Now and Forever Episode 23

Now and Forever Episode 23 Rebecca suspects Stella of Jewellery design theft

After Inno arrived home, he called the office to check how things were going and asked that they prepare an update for him when he returned.

He turned on the Television and found out on the news that there was a dangerous typhoon hitting the city.

Mariel met up with Rebecca and showed her Eva’s designs. They looked familiar to Rebecca because they looked similar to the ones that Stella had showed her.

She showed them to Mariel and they noted that the designs were the same. Rebecca was curious to know who stole the other’s idea so she hatched up a plan to find out.

The typhoon unfortunately hit Gintong Pagasa so the residents tried to secure their things in order for them not to fly away or be destroyed. Inno went there and asked to take them to the evacuation site but they refused to leave since people took advantage of such situations to steal.

They said they were used to braving through a storm and would not leave. Inno therefore decided to help by getting them the stuff they needed such as raincoats.

Later that evening, the storm got worse so all the neighbours went to stay in Lodi’s house. It was sturdier and was located on higher ground so they believed it would not flood.

Inno stayed there with them. He saw Popo having a hard time reading since he had a bad eye sight and needed glasses for a better vision. He accused Inno of taking his glasses but Inno removed a new pair from his pocket and gave them to him.

Popo was delighted with the new glasses and he could now read better. After realising that the family of Eva were not part of the neighbours who were there Inno decided to get them.

Eva and her family decided to leave their house as well but Adessa was scared of the storm. She would not move and stayed huddled up in the corner.

When Inno arrived, he told her not to worry and said he would carry her. They put a raincoat on her and left the house. Eva however turned back and returned to the house to send her jewellery along.

She was heading out to go to Lodi’s house but a roof caved and fell on top of her, trapping her there.

When Inno arrived with Adessa and Abel, they realised that Eva had fallen behind. Inno went back again to get her and was able to carry her out of the debris. Eva was happy to see him and he carried her to Lodi’s house.

After Eva changed into dry clothes, she went down to thank Inno for saving her. Abel however interrupted and said they were standing too close to each other so he stood between them instead.

Rebecca went to the Cortes residence and said she could not go to the farm due to the storm. Carmen was not pleased to see her and demanded to know why she was there.

Rebecca said she wanted to be a Cortes by investing in their company but Carmen would not fall for it since she did not know what Rebecca’s intentions were.

Stella was called to attend to Rebecca instead but she had taken her medication and was feeling groggy. She asked Stella what her inspiration for her designs were but Stella said they would talk about it another time.

Rebecca therefore told her that she was willing to invest 200 million on her designs if she went back to work at Cortes Jewellery.

Eva was grateful to Inno because he had chosen to stay with them and helped out during the storm even if he could have been safer at his house. She therefore decided to thank him by accepting his offer and Inno was ecstatic.

Inno shared the good news with Carmen, Eva’s decision meant that they would finally be able to close the deal with the Koreans.

He also asked Stella to help him with the project and go back to work at Cortes. Stella had been mulling over how she would ask to get her job back at Cortes after what Rebecca said so she readily accepted to help Inno when he said that he would talk to Carmen on her behalf.

She also asked to see Eva’s designs and the proposal they had prepared for the Koreans.
Eva decided to go to Saavedra to tell them that she would not be taking their offer.

She called Mariel but she was not at the office. She was at a hotel with Rebecca so she asked Eva to go there instead so that Rebecca would meet her.

Inno talked to Carmen about Stella returning to work but Carmen said that Inno could handle the project on his own.

Inno said he did not want Stella to feel as if they were invalidating her. Carmen therefore told him to ask Stella to talk to her directly.


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