Now and Forever Episode 47

Now and Forever Episode 47 Eva accepts Inno’s proposal 

Inno arrived at Saavedra. He ran into Oliver and he told Inno to start working there since he was always there.

Inno said he was there to pick up Eva and Oliver told him to do it while he could since he would be leaving for abroad with Eva.

Inno texted Eva to tell her that he was waiting downstairs. She was about to leave but she went back to her office and texted Inno to go ahead since she was still working.

Inno was in deep thought when he got home so Stella asked him if it was about Oliver.

Inno didn’t say anything so she deduced that it was about Eva. She told Inno that he could confide in her and Inno told Stella that he thought they were close but she never even told him that she was leaving.

Stella was surprised to hear this and asked Inno where Eva was going.

He said that she had a trip with Oliver but she never told him about it. Stella told Inno to ask her because they were close he had a right to know.

After Inno left, Stella called Roxanne to ask if Rebecca was planning on going on a trip. Roxanne said she didn’t want to do the dirty jobs because she felt guilty about it. Stella threatened her with her grandfather so Roxanne agreed to find out if Rebecca was going on a trip.

Roxanne tried to ask Rebecca if she was going anywhere by asking for presents but Rebecca caught on. She told Roxanne that they could leave on a trip if she wished but Roxanne said it was okay. Roxanne texted Stella to inform her that Rebecca was not planning a trip.

Since Eva would not meet with Inno, he called Queenie who tricked Eva into meeting a supposed client. When they met Inno instead, Queenie apologised and said she could not say no to him.

Inno asked Eva why she was avoiding him and she said that she was busy. She wanted to walk away but Inno asked for 5 minutes. He asked Eva why she didn’t tell him she was leaving and Eva asked him how he knew.

Inno asked whether he was not supposed to know about it but Eva could not answer. She tried to get away from him and Inno asked if it made sense for her to suddenly stop talking to him.

Eva said she did not have the answers to the questions he was asking adding that she had a hard time too since she didn’t know where her l^ve for him would lead to. Inno only comprehended that Eva l^ved him too and was overjoyed to hear it. He said she was his girlfriend and Eva agreed.

On the cab going home, Inno told Eva that he could not wait to tell everyone that they were a couple. Eva was worried about Stella but Inno said she had changed and would support them. Inno also said that he would tell Oliver about it.

Rosa was not happy to hear about Eva’s relationship and she told her to break up with Inno since their relationship would only cause problems. Eva said she had tried to avoid him but could not do it because she loved him.

When Eva told Rebecca about being Inno’s girlfriend, she was not happy about it either since it was a difficult situation.

Stella was delighted with the news of Eva being Inno’s girlfriend and told him to invite her out for dinner so that she and Hernan could meet her officially.

Inno met with Oliver the following day and they decided to go on a biking race. Whoever lost would have to give up on Eva but Inno let Oliver have a head start.

Inno teased Oliver throughout the race and would not go past him. Oliver stopped and asked if Inno was messing with him. Inno told Oliver it would not matter if he won since Eva was already his girlfriend and he would not give him up.

Oliver left in disappointment and almost got hit by a car as he rode away. Stella suspected that Rebecca already found out that Eva was her daughter but reasoned that she would not let her date Inno if they already knew their connection to each other. She also suspected that they already knew and were putting on a show to confuse her.

Rosa and Abel refused to go to dinner to meet Inno’s parents so Eva went by herself. They told Inno to take care of her.

Eva was nervous when she met Stella but Stella surprised everyone by giving her a hug and was pleasant to her all the while.

Rebecca took Roxanne out to the same restaurant but she was there to check on Eva. She pretended to have run into them and Inno said he was introducing his girlfriend to his parents.

Roxanne was disappointed while Rebecca congratulated them. Stella offered to share their table but Rebecca refused and they took another table.

Rebecca kept glancing at Stella’s table to see how she was treating Eva and Stella noticed. She decided to mess with Eva to see Rebecca’s reaction so she ordered some hot water.

When the waiter arrived, Stella suddenly got up, knocking over the glass and the water spilled on Eva. Her hand was burned and Rebecca suddenly got up. Stella apologized to Eva but was satisfied to see Rebecca’s reaction.

Roxanne asked Rebecca not to bother with them so that there wouldn’t be any trouble.


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