Now and Forever Episode 4 Inno faces life threatening episode following Eva's punishment

Now and Forever Episode 4

Now and Forever Episode 4 Inno faces life threatening episode following Eva’s punishment

Inno arrived at the party to meet Maxene but she did not seem interested to talk to him since she preferred Oliver instead.

She however agreed to have dinner with Inno. Isda, Eva’s friend went to attend to them and they both ordered soup but Inno asked him not to add nuts in his.

Isda took the order and followed him to the kitchen. She asked him what Inno ordered and Isda said that inno asked for soup without nuts.

Eva decided to add the nuts to get back at him for having taken her to jail and accusing her of stealing his phone.

Isda took the soup to the table and served Inno the plate with nuts in it. He had a few spoons but nothing happened so Eva and Isda went on with their work.

Inno tried to talk to Maxene about working for Cortes jewelry as a designer but suddenly started feeling ill. He realised that there were nuts in his soup and rushed out to call his driver.

He asked him to bring his medication kit then collapsed on the floor. He caught everyone’s attention and they went to see what was happening.

Eva and Isda rashes to the scene and he realised that they added nuts to his soup. He said he was allergic to them. He then accused them of wanting to kill him.

The driver arrived with Inno’s medical kit but he couldn’t administer it by himself. Eva took it and gave him the medicine.

She was apologetic due to what happened but she and Isda both got fired. Inno was not well so Maxene helped him and brought him home.

They also agreed to meet and talk about the job offer the following day.

When Inno got home, she told Stella about the good news but Stella told him that they were not looking to help Maxene advance her career but to make her family invest in their company.

She therefore told Inno to take Oliver with him since Maxene liked him.
Eva took a jeepney home and the person who robbed her was in the same jeepney with her. She recognised him once she saw his face after realising that he has been caught he jumped out and ran off.

Suddenly, Eva got out and ran after him. The guy entered a random building which made it impossible for Eva to catch up with him.

As she was searching where the thief could be a different guy appeared on a motor bike and asked Eva to get on it. He went after the thief and they were eventually able to catch him. Eva got the ring back and had the thief taken to jail.

The guy on the bike was Oliver and he was impressed to see how Eva handled the situation. She was thankful to him so she asked to take him out to eat.

They went to a street food stall but Oliver did not want to eat because the food appeared unclean to him. Eva told him that it was good to have a few germs and convinced him to eat it.

Eva also showed Oliver some of the stuff she designed and gave him a bracelet. Oliver asked to take her home because it was late but Eva said she was fine.

He therefore asked for her number and said that he would recommend her jewelry to his friends.

When Oliver went home, he told Inno that he had met a certain lady who was good to him. He described her as different compared to the other girls he was used to. Inno said he met someone too but she was stubborn and a troublemaker. He denied liking her but admitted that she was pretty.

Inno met up with Maxene the following day and was able to make her agree to be their designer. Oliver was not there and did not appreciate that Stella pressured him to be with her.

He found an embarrassing picture of Maxene from high school and published it online, making it go viral. Maxene was furious and backed out of the deal with Cortes jewelry.

Inno was furious at Oliver since he could have gotten Maxene to sign up with them and exclude his involvement. He asked that Oliver stop being immature and told him to deal with the Maxene issue by himself since he would no longer help him.

Inno went to see Hernan at the farm in Quezon. He told him what had happened with Oli. Hernan said they needed to give Oliver some tuff love so that he could learn and stop being irresponsible.

They grilled some fish and ate together before Inno left. Hernan tried calling Oli but he rejected the call since he was with a certain lady.

Meanwhile Abel’s foot got an infection and needed an operation to get better. Rosa found out but Abel asked her not to tell Eva and Adessa in order for them not worry.

They needed 100,000 for the operation so Rosa took on a new job as a laundry woman for the Cortes family. No one wanted the job because Stella was known to be cruel but Rosa needed the money.

She had to live in the Cortes family house so she packed up her stuff to move there. Adessa, Eva and Abel were all sad to see her go but Rosa told them that she was only a phone call away; it was not as if she was going abroad.

She then packed up her stuffs to leave for the Cortes household for the job.

How would she able to cope with Stella and her attitude? Find out in our next episode.


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