Now and Forever Episode 43

Now and Forever Episode 43 Carmen and her family thrown out from Cortes mansion

Cortes family vacated their house. Carmen was upset about losing everything and asked Hernan to take her to Julian’s house.

Hernan said they gave up everything including the house and his farm. Stella suggested that they use the money they had saved but Inno said all their accounts were frozen.

They moved to a three bedroom apartment that Inno found and Stella complained about Oliver not having a room.


Inno said they could share a room once Oliver returned to them. Carmen asked Inno and Stella about Oliver working for Saavedra. Inno said it was true while Stella said it did not matter since they no longer owned Cortes Jewellery.

Carmen was still adamant on getting Cortes back so she said they would exhume Rodrigo’s body and do another DNA test to prove Roxanne was not Rodrigo’s daughter. Stella was surprised but offered to help.

Stella later met up with Alfred to pressure him about transferring the Cortes wealth to Roxanne before Carmen could prove that she was not a Cortes.

Her plan was to have Roxanne invest the money in business that Stella suggested and she would be the one to get back the Cortes fortune.

Alfred told her it was a long process and she had to wait. He asked her not to worry since the accounts were frozen and Rebecca could not use the money.

Rebecca and Roxanne went to see the Nostalgia, the Cortes heirloom that had been passed down generations.

They learnt that it would now belong to Roxanne and she wanted to wear it immediately. Rebecca however told her that it was not yet the time.

Eva went to Saavedra and signed the contract to become their jewellery designer. She tried to talk to Oliver and convince him to go and support his family but Oliver did not want to talk about it.

He later gifted Eva with an expensive bracelet to congratulate her on signing the contract but Eva refused to accept it.

She suggested that he give it to his mother or grandmother instead. Inno arrived to pick up Eva and got into another argument with Oliver for refusing to go home.

Inno asked him to visit Carmen and Stella to show them that he was willing to patch things up but Oliver said he never wanted to make up with them. Eva cut in to stop them from arguing and left with Inno.

Rebecca met up with Alfred to talk about transferring the Cortes assets to Roxanne. She said that she wanted to set up a trust fund for Roxanne too so that she would have more money but it would take a little longer.

Stella arrived a little later and had a conversation with Rebecca about exhuming Rodrigo’s body.

Rebecca was not disturbed and told Stella to go ahead. Stella said she would stop Rebecca from getting her hands on the Cortes fortune but Rebecca said she was not after the money. She instead promised to put Stella in jail.

Hernan confronted Alfred about killing Rodrigo but Alfred denied everything. He accused Hernan of doing it and said that he would not have come back if he was the person who killed Rodrigo.

He added that what they needed to do now was to give back the Cortes fortune to Rodrigo’s daughter and set things right.

Eva and Inno went out to buy some materials and Eva decided to buy some scented candles for Stella and Carmen.

They also bought each other teddy bears and Eva asked Inno to keep hers in his office so that Roxanne would know it came from her.

They stopped at an eatery for some food and Oliver texted Eva. Inno told her to tell Oliver that she was with him.

Inno got a call from Carmen saying there was a problem at home and the two rushed there together.

The tap was running and Eva helped them by showing them where the faucet was. Carmen was surprised to see them together and asked Inno if he was courting her.

Inno confirmed it and Carmen went on an insulting rant about how Eva did not deserve Inno. She told Inno that Eva was a slam dweller and would make him support her entire family and relatives.

Eva said she was going to support her own family. Inno defended Eva and refused to let Carmen disrespect the person he loved so they left the house.

Inno apologised to Eva for what his grandmother said but Eva said she was probably shocked to see her.

She asked him to go and stay with her since she was alone at the house. She got into a cab and broke down in tears.

Rebecca called to check in on her and Eva said she was not fine. Rebecca asked that they meet and took Eva out for a dinner.

Inno went back to speak to Carmen and told her that he would do everything he asked of him except not loving Eva.

Stella met up with her mother and she was distraught about losing their money. Her mother gave her the car she came with since she had more at home. Hernan came to see them and looked disturbed.

He was convinced that he was the one who killed Rodrigo after the talk he had with Alfred but Stella said they already paid for it when they returned the Cortes wealth to Roxanne.

During dinner, Rebecca told Eva about how Rodrigo abandoned his family to be with her, explaining that the family did not approve her so Rodrigo was left with no choice than to be with her.

Eva was conflicted about her own situation since she did not want Inno’s family to fight because of her or have either of them give up their families.

Rebecca said if her family loved her, they would want her to be where she would truly be happy.


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