Now And Forever Episode 20 Stella kills Larry to end Rebecca's plans against the Cortes

Now And Forever Episode 20

Now And Forever Episode 20 Stella kills Larry to end Rebecca’s plans against the Cortes

Carmen told Inno over the phone that things were not going well and asked Inno why he had not yet returned home yet. Inno said he was working on the proposal for the Korean prince since he had been given a tight deadline.

Carmen asked Inno to check on Oliver because he was kicked out of the house.
Oliver was hanging out in the club when some girls joined him. He wanted to buy them drinks but his card got declined so he asked the girls to pay for his drinks instead.

Inno went to see him and he said that he would not go to live in the farm with Hernan. He asked Inno not to worry since he had his ways of surviving.

Inno gave him some money and Oliver left with one of the girls. She allowed him to stay at her house for as long as he wished because she had always wanted to be his girlfriend.

Eva had seen Inno leave so she went to look around his tent. She was sure he left because it was uncomfortable being there. Tiny was sleeping there and Eva asked him why he was giving Inno company. Tiny said it was a plot to get Inno to leave by snoring loudly. He then left to go sleep at home since Inno was no longer there.

When Inno got back, Eva was snooping around his tent. She was surprised to see him since she thought he had left. Inno said he had to take care of something but was now back.

He was glad to see that she worried about him which meant that he was getting through to her.

Carmen was worried about Oliver and wanted to know how long they would make Oliver stay homeless. Hernan said that Oliver had to learn his lesson the hard way. He also talked to Inno and asked him not to give Oliver any money or help him.

The following morning, Eva got a call from Saavedra to go for another interview. Inno decided to work at Gintong Pagasa until the week was over so he asked his staff to bring over the things he needed to work on.

Rebecca gathered the press and prepared for Larry to give a statement about what happened to her. She wanted to reveal everything to the public and start on her plan to make the Cortes pay for their crimes and also to cause them their downfall.

Stella got a call alerting her on what Rebecca was planning. She wanted to leave to deal with it but Carmen wanted to talk to her about Oliver.

Stella said they would talk later but Carmen insisted on it so Stella pushed her and she fell on the couch. Stella then ran out, leaving Hernan to take care of Carmen.

Stella called her men to sort out the issue with Larry and stop him from giving his statement. They sent policemen to take Larry to give his statement and he went with them thinking they were the people sent to escort him.

Stella’s men shot him on the way. Stella also asked that all people linked to Rodrigo’s case be taken cared of and Zach was shot as well.

Rosa went to visit her family at Gintong Pagasa and took the time to speak to Inno. She asked him why he was there and he said that he only wanted to convince Eva to accept his business proposal.

When Rosa was there, she also found out that they were about to get evited. Lodi, one of her friends had arrived earlier with his grand children and was the one who told her.

He heard about Inno offering Eva and the rest a job and wondered why they refused his offer when they were getting evicted. Rosa said she did not want them getting involved with the Cortes family.

Eva also had an interview at Saavedra but Lodi said that would only be for a while Inno’s offer would benefit the entire community.
Inno realised there was a problem with mosquitos at Gintong pagasa so he arranged for the area to be fumigated to prevent them from getting Denge fever.

He hoped the people there would be grateful for the gesture. The machines he hired though ended up causing a problem because they were smoke machines and Lodi’s grandchild got an asthma attack because of it.

He was fine after using an inhaler and Inno went to check if he was okay. Everyone was upset with him and he explained that he was only trying to help.

The press were impatient because Larry was yet to arrive and the police came back to tell her that Larry was not in the safe house.

Rebecca was furious and said she would talk to the press herself. She was advised against it because the Cortes family might sue her for baseless claims.

Rebecca therefore sent her men to go and look for Larry.


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