Now and Forever Episode 56

Now and Forever Episode 56 Stella granted Presidential amnesty  

Eva tried to come up with designs but she could not focus since she was thinking about Inno and Roxanne. She urged herself to focus and not to think about them.

When Oliver came into the room, he thought it was his fault. Oliver was restless and said he would sleep outside. Eva asked him to stay with her as she needed company.

The following morning, Eva showed her designs to Inno but he did not like them. He said the designs were trash and criticised Eva for doing such a poor job adding that it would take them forever to complete the designs.

Eva explained that she worked under pressure and needed inspiration but Inno said she should be able to work without inspiration with her experience.

Eva was upset that Inno could be so mean while Roxanne and Oliver tried to get him to calm down. Eva took her sketchpad back and said she could work well if she did not see trash in front of her.

Roxanne left with Oliver to give them some space and Oli was upset that they had left Eva and Inno alone. Roxanne said it was better for them to sort out their feelings for each other but Oliver said he did not care if they still had feelings for each other. He told Roxanne to be the martyr and went back to Eva.

Eva finished a design and gave it to Inno but he said it was bad without looking at it. He was looking at Eva’s face instead and she told him to look at the design. Inno still said it was not good but Eva told him to make it.


Abel was able to locate someone who knew a certain Daniel in San Narciso. He went to see the woman and asked for a picture but the woman did not have one. Instead, she gave Abel a toy that Daniel had left and underneath it was inscribed “for Adessa.” She also gave Abel a book that contained a ledger.


Lucia went to see Stella in prison. She was living in a comfortable room, drinking a glass of wine unlike what she had told Inno. Lucia told Stella that she had befriended the first lady and was working on getting her a presidential pardon.

When Oliver got back, they were both working peacefully and he was surprised. He went to hover around Eva, getting Inno’s attention. Roxanne came back and sat on Inno’s lap. She asked if they should go out later and Inno happily agreed. Eva left as soon as she saw them and Oliver went after her.

Roxanne asked Inno if he was happy to see Eva’s reaction. Inno turned back to his work and refused to talk about it.

Roxanne went inside their cabana to pack her things and told Inno that she was leaving. Inno was alarmed since he did not want her to leave him alone. Roxanne said she would do the necessary to make Inno confront his own feelings.

Eva told Oli that she wanted to be alone but he asked to stay by her side. Eva let him stay as long as he did not disturb her. She was able to work on the designs and when they went back to the cabana, Inno was waiting.

Eva gladly showed him the designs and Inno asked to discuss them over dinner. This made Oliver upset and he went to sit with them. He asked about Roxanne and Inno said she left so that he and Eva could focus on their work.

Inno told Oliver to go too but he said he would just watch and not disturb them.
Lucia went to see Stella again to give her the good news that she had been pardoned and was now free.

Stella was happy to hear this and was eager to get out and go after Rebecca.

Elsewhere, Adessa saw the toy Abel brought among his things. Rosa found her looking at it and Adessa said she had to hide it since Rosa would be upset if she found out she (Adessa) was seeing Daniel.

Rosa realised that Adessa had hidden her relationship with Daniel because of her and apologised to her for being so strict on her.
Inno created the designs Eva drew and when he was done, Eva was impressed.

She commented that they both still made a good team. Oliver interrupted and said it was time for them to go to bed. Eva agreed since Inno seemed tired. When they went to sleep, Oliver went back and destroyed all the jewelleries Inno had made.

In the morning, Inno could not stop thinking about his past with Eva. He however caught himself since both of them had moved on already.


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