Now and Forever Episode 17 Hernan searches for the killer of Rodrigo

Now and Forever Episode 17

Now and Forever Episode 17 Hernan searches for the killer of Rodrigo after forensic test proves his innocence

Eva made preparation for the upcoming trade fair so together with her neighbours she made jewelry with her neighbors for the trade fair.

She also told them that she would be sending her application to Saavedra Jewels, the competitor of Cortes Jewellery. She thanked her neighbours for helping her for free and they said it was fine since they knew she would return the favour once things got better for her.

Inno arrived and everyone was surprised to see him back even after Eva rejected his offer. Inno said that the business deal would be beneficial to both of them but Eva interjected that she did not trust him, and believed he might turn his back on them once they agreed to work together.

Inno therefore asked Eva what he should do to win her trust again but Eva said there was nothing he could do. She said he would not understand the kind of life they lived in Gintong Pagasa so Inno asked her to show him.

Eva’s neighbours told him to show up the next morning at 3 am for them to advise him on what to do. Inno was glad to finally be given a chance and agreed to be there the following morning.

Stella met up with Rebecca to sign the contract but Rebecca said she would let her lawyers go through it first and sign it once they gave her the go signal.

Oliver caught up with them and Stella introduced him to Rebecca. He was bored when they continued talking about business and Rebecca wanted to hear if he had any ideas.

She asked him to help her set up an exhibition to display Rodrigo’s photos since he was head of Social media at Cortes. Oli was excited and agreed to help.

The following morning, Eva was up with her neighbours waiting for Inno to arrive. She was sure that he would not show up but exactly at 3:00 am, Inno arrived. They told him to carry buckets of fish and they went to the market to sell them. Eva did not go with them but instead went to submit an application at Saavedra jewellery.

When they got to the market, they tried haggling for the price but Inno would not let them sell the fish because the buyer wanted to rip them off.

The buyer refused to buy the fish so they went back with it. They blamed Inno for interfering but he said that the price was too little and they would have to split it among themselves so it wasn’t fair for them to sell it for a cheap price.

Oliver woke up early for breakfast and Carmen was surprised to see him. He told her that he would be helping Stella with her project with Rebecca.

Carmen was surprised to hear about it and confronted Stella. Oliver left them to talk and Carmen asked Stella why she allowed Rebecca into her company. Stella said it was her way of keeping Rebecca close to her. She disclosed to Carmen that Rebecca had invested 100 million into the project.

Carmen qualified her with unpleasant adjectives for taking Rebecca’s money just so that she could make her plastic jewellery so Stella said she would resign and start her own company. Carmen told her to go ahead and wished her good luck.

Hernan’s friend got him a lawyer and they went to talk about Rodrigo’s accident but the lawyer advised him not to bring up an incident from 20 years ago.

He however agreed to look into the case and after investigating, he found out that the pathologist who examined Rodrigo’s body was changed.

He got a forensic expert to examine the crime scene and after Hernan told them what happened, they concluded that he did not murder Rodrigo.

A pitchfork fell on Rodrigo after Hernan stabbed him and that was what supposedly killed him. The forensic expert said it was not possible so someone else must have jammed the pitchfork into Rodrigo’s body.

Hernan confronted Carmen and Stella after what he found out since it proved that he was not the one who killed Rodrigo. They both denied knowing what really happened and Stella asked him to let the issue rest. Hernan said he would not rest untill they found the real killer.

After Inno failed to sell the fish, he bought it himself and got a catering service to prepare a meal for the people of Gintong Pagasa. Eva told him that they could not be bought with food either so she refused to eat it. Her friends refused to eat the food too so Inno gave it to the other people in the neighbourhood.

Adessa seemed to like Inno so she told him not to give up and win back Eva’s trust.
Hernan was adamant on keeping Rebecca safe so he got CCTV cameras installed in her house.

Rebecca was not comfortable with it but Hernan told her that she would have full control of them. Rebecca went to get them refreshments and Hernan walked around the house looking for a place to install the cameras.

He ended up walking into Rebecca’s investigation room; where she displayed all the information regarding Rodrigo’s murder. She went looking for Hernan and found him staring at the wall.


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