Now and Forever Episode 54

Now and Forever Episode 54 Stella turns motivational speaker in prison… Inno gains a new contract from Saavedra 

Inno got hounded by his landlord about the rent. He promised to pay it and told his landlord to wait. He was upset because of it and complained about it to Roxanne.

A letter came for him from Saavedra offering a deal to partner with them for a collection. The money was good but he was not happy to see Eva’s name so he threw the letter in the trash.


Mariel called Oliver to see how things went with Inno and he said Inno did not respond. He would not take their calls too after learning that it was Saavedra.

He said he would keep trying and send him an email but there was no guarantee that Inno would reply. He suggested that Eva work on the designs alone but Mariel said it was not possible.

Betsy booked plane tickets for Mariel and Eva to go to the Philippines to work on the project. They could not refuse it since it would seem unprofessional. It would only be for two weeks but Rosa and Abel were worried that Eva would not be safe.

Mariel indicated that things had calmed down since Stella was in jail. Adessa also asked to go back to the Philippines to see a person called “Daniel.” All of them decided to go because of Adessa. They said goodbye to Rebecca who was still in a coma.

Stella was still serving her jail sentence and helped the other inmates by being their motivational speaker. Inno went to see her to see how she was doing. Stella said it was hard but she was coping.

She also asked about Oliver and Inno said they had not kept in touch. Stella said she would find him and apologise for everything after she was released.

Inno gave her the food he had brought and was about to leave but Stella stopped him and hugged him. She asked him to visit her again soon.

Eva and her family returned to the Philippines. They received a warm welcome from their friends at Gintong Pagasa who were still working at Saavedra. Eva brought them presents and caught up with Queenie.

Inno and Roxanne were delivering their products but Inno’s truck broke down. Roxanne suggested that he take the Saavedra offer so that he could buy another truck and get air conditioning for his grandmother.

Inno refused to listen to her and said he was doing fine. He left Roxanne to watch over the car and went to get a new battery to fix it.
As Inno was heading back, he called Roxanne but a thief snatched his phone and he ran after him to get it back.

Eva was strolling in the city with Queenie when the thief passed by them and he tripped. Eva caught the phone and turned around to see Inno. They were both shocked to see each other. Inno asked for his phone back and walked away. When he got back to the truck, he hugged Roxanne.

Inno drove Roxanne home and she tried to talk about the hug earlier but could not find the words. Inno smiled and Roxanne was glad to see it saying that she had been waiting for him to smile for a long time.

Oliver went to Eva’s apartment to see her but Mariel turned him away since Rosa might get upset if she saw him. He helped Oliver by calling Eva via a video call.

He was delighted to see her and said that Mariel stopped him from going to meet her. They also talked about the deal with Inno and Oliver suggested that they do it without Inno’s consent.

Mariel said it would be dangerous since he might sue them. They only needed his consent to use the design so Eva said she would talk to him.

The following day, Oliver and Eva visited Inno at his house. They brought the agreement document for him to sign but Inno told them to leave.

Oli tried to convince Inno that it would be a good opportunity but Inno took the papers and tore them. Eva wanted to talk to Inno privately and Oliver went to wait in the car.

Eva tried to convince Inno but he said he would not sell his design to anyone. She apologised to Inno for leaving but Inno said he did not need an apology from her.

Oliver was worried about leaving them alone but he was sure that Inno would not accept it so Eva would have to return to the US. He planned to follow her there so that the two of them could be together.


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