Now and Forever Episode 37

Now and Forever Episode 37 Inno proposes to Eva while Stalls kills Omar

Eva was glad to see Inno smile when they went on a bike ride in the park. Inno explained that he smiled because he was with her.

He further stated that she was the best thing that ever happened in his life even if she always gave him a headache and Now and Forever Episode 37 Inno proposes to Eva called him names.

Eva asked him what he was trying to say and Inno held her hand then said that he l^ved her. He said that everything he felt came from the heart. Eva didn’t know what to say so she pulled her hand away.

She told Inno that he caught her off guard but Inno said there was no rush. He asked Eva to take all the time she wanted and promised to wait for her answer and court her. Eva said they should go and submit her entry for the contest and left.


Stella went to complain to Carmen about Rebecca helping Oliver. Carmen however said she did not know a person called Oliver and refused to hear anything about him. She then told Stella to leave her office.

Omar went to look for Inno at Cortes Jewellery and ran into Stella instead. He said he had something important to tell Inno since he had been to San Nicholas previously. Stella said he could talk to her instead and she would relay his message to Inno.

Stella took Omar to a restaurant and he gave her the necklace. Stella told him that the girl was his daughter and she had been eager to find her. She asked Omar what happened to the people with the girl when they got chased.

Omar had not mentioned anything about that so he realised that Stella was telling him lies. Stella asked if the girl was alive and Omar said that he saw her drown since the boat she was in sunk.

He excused himself and left in a hurry. Stella however sent her men and they shot him as soon as he stepped outside.

Oliver refused to answer his parents’ calls and stayed in his condo drinking. Inno stopped by to see him and bring him some food but Oliver sent him away and asked that he leave him alone.

Eva told Queenie about Inno proposing to her and Queenie said she should say yes to him since it was obvious that she liked him too. Eva said that she wanted to succeed and help out her parents first so that Inno would be proud to introduce her to his family.

Rebecca decided to use Eva to ruin Inno and Oliver’s relationship. The following day she went to Gintong Pagasa to see Eva.

She apologised to Eva for her stolen designs and Eva said it was enough as long as she believed that she made them. She mentioned Eva’s entry into the jewellery contest and promised to help her and Inno go back to Cortes if she won it.

Eva said she did not want to work for Cortes anymore. Rebecca however told her that Inno must still want to go back because they were his family. She however told Eva that it was up to her.

Stella met with Hernan to talk about Oliver. Hernan’s investigator was unable to find Cathy and Stella complained that he was too slow. Hernan told her to investigate the matter instead.

She asked him to visit Oliver but Hernan said it was of no use since he had turned her and Inno away.

Stella got up to leave because Hernan was being stubborn but she bumped into a waiter and the necklace Omar gave her fell. She dropped down fast to pick it before Hernan saw it and left.

Inno picked up Eva to attend the presentation for the contest. She asked him if he still wanted to go back to Cortes and he said he did because they were his family. Eva said they now had to win the contest.

Inno prepped Eva for her presentation and she practiced before going in. Inno said it was good and was sure that she would be picked.

Eva came back to the waiting room after her presentation to wait for the result with Inno. He had been trying to call Oliver but he was not answering.

Oliver was at his house still drinking and trying to call Cathy. Eva asked Inno why Oliver wanted to keep his problems to himself. Inno told Eva about how he donated his bone marrow for him before so he would always look out for him.

Eva told Inno that Oliver cared for him as well but Inno said he was worried that Oli might do something to himself.

Eva told him not to think that way and assured him that Oli would be fine.


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