Now and Forever Episode 35

Now and Forever Episode 35 Oliver takes his shares of Cotes wealth 

Inno told Eva that he understood it was hard for her not to know where she came from. He therefore agreed to help her to remember her past.

They first met up with the priest at the church since he had been there for a long time but he could not remember an incident about a girl 13 years ago.

Inno asked assistance from his Grandfather and they were able to access the registry office at San Narciso.

They however could not get any information because Eva could not remember the last name that she used before she became Abel and Adessa’s daughter.

Rebecca called Stella to tell her not to worry about Oliver, saying she was taking care of him. Stella was upset that Oli went to her and Rebecca said she was the only person Oliver could depend on.

Stella stated that he was a grown man who could take care of himself and asked Rebecca to stop babying him. Rebecca thus told Stella to support her son instead.

Stella talked to Carmen and Hernan so that they would support Oliver. She blamed them for always putting Inno ahead of Oliver so Hernan agreed that they give him the money to see what he would do with it.

Oliver went to see them with his lawyer and got the 50 million that he asked for. After signing the contract, he promised that his family would never see him again. Stella went after him but Carmen stopped her and told her to stay.

Back in San Narciso, Eva had already given up trying to remember her memories and her parents. She was ready to go back to Manila but Inno said he wanted to take her somewhere first.

They rented a bike which Inno was skeptical to ride at first. He had not ridden one ever since he was young because Oliver had almost died when they went out ridding.

He told Eva about it and she asked him to thank her for making him ride a bike again.
They rode to the pier and Inno said that he was taking Eva to the neighbouring Island, San Nicholas.

He reasoned that if no one new about her in San Narciso and Abel found her at sea, then she might have been from San Nicholas. They rented a boat and crossed to the Island.

The boat handler told them that San Nicholas was a small place so everyone knew each other.

As they were walking through the beach, they ran into a girl called Karen. Eva noticed her necklace and said that it was special. Sonia, Karen’s mother came over and Eva asked her if there was a couple who lost their child there.

Sonia knew nothing of that incident so she could not help. She asked them their names then left with her daughter.

Eva was sad because she could not find anything familiar in the island. She told Inno that they should go back but he asked to take her to see something before they left.

He took her to a lighthouse and when a hawk flew by, Eva rushed up the stairs to see it fly. She finally remembered playing there as a child and some of her memories came back.

Inno followed to ask what happened and Eva was in tears, she was finally able to remember. She told Inno that she had a happy childhood but when he asked if she remembered her parents, Eva said she did not remember them.

Inno was going to say it was fine but Eva suddenly hugged him and thanked him for helping her regain her memories.

Inno suggested that they stay and find more information but Eva said they had to go back and sign up for the jewellery competition first.

They stayed for a while as Eva regained her inspiration and drew on her sketching pad. Inno decided to help with more motivation by taking selfies of them together at the lighthouse.

When they got back to their hotel, Inno uploaded the photos online. Eva reacted and Inno was overjoyed. He jumped up and down in his room but then Eva unliked the photos because it was too forward.

Inno was disappointed but Eva re-analysed the situation and decided it was okay to like the pictures so she liked them again. Inno was excited again and went to sleep in happiness.

The following day, Karen’s father returned from San Narciso and found her wearing the necklace that he had found.

His wife Sonia gave it back and told him that a girl had taken notice of it the previous day. Omar asked how old the girl was and Sonia said she was around 20.

Omar remembered witnessing an incident 13 years ago when a woman was shot and a girl ran away in the boat. It was also the day he found the necklace. He told Sonia that there was something he had yet to tell her.

Oliver after gaining his shares met with Cathy and signed the contract.



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