Now and Forever Episode 50

Now and Forever Episode 50 Hernan dies 

Rebecca got ready to take Eva and her family to the airport. Her aunt told her to leave with Eva but Rebecca said she had to stay and make sure Stella was convicted.

Hernan waited for Rebecca outside her house and followed her when she left with Emil, her bodyguard.

Inno went to say goodbye to Eva since she was leaving for Brazil with her family. He asked her if there was a way for her not to go but Eva said she had to. She told Inno that she would send him all the information to the place they were going to once they arrived.

Inno hugged her and they both cried as they wished that their situation was different and they could still be together.

Hernan drove past Rebecca’s car and blocked her so that she could stop. Emil got out to see what was happening and when Rebecca saw Hernan, she walked out too. Hernan dropped to his knees and told Rebecca the truth, that he was the one who killed Rodrigo.

He said he was sorry and asked Rebecca to forgive her. Rebecca was shocked and hurt since Hernan was her friend. She told him that she never wanted to see his face again. She was about to get back into her car but another van pulled over.

Masked men walked out with guns and went after Rebecca. Hernan and Emil both defended her and told Rebecca to run away. Emil got shot while Hernan was seriously hurt.

Alfred opened the van and told Hernan to run as they were not after him. He told his men to go after Rebecca since she was the target. Hernan would not let them hurt Rebecca so he hit Alfred with the van’s door and went after his men to stop them.

The men got to Rebecca but Hernan arrived and tried to fight them. They stabbed Hernan then pushed Rebecca off a ledge and she hit her head.

Eva and her family said goodbye to their friends at Gintong Pagasa. Abel left Adessa in the van and went to bring their bags while the others took group selfies.

A woman carrying a baby doll lured Adessa out of the car and abducted her. She and her men took her with them and abandoned her somewhere. Adessa didn’t know where she was and walked around aimlessly.

After realising Adessa was missing, they became. Inno drove the van and went to look for Adessa with Eva, Abel and Rosa. They found her later at a bridge getting ready to jump.

Eva rushed over and pulled her back before she could jump. After they rescued Adessa, Eva and Inno got a call about their parents being admitted to the hospital and they went there.

Rebecca and Hernan were both in critical condition. Hernan had lost a lot of blood while Rebecca sustained a head injury.

Hernan woke up when Inno went to see him but it was only for a while. The doctors tried to revive him unfortunately he died. Rebecca survived and the doctors transferred her to the ER to monitor her closely.

Inno had been trying to contact Oliver but he did not answer his phone. When he picked up, Inno told him about what had happened and asked him to go and see Hernan even for the last time. He added that their father was gone and Inno hang up.

Carmen arrived later when the nurses were getting ready to transfer Hernan’s body to the Morgue. She screamed and cried begging him to wake up.


Eva went with Rebecca and later tried to call Inno but he did not answer. She texted him instead to remind him that she was there for him.


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