Now and Forever Episode 40

Now and Forever Episode 40 Eva wins the Design Manila Contest 

Inno and Oliver left Eva’s house. Inno asked Oliver why he brought flowers to Eva when he was the one courting her. Oliver said he was courting Eva too and told Inno to give her up.

He reminded Inno that he had always given up things for him even as a child. Inno however said that Eva was not a toy that they could fight over.

He told Oliver that he l^ved Eva and was not going to give up on her. Oliver said he was only trying to spare Inno’s feelings but they both agreed to fight and see who would win Eva’s affection.

Inno went to see Jerry to talk about the issue with Oliver. He was upset because Oliver would only play with Eva’s feelings like he had done before with other girls.

He said it was not a matter of who met Eva first but the one who could l^ve her and protect her.

Oliver met up with Mariel and he let out his frustrations about Inno. He said that he met Eva first and was the one who introduced her to the family. Mariel however told him that he made a mistake since he realised his feelings for Eva too late and Inno was able to court her first.

Oliver said he and Inno had promised each other not to fight over a girl but Eva was not an ordinary girl. He sort to fight for her and win her l^ve.

Abel was worried that Eva was getting involved with Inno and Oliver. He said she was too young and wanted her to grow up and get her life together first.

Roxanne followed Stella to her Yoga session to try to talk to her once again about hiring her as a designer for Cortes Jewellery.

She told Stella that she was only trying to work hard like how Stella did years back and went further to mention that her mother was a prostitute. Stella slapped Roxanne twice and told her to stay away from her.

The next morning, Eva was having breakfast with Abel and Adessa. She received texts from both Inno and Oliver wishing her a good morning.

There was a knock at the door, when Eva opened it, it was Rebecca. She asked Eva if they could take a DNA test because she had a feeling that Eva was her missing daughter.

She explained that it was too much of a coincidence that Eva was in San Nicholas just like her daughter and wanted to confirm it.

Adessa became hysterical and accused Rebecca of wanting to steal her daughter. She wanted Rebecca gone so Eva asked her to leave for the time being.

Rebecca ran into Oli and Inno when she was leaving but didn’t say anything to them. Eva told them what happened and they had conflicting ideas about what she should do.

Oliver wanted Eva to have the DNA test while Inno was worried about how it would affect Eva’s family. Eva asked them both to leave since she needed to think about it.

Eva talked to Adessa and Abel so that they could understand why she wanted to take the DNA test. She said that she needed to find out the truth about her identity so they agreed to let her do it.

Eva was heading out to see Rebecca but Inno was there waiting for her. He said that he waited for her incase she needed his help and she asked him to accompany her to see Rebecca.

Stella met up with Alfred, Rodrigo’s uncle and asked that he do something for her. Alfred then met Rebecca later and told her the truth about her daughter’s inheritance.

He told her that Rodrigo and his children were the sole heirs to the Cortes fortune and that’s why her daughter was in danger. He added that Hernan had been looking for her daughter as well.

Stella sent her goons to kidnap Eva but Inno was with her. He ran after the car when the gunned met took Eva and was lucky to catch up with them since there was heavy traffic and there was nowhere to go.

The passersby helped him fight off the kidnappers and he was able to rescue Eva. They both had serious injuries so they were taken to the hospital.

Abel and Adessa heard what happened and they called Rebecca. She rushed over to the hospital and Hernan was there to see Inno. He said that the kidnappers admitted to kidnapping the wrong person and were not after Eva.

Eva got to talk to Rebecca and she agreed to take the DNA test so that they could learn the truth. They had their samples taken and the doctor said it would take four days for them to get the results.

Rebecca said she would still take Eva to Cortes because she had a right to the inheritance as Rodrigo’s daughter.

Eva told Rebecca that it would be her greatest joy if she and Rodrigo were her parents but if the result was negative, she asked Rebecca to consider her as a daughter.

A few days later, the final round of the Jewellery contest was held. Everyone at Gintong Pagasa, Oliver, Inno and Rebecca were all there to support Eva.

Roxanne was Eva’s biggest competition and came in second but Eva was the winner of the 2018 Design Manila. The crowed cheered her and congratulated her for her good job.


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