Now and Forever Episode 36

Now and Forever Episode 36 Oliver scammed and jailed 

Eva and Inno returned to Gintong Pagasa. Everyone celebrated Eva wishing her happy birthday and Inno was surprised to learn that it was her birthday.

Oliver called and asked to meet Inno. Inno said he wanted to stay for a while with Eva since it was her birthday. They agreed to meet later because Oliver had some good news to share.

He told Inno that he already got his shares from Cortes and would tell him everything about it later.

Omar asked Sonia about the girl who came looking for the necklace, saying he wanted to tell her what happened to her family and what he saw 13 years ago.

Sonia could not remember Eva’s name but she was able to remember Inno’s so she told Omar that the man’s name was Inno Cortes.

Cathy met up with Rebecca to tell her that she already signed the contract with Oliver. Rebecca planned to help Oliver regain his money so that she could win over his loyalty.

Oliver tried calling Cathy but she was not answering his calls. He checked with his lawyer who gave him the news that all the money in his account had been transferred to an offshore account.

Oliver went to the bar they had seen with Cathy and the owner told him that they never sold the bar. His lawyer called again to say that Cathy used a fake name and she was already out of the country.

Oliver realised he had been scammed so he went out to drink.
Eva told her family about the memories she regained during the trip so they thanked Inno. He said he had to go because he was planning on meeting with Oliver so Eva walked him out.

Jean, Inno’s friend saw Oliver at the club and called to tell him that Oliver was really drunk. Inno called Oliver but he asked him not to meet him because he did not want to Inno to see him being miserable. He said he didn’t want to talk because he was a disgrace and should have died years ago.

Oliver hang up so Inno told Eva that he had to go. Eva said she would go with him and they took a taxi. Oliver got into a fight at the club so Jean called Inno again and asked him to hurry.

Inno asked the driver to go faster and they ended up getting into an accident.
Oliver was arrested for fighting at the club and when he was taken to the police station, he tried to call Inno. Inno did not answer and the police confiscated Oli’s phone.

Inno woke up in the car and tried to wake up Eva but she did not respond. He called an ambulance to ask for help and continued to pester Eva until she woke up.

He said he was sorry since she almost died because of him but he was so relieved when she woke so he hugged her.

They went to the hospital first then went to police station to see Oliver. Eva asked to stay outside while Inno went to see Oliver.


Oliver told Inno about the money he lost and asked him to leave. He said he was useless and stupid so he lost his chance to redeem himself. He refused to listen to Inno and insisted that he leave.

When they left the station, Eva went home to a surprise party. Inno went home to tell his family what happened to Oliver. He told Hernan, Stella and Carmen that Oliver got scammed and was in jail.

Hernan and Stella wanted to go to him but Carmen told them to let Oliver stay in jail at least for a day so that he would learn his lesson.

Inno was told to leave because he had already been kicked out of the house.
Eva tried to call and text Inno to check up on him but he did not answer her calls. Inno was working on the glass molding to get his mind off things so he only saw Eva’s text later. He assured her that he was fine.

The following morning, Stella went to bail Oliver out but Rebecca had already done it. Oliver left without talking to Stella and said that he was tired.

Stella was upset that Rebecca paid Oliver’s bail and told her never to interfere with their family matter again adding that she was not a Cortes. Rebecca agreed and left.

Eva asked to meet Inno at the park before they submitted Eva’s designs for the contest, she was finally able to draw new designs.

Hernan called to tell Inno that Oliver had already been released and was back at his condo.

Eva said she was nervous about the contest so she asked that they have a bit of fun before submitting their application for the contest.
They got some bikes and went riding like they had at San Nicholas.


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