Now and Forever Episode 48

Now and Forever Episode 48 Roxanne confesses her sins after recent attack on Mr Botong 

Inno and Eva left the restaurant. Rebecca texted Eva to say sorry for not being able to help her when they were at the restaurant and asked that she update her when she got home.

Eva was worried about Inno’s family (Carmen and Oliver) accepting their relationship but Inno said everything would be okay. He then told Eva that he had a surprise for her.

Inno took Eva to a workshop that he had rented and decorated. He said that it was what they had dreamt of, Eva working on her jewellery while he worked on his glass sculpturing.

Eva was moved by what he did and began to cry. She thanked Inno for always thinking of her and asked him to continue dreaming no matter what happens.

They sat down at their workshops and started working. Eva drew a design and Inno gave her his input. He then signed on the bottom of the sketch, “Inno Cortes, the future husband of Eva Mapendo”.

Eva erased it and told Inno that she did not want to limit him to only being her husband. She therefore wrote “Eva Mapendo, the future of Inno Cortes”.

Abel and Rosa gave Eva her passport and immigration papers that had already arrived. Eva was sad thinking about leaving Inno.

Rosa told her not to put herself in a position that would make her choose between Inno and her mother Rebecca. Adessa overheard them and became hysterical after hearing that Rebecca was Eva’s mother.

She got more upset after seeing Eva’s passport, which meant that Rebecca was taking her away. They could not get her to calm down so they took her to the hospital and the doctors sedated her.

Roxanne went to her granfather’s house because she needed someone to talk to after learning that Inno had a girlfriend. She said that she was tired of being a villain to get what she wanted and her grandfather told her that she could just accept losing Inno.

Later that night, Mr. Batong was packing up his glass pieces when three masked men suddenly arrived and beat him up. Roxanne and the other guys who lived with him came and chased them away.

They called the police for an investigation but they could not give concrete information about the attackers. Roxanne, Mr Botong and Rebecca however knew that Stella was behind it.

Stella called Roxanne and told her to tell her grandfather not to get involved with Inno. Mr Botong had called Inno to tell him the truth but decided not to when he heard Stella’s voice in the background.

Roxanne asked Stella not to involve her grandfather but Stella threatened to kill him if he talked to Inno again.

Roxanne texted Inno and begged him to help her. When they met, she told her the truth that she was not Angela and Stella had paid her to pretend.

Inno asked about the necklace and the DNA test and Roxanne said that Stella manipulated them and she did not know how to tell Rebecca about it. Inno said he would ask Stella but Roxanne told him that doing so would only put their lives in danger.

When Inno got home, he asked Stella how she felt about losing everything. Stella said she missed their previous life but they had to come to terms with how things were now.

Inno said he now understood everything and went to sleep. Inno helped Roxanne talk to Rebecca the following day so that they could tell her the truth.

Rebecca however said she already knew Roxanne had been lying. She wanted proof that Roxanne was not planning something with Stella again and Roxanne said that she could no longer work with Stella after what happened to her grandfather.

Rebecca told her to go with her if she was truly remorseful and they went to the police.
Adessa was discharged from the hospital and her family brought her home.

Eva left her phone on the bed to do some chores and Rebecca called. Adessa took the call and shouted at Rebecca to stop bothering her. She suffered another breakdown and threw the phone away. Rosa had to calm her down until she went to sleep.

Inno tried to call Oliver but he did not answer his phone. He texted instead and told him to go home as Stella needed him.

Stella was preparing a meal when they heard police sirens outside. Carmen and Hernan went to check and saw Rebecca and Roxanne along with the police.

Carmen got worried that they had come to arrest her while Stella was unfazed and continued with her cooking.

Abel got out a padlock and told Eva and Rosa that they had to go back to locking Adessa up again since she had been suffering from attacks more frequently. Eva told him that they would not do that to her again.


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