Now and Forever Episode 58

Now and Forever Episode 58 Oliver tries to end his life after feeling defeated 

Eva went to see Adessa. Rosa and Abel told Eva that Adessa’s daughter was Roxanne. They also said she was now calm and was getting better after meeting her daughter. Eva was confident that she would fully recover.

Oliver was still upset over Eva choosing Inno over him. He bumped into a vendor on the street and he apologised. Oliver told him that saying sorry did not fix anything and beat him up.

Mariel called Eva to thank her for the jewellery pieces she and Inno had made. After the call, Rosa told Eva not to tell anyone about their relationship yet and to keep it among themselves.

The following day, Roxanne visited Adessa at her house. She congratulated Eva for fixing things with Inno and wished them happiness. She also thanked Eva for helping her mother get over her trauma and Eva thanked Roxanne for sharing her mother with her.

Roxanne corrected and said that Adessa was their mother. Eva told her that she and Adessa now had to make up for the time they spent apart. Adessa woke up and called both of them over to sit by her side.

Roxanne went to see Inno later, She was thankful to him for letting her l^ve him, stressing that she did not regret it.

Inno thanked Roxanne for always being there when he needed someone to lean on and told her that nothing would change between them. He asked that they remain friends but Roxanne said a lot had changed.

She asked him to give him time to get over him and told him to be happy with Eva.
Lucia finalised Stella’s pardon and she was released from prison. Lucia had a car ready and told Stella to leave before the press heard the news.

Stella was delighted since she could finally see Oliver. She went to his condo first and when she arrived, the police were there. She asked what happened and they told her that a certain Oliver Cortes was trying to commit suicide on the 24th floor.

Stella got in the elevator and went to the 24th floor where Oliver was about to jump. When he saw Stella, he complained about Eva always choosing Inno over him.

He said he wanted to die since no one was ever there for him and they always left him. Stella said she was there and reached out to him, eventually she managed to stop him from jumping.

Carmen called Inno to share the good news with him that Stella had been released from prison. Stella called later to tell Carmen about Oliver’s incident and she wanted to go to him.

Her caregiver called Inno instead and Inno told her to make Carmen stay home. He said he would be the one to go to Oliver.
Mariel heard about Stella’s release and went to see Eva.

They all decided that Eva should return to the state to be with Rebecca. Rosa and Able said they would stay behind since they could not separate Adessa from her daughter.

Stella took Oliver to her new house and asked him to stay there with her. She did not like to see him so dejected so she asked him to pull himself together since Eva would not like someone who looked defeated.

She advised him to be more like Inno and to stop being a loser if he wanted to win over Eva.

Inno arrived in the house and did not seem happy to see Stella out of prison. He was a little upset that she did not tell him about her pardon after she had promised to serve her sentence.

Stella told him that she was ready to serve her full sentence but her mother got her the pardon since she had suffered enough. She stated that Inno only cared about his happiness with Eva and Inno asked how she knew about it.

Stella told him that Oliver tried to jump off a building because of her. Inno was surprised and wanted to know how he could help. Stella told him to leave Eva since she could not lose her son because of Rebecca’s daughter.

Inno went to see Oliver in his room but he refused to talk and told Inno to leave.
Inno called Eva after he left the house and told her that he was worried about Oliver.

He wanted to do something to help him and Eva told him to consult a psychiatrist to see what he could do. He also asked Inno to be careful around Oliver since he could hurt him.

Inno said they were brothers and was confident that Oli would not hurt him.
Oliver tried to call somebody but it did not go through.


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