Now and Forever Episode 2 Eva begins a new life with Rosa

Now and Forever Episode 2

Now and Forever Episode 2 Eva begins a new life with Rosa

Stella and Hernan were informed by doctor that their sons, Inno and Oli had survived the bone marrow transplant operation and were doing well.

They over rejoiced by the good news, the scene unfolded with some fishermen at the shore where woman named Rosa spotted a boat out on the sea.

They were wondering what was in it so she together with other people ran to see what was on it. They found a girl in the boat. Eva was still unconscious in the boat so Rosa and her brother-in-law, Abel, took her home.

They had a local medic attend to her and she said that if Eva did not wake up, they would have to take her to the hospital.

While going through Eva’s bag, Abel found a letter that Mia had left. It said that if anyone found the girl, they were to keep her safe because she was in danger.

It also read that the girl’s parents would go to look for her. Abel’s wife Odessa is Rosa’s sister who is mentally ill after she lost her child.

They kept her locked in a separate room because she usually became aggressive. Abel was worried about having to take care of Eva and Odessa so he said they should take Eva to a church.

Rosa however reminded him of the contents of the letter and said that they would have to take care of her.

With time, Eva woke up but she did not say much. Rosa fed her until she regained her strength and began to speak.

When she was better, Rosa showed her the letter they found among her things and asked if she could tell them about her parents. Eva however said that she could not remember what happened to her.

Stella still hoped to get married to Hernan but Carmen would not allow it. She made a deal with Stella to get them a piece of land that the Cortes needed to develop a project.

It was the land that the fishermen used and since Stella’s father was the mayor, she could ask him to evict them.

Stella called her mother and asked for her assistance in convincing the mayor. Abby, Stella’s mother managed to convince her husband to get the land so that they could benefit from the Cortes fortune once Stella married Hernan.

When the fishermen learnt about the eviction, they went to protest at the mayor’s residence but they were kicked out and one of them got shot.

Hernan was not happy seeing how things were turning out. He felt guilty for doing bad things including killing Rodrigo. Stella however told him that he had to protect his family and it was not his fault that Rodrigo died.

Oli heard the gun shot and went to see what was happening. Inno tried to stop him, warning him that it was dangerous and Oli ended up falling down.

Stella scolded Inno for always hurting his brother. To stay on Stella’s good side, Inno sort not to make any mistakes.

Odessa learnt that there was a girl living with them and became curious about her. Abel and Rosa did not let her meet Eva since they were worried about how she would react.

When the fishermen went out to protest, Eva was left alone in the house and she went to Odessa’s room to see her.

Odessa seemed to have an affection for her and started to get better. The two got closer and Odessa asked Eva to call her “mother.”

Rosa and Abel were glad to see that Eva’s presence was helpful to Odessa’s recovery.
The mayor went ahead to evict the fishermen from the land so Rosa and her family had to leave and start their lives elsewhere.

Carmen kept to her promise and allowed Hernan to marry Stella after the land was acquired. Stella also got the Cortes jewel, the Nostalgia passed down to her and she wore it during her wedding.

Years later, Eva grew up to be a beautiful young lady. Although she was one person who her life had been hit by so many bad circumstances but she grew up to be a very hardworking person.

She survived through it and worked hard to take care of Odessa.

Meanwhile Inno had also grown to be a refined gentleman, a very upright man who even followed traffic lights.

Oli his brother, called Inno to meet him up…. the story continues subscribe our newsfeed for update


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