Now and Forever Episode 29

Now and Forever Episode 29 The Scandal: Stella is disgraced, Eva receives all the accolades

The people of Gintong Pagasa arrived at the launch venue and they were told to go inside, later they were refrained from going as they received information that only invited guests could go in.

Carmen asked Hernan where Stella was since it was about time to give her speech. Hernan said that Stella went to take care of something but she would soon return.

Meanwhile, Stella refused to admit that she stole Eva’s designs she then said it that was not her fault Eva’s bag was in her office.

Inno told her that they never mentioned anything about a bag and asked Stella to admit that she was the one who stole Eva’s designs.

Stella slapped Inno and Eva told her that there was no need for her to hurt Inno. Stella shouted at them and continued to say that she never stole Eva’s designs.

Stella was wearing a lapel microphone and the people at the control room turned it on by mistake. Everyone at the event therefore heard Stella talking about the stole designs.

When she realised what happened, she removed the microphone but it was already too late.

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Inno walked out with Eva and Oliver gave him a microphone. Inno took Eva to the stage and introduced her as the mind behind the collection they were launching.

Everyone was in uproar and they wanted an explanation about what happened. The reporters swarmed around Eva and she became uncomfortable so she ran off.

Inno wanted to go after her but Carmen fainted so he stayed back to take care of her. Stella also ran off from the venue after the reporters hounded her about the stolen designs.

After the guests left the event, Carmen regained consciousness. Hernan told Inno to look for Eva and said he and Oliver would take care of Carmen.

When Inno went outside, Rosa reprimanded him for always getting Eva into trouble. Oli who had followed Inno however told her that Inno had protected Eva.

Rosa therefore agreed to let Inno go and look for Eva.
Oliver took care of the press on Rebecca’s behalf so that her name would not be associated in the scandal. Hernan apologised to her and said he would take care of the issue.

However, Mariel called Stella to reprimand her for poisoning her wine and accused her of trying to kill her. She therefore asked Rebecca to be careful of her.

Hernan took Carmen home and confronted Stella about the stolen designs. Stella would not admit to stealing but Hernan said that Inno would not have done what he did if there was nothing wrong.

Carmen therefore accused him of inciting his sons to turn their back on their company. Stella assured Carmen that she would take care of everything but warned her that Inno would have to suffer for what he had done.

Inno found Eva at the bridge where they had gone to before. Inno held Eva’s hand and both had visions of an island. They were both surprised and tried it again but they did not see anything.

Eva was worried about Inno and his family but he said he was already used to his mother. Eva felt sorry for him and gave him a hug. She refused his offer to drive her home, she asked him to go home and sort things out with his family.

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When Inno got home, he told Stella that they could rectify everything by naming Eva as the designer of the collection. Stella hit him and poured a glass of wine on him.

She told him that she had given him a good life even when she did not want him to be her son only for him to repay her in such a manner.

She kicked him out of the house but Inno’s nanny Ising defended him. Stella pulled at her hair and threw her out of the house as well.

Nanny Ising decided to leave and asked Inno to go with her to the province. Inno however said he could not leave his family.

Carmen expressed her disappointment in Inno for not putting their family first so she asked him not to report to work anymore.

Inno however called Oliver and asked that he help her prepare a marketing strategy so that they could introduce Eva as Cortes’ new designer. He also prepared a presentation for the board.

Rebecca’s aunt went to see her and asked that she return to the farm where it was peaceful.

Rebecca however said she had to complete her plans to ruin Stella. She wanted to take away her company, her husband and ruin the relationship between her sons so that Stella would be left with nothing.

Eva talked to Rosa about Inno and Rosa agreed not to keep them apart because Inno had proven himself to be a loyal friend. Eva did not want to let Inno down so she agreed to take the scholarship he had gotten for her.

The following morning, Inno prepared breakfast for Carmen and Stella but they refused to have it.

On the way to work, a team of reporters hounded them about the incident but they got in the car and drove off leaving the reporters all by themselves.


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