Now and Forever Episode 22

Now and Forever Episode 22 Adessa reveals to Inno that Eva is adopted while Rebecca refuses to invest in Stella’s business

Inno bought the surprise that he had prepared for the residents of Gintong Pagasa. He was setting things up when Mariel Saavedra arrived to ask for directions.

Eva was going to talk to Inno about the deal with Saavedra but he already found out when Mariel arrived. Adessa and the rest took Mariel to see the workshop and Eva stayed back to explain things to Inno.

Furious by Eva’s action for failing to inform him about her deal with the Saavedras, Inno said Eva has made him look like a f^^l.

Eva tried to explain to Inno that she wanted to inform him about the Saavedras but did not get the appropriate time to do so. She explained to Inno that she met with the Saavedras since she first rejected his offer.

She further stated that she had repeatedly advised him to leave, the reason she could not accept his offer was that he always had a ill opinion about her.

Eva then spoke with Mariel and she was impressed with the workshop. Mariel asked Eva if Inno was the reason why she hesitated to accept her offer.

Eva admitted to it but said she had already turned him down. Mariel was eager to hire Eva so she gave her a contract and asked her to get a lawyer to provide her with legal assistant before signing the contract.

Inno was upset with what happened so he went into his car to go for a short breeze. Adessa saw him and asked to go with him. They drove around and Adessa found it interesting that driving was what Inno did when he was feeling down.

She said she couldn’t afford to do it because car fuel was expensive and she didn’t have a car. She told Inno that she usually drew to get things off her mind.

Inno wanted to try it out too so they bought painting materials and went to draw on a street wall.

Oliver showed Rebecca the ideas he had about marketing her art fair and Rebecca was impressed. She congratulated him on a job well done and Oli said it was the first time of him hearing that he had done something well.

Rebecca asked him if something was wrong and Oli told her that he left home because it was getting too crowded and he did not like drama.

He asked Rebecca for an advance in exchange for starting the marketing right away and Rebecca agreed to give him a down payment. She said he would get the rest after the event and told Oliver to reach out to her if he needed any help.

Stella paid her henchman for getting rid of Larry and Zach. The man wanted to know if he could eliminate Rebecca too but Stella said she needed Rebecca’s money first.

Just then, Rebecca called and asked to meet up with Stella. Stella teased Rebecca about the “big fish” she had intended to catch but Rebecca said it got slippery so she wasn’t able to catch it.

They continued to talk about business and Rebecca gave Stella the revised contract. She wanted her to have Carmen sign it since she was the president of Cortes Jewellery.

Stella told Rebecca that she left Cortes and would inject the cash into a new company that she was starting. Rebecca told Stella that there was no deal if it was not under Cortes Jewellery.

She added that they would continue meeting each other since she was now working with Oliver on the Art Fair.

Stella did not like having Oliver work with Rebecca so she met up with him and asked that he stop working with her. Oliver however said that they wanted him to be independent and he was able to do so while working with Rebecca.

He refused to listen to Stella advice even when she bad mouthed Rebecca, he left his mother.


Abel noticed that Adessa was missing and went to ask Eva if she had seen her. Lodi had seen Inno and Adessa leaving so he told Eva that she was with Inno.

Eva called Inno but he did not answer immediately since he left his phone in his car. When he answered, Eva told him to tell them where he had taken Adessa.

Adessa and Inno finished drawing a woman holding a baby. Inno asked if the baby was Eva but Adessa told him that Eva was not their daughter.

She told him that they found Eva when she was around 7 years old and she was the one who helped her recover from the trauma of losing her own child.

Eva arrived with Abel and Lodi to get Adessa. Adessa told them not to worry since she was just drawing with Inno. Eva told Inno never to take Adessa without telling them again. Inno agreed and offered to take them home. Adessa happily agreed and he drove them back to Gintong Pagasa.

The surprise Inno had prepared was an outdoor movie theatre with a projector screen and all the residents enjoyed watching a movie and popcorns.

Eva went to talk to Inno and told him that she had rejected her offer because he always insulted her and she was afraid they could not get along if they started working together.

Inno decided to accept defeat so the next morning he packed up his tent. The residents at Gintong Pagasa were all sad to see him go, especially Tiny who had developed an affection for him. Inno reached his house.


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