the following morning about investing in Cortes.

Hernan held her back and asked her to reconsider her decision to partner with Stella since there was a reason why he was leaving her.

Rebecca’s investigator found out that the pathologist hired to do Rodrigo’s autopsy was different from the original person. The man who was supposed to do Rodrigo’s autopsy apparently committed suicide a day after Rodrigo was taken to the morgue.

Rebecca therefore sort to find the second pathologist to find out what happened.

Although Eva wanted to go home after the party but she could not since the pilot got drunk thus couldn’t work. Inno said they should sleep over and leave early the following morning. They stayed up watching TV and playing games.

They were getting along and Eva told Inno that he looked much better when he smiled instead of looking grumpy.

Oliver went out with his friends and they asked Oli about his plans for Eva. Inno assured them that he was not serious about her even if he had introduced her to his parents.

His friends told him that Eva didn’t seem like the type to easily fall for his charms but Oli decided to show off and call Eva. He referred to her as “babe” but Eva said she would hang up if he continued calling her that.

Oliver said it again so Eva hang up and he continued to carry on a fake conversation.
Isda called Eva to gush about the Korean celebrity. Inno overheard her say that she could easily charm him with a few compliments and thought that she was talking about him.

He got upset and went to drink at the hotel’s bar. Eva followed him and was surprised at his behaviour. He accused her of trying to take advantage of him like she did with Oliver so Eva eventually told him the truth about her deal with Oliver.

She said they were not dating and she accepted Oliver’s money because she had to pay for her father’s surgery. She was disappointed that Inno had no plans of making it up to her and only wanted to prove himself right.

She went to the hotel to ask if there was a way to return to Manila but they told her to wait until morning.

Inno called Oliver to confront him and Oliver said that he lied because he knew Inno would inform his family that it was not true. Inno was upset that he had judged Eva because of what Oliver did. Oliver said it was nothing serious and told Inno to do whatever he wanted.

Stella’s investigators told her that someone was looking into Rodrigo’s death.
Rebecca received pictures of the men who assaulted her but she remembered the face of the person who shot her and he was not among them.

She therefore concluded that he was still alive and called her investigator to tell him about it when they found him.


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