Now and Forever Episode 28

Now and Forever Episode 28 Stella fails evil attempt for Eva and Rebecca

Inno went to Gintong Pagasa to talk to Rosa and apologise to her on Stella’s behalf for what she did against her.

Rosa accepted but said she did not want him to get involved with Eva. She therefore asked him to say his last goodbye.
When Eva went to talk to Inno, Inno handed her a scholarship that he had gotten for her to study jewellery design.

He said he only wanted her to finish her studies and did not do it because of what Stella did. He added that he wanted to defend her but he could not go against his family.

Eva said she understood and did not expect him to fight with his family because of her. She therefore said that the friendship and kindness he had shown her was more than enough.

Inno decided to leave but he changed his mind and went back. He told Eva that they did not meet just to end their friendship in such a manner so he was going to find a way for them to continue their work.

When he arrived home, he told Stella and Carmen that he wanted Eva to work for them. Stella said it upset her but Inno told her that everything became an issue because Stella kept accusing Eva of stealing her designs. Stella therefore agreed to let Eva work for them if Inno could prove that she did not steal her designs.

Eva was having a hard time after what happened with the Corteses. She did not want to eat so Rosa told her to cut ties with the Cortes family explaining that they were the cause of all her problems.

Rebecca met up with Hernan and he wanted to know the name of her daughter. Rebecca was taken back and Hernan apologised for interfering.

Rebecca then said it was fine and agreed to give Hernan updates after she got them. Hernan left but came back a while later because he had something to tell Rebecca.

He told her about the forensic investigation that he carried out which concluded that a pitchfork was used to kill Rodrigo. He told her that he suspected his uncle Alfred since he was their family lawyer at the time and had a lot to gain from the Cortes inheritance.

Rebecca had met Alfred once when he went to tell Rodrigo about his father’s death.
Stella sent her men to the location Rebecca gave her but the place was abandoned. They reported back to Stella and she realised that she had fallen into Rebecca’s trap. She decided to kill Rebecca after the launch of their jewellery collection.

Oliver called Stella to check up on her and asked about the issue with the jewellery. Stella talked ill of Inno for taking Eva’s side but Oliver said that Inno was not like that. Stella got upset and hang up on him.

The people at Gintong Pagasa held a thanksgiving event since they would no longer have to leave. Abel and Rosa wanted Inno to join them but Rosa said she did not have his number and stopped Eva from calling him too.

Queenie, Lodi’s granddaughter told Eva that they should set Rosa up with Lodi so that she would not always have to watch over Eva.

Dom received a bag from the train station when they were dispensing all their items at the lost and found section. He showed the bag to the people at Gintong Pagasa and Tiny noted that the perfume was the same as what Inno wore.

Inno arrived then and they asked him if the bag belonged to him. Inno said that the bag was his and Eva said that she had lost the same kind of bag at the train station. They therefore realised that their bags got switched.

Eva said her sketching pad and accessories were in the bag and Inno was able to figure out how Stella was able to get Eva’s designs. He took Eva with him and they left for Stella’s jewellery launch, which was about to begin.

Stella sent a wine bottle to Rebecca’s room but Mariel took it. She accidentally dropped the bottle and realised it was acid in the bottle instead.

Before the launch began, Oliver asked Stella to wear a lapel since she would have to make a speech later. Stella replied that she wanted to use a microphone instead but Oliver said she had to showcase the jewellery she was wearing and a microphone would have an obstruction.

Hernan arrived at the Jewellery launch and Carmen was glad that he was there to show support to Stella. Hernan however said he was there for Rebcca.

Inno and Eva went over what happened at the train station and after a few calls, they found out that Stella took the bag after Inno asked that they have it returned to the train station. They had trouble getting to the venue because they got pulled over by a police officer and then Inno’s car stopped working.

Inno tried to get hold of Stella but she would not answer any of his calls.
The people at Gintong Pagasa had followed them there as well but the jeepney they rode got a flat tire, leaving them stranded.

Inno and Eva took a taxi and arrived at just when the launch began. Rebecca mentioned to Stella that she had yet to see Inno but they saw him walk in with Eva.

Stella excused herself to go to the washroom but she went to meet Inno and Eva and asked them to follow her.

Stella reprimanded Inno for bringing Eva to her launch while she was the one who stole her designs. Eva and Inno however told her that they already knew the truth, that Stella was the one who stole the designs.


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