Now and Forever Episode 31

Now and Forever Episode 31 Eva, people of Gintong Pagasa surprise Inno

Eva went to the University to enroll but she was told that she was not a scholar of the institution as Stella Cortes had replaced her with a different scholar since she was not a beneficiary of the programme.

Inno packed a small bag and decided to leave the house like Stella had ordered. He tried to wish her goodbye when she arrived home but Stella told him to go and leave his car keys behind.

Hernan confronted Stella and Carmen for kicking Inno out of the house. Stella said she only wanted to punish him like Hernan had done to Oliver.

He therefore would not have anything he obtained as a Cortes including his car and bank accounts. Carmen also urged Hernan not to help Inno out but he would not listen to her.

Hernan met up with Inno and offered to let him stay at the farm. Inno said he had to take care of things so he would not leave.

Hernan wanted to get Inno a hotel but he said he wanted to do things on his own. Hernan therefore insisted on giving Inno some money as a loan.

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Oliver met up with Rebecca at the shooting rig and someone saw them together. She was Stella’s friend so she called to inform her that Oliver was hanging out with an older woman. Stella tried to call Oliver but he ignored her calls.

Inno went to Eva’s house and she told him about losing the scholarship. Inno apologised for raising her hopes up but Eva said it was fine since they took away the scholarship before she started learning.

She asked Inno about the bag he was carrying but he said it was nothing and assured her that he was fine.

Inno went to stay with Oliver in his Condo and promised to leave in a few days. Oliver said he could stay for as long as he wished but Inno insisted that he did not want Oli to get into trouble with Carmen and Stella for helping him.

Eva wanted to throw a party to thank Inno for everything so she called all her neighbours at Gintong Pagasa and asked them to help her.

She also met with Oliver to invite him and he said it was the first time he heard of someone getting a party for being fired and thrown out.

Eva therefore got to find out that Inno had been kicked out of the house. Rebecca arrived for a meeting with Oliver so Eva left.

When Eva was heading home, Stella’s car pulled up beside her. Stella got out and threatened Eva not to talk to the press or she would do something worse than taking away her scholarship.

Eva said she would still work hard to attain her dreams and told Stella to leave. She told her family and friends at Gintong Pagasa what happened and Rosa was ready to go and confront her.

Eva indicated that she was able to defend herself and confronting Stella would only make things worse.

Inno tried looking for a boarding house and his Nanny directed her to Mr B, an old man who used to work for the Cortes when Inno was a boy.

The two were glad to be reunited and Inno agreed to take up a room as one of his male boarders.

Rebecca told Oliver that he would no longer hire him to market her events since Stella had approached her and asked her to stop seeing Oliver. Rebecca said she loved Oliver’s work but had to let him go because of Stella.


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