Now and Forever Episode 3 Eva gets arrested after Inno accuses her as thief

Now and Forever Episode 3

Now and Forever Episode 3 Eva gets arrested after Inno accuses her as thief

Inno went to see a girl who was attempting to commit suicide. The girl wanted to jump off a building because Oliver had left her for someone else.

Inno was able to trick her and stopped her from jumping over.
Eva brought lunch for Abel who worked at a construction site. She then left for work at a jewelry store.

She was working to save up money to enroll for a care-giving course as well as buying a washing machine for Rosa since she did laundry to earn money.

Inno and Oli arrived home at the same time. Hernan heard about the girl who tried to commit suicide because of Oli and reprimanded him for his behaviour.

He asked that he becomes more responsible like Inno was. Stella however defended Oli and asked Hernan not to compare their sons. Hernan told Stella that it was her fault Oli was irresponsible because she tolerated him.

The marriage of Stella and Hernan begins to hit the rock, they had sever misunderstanding so Hernan decided to stay at the farm in Quezon.

Stella wanted him to stay and be the CEO of Cortes Jewelry but Hernan didn’t want to. Inno went to speak to Hernan when he was packing his things and asked him whether he was leaving because of another woman.

Hernan said it was not the case and told Inno that some things had to be broken in order to be whole again.

Stella wanted Oliver to date a Jewelry influencer called Maxene Uy. She was hoping that Maxene’s family would invest in Cortes Jewelry but Oliver did not want to do it since he did not like Maxene.

Stella was upset that no one wanted to help her so Inno decided to meet with Maxene instead.

When Eva went to work the following day, a man bought a ring for 20,000 pesos but gave Eva counterfeit money. Eva realised it after he left and ran after him.

Inno was on his way to meet Maxene but parked his car far away so he had to walk to the restaurant. As he was heading there, Eva passed by him as she was going after the thief.

She tripped him and he dropped his phone. Eva grabbed it midair and continued to run. Inno went after her and called her a thief. He managed to catch her so she was not able to go after the thief.

Inno took Eva to the police station and pressed charges against her for stealing his phone. Eva tried to explain what happened since she too was going after someone who stole 20,000.

Inno did not believe her and asked that the police lock her up. Eva’s friend, Dominic, an officer at the station arrived and Eva asked for his help.

Dominic talked to Inno and asked him to drop the charges because he was sure Eva did not mean to steal from him.

By the time Inno left the police station, Maxene had already left so they did not get to meet.

Eva was released from the police station but she was fired from her job and asked to pay the 20,000. Dominic took her to eat at Rosemary’s eatery.

Rosemary was a fortuneteller so she offered to read Eva’s fortune to cheer her up. She told Eva that she had bad luck but things would change once she met the person destined for her.

When Eva got home, she collected recycled bottles from her friends in the neighbourhood. She used them to make plastic jewelry because her dream was to be a jewel designer.

Her plan was to earn more money working as a caregiver. She would then make better jewelry and get a job offer to work as a designer at Cortes Jewelry.

Stella was furious with her Staff at Cortes Jewelry because they only reported problems to her.

She wanted them to bring in more investors and new designers for their next Jewelry collection. Inno was still under pressure to meet with Maxene so Oliver helped him out by giving him an invitation to a party that Maxene would be attending.

Abel got into an accident at the construction site and the doctor asked that he rest for four months before going back to work.

Eva then took up more jobs to help support her family.

She got a waitressing gig at an exclusive party and was honoured since the job give her the opportunity to see the latest designs from the rich people who would attend the party.


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