Now and Forever Episode 6 Stella steals Eva's jewellery and design ideas after her design launch flop

Now and Forever Episode 6

Now and Forever Episode 6 Stella steals Eva’s jewellery and design ideas after her design launch flop

Oliver and Eva met at the hospital where Abel was to talk about the job offer which Oli told her he has for her.

She revealed to Oli that her father was sick and Oli comforted her, saying the money she would earn from the job would help to cover Abel’s hospital expenses. Eva asked about the job and Oli said he wanted her to be his girlfriend.

Eva was surprised and blatantly refused to take the offer. She asked Oliver if he thought of her as an escort and Oli said that he needed her to be his girlfriend infront of his family. Eva asked him to find someone else but Oli said he did not want to take it seriously and it would only be a transaction between them. Eva still refused his offer but Oli asked her to reconsider his offer.

Stella stood firmly on her grounds of matching Oli with Maxene for business purpose. She wanted Oli to court Maxene to get her family’s investment but he refused saying he already had a girlfriend. He claimed that she was the one and she wasn’t after him because he was a Cortes. He promised to introduce her to Stella.

Since Eva was giving him tough time in accepting to act as his girlfriend infront of Stella, he gave the offer to someone else. He asked her to meet his family as his girlfriend and the girl immediately said yes. She was excited to meet the Cortes family but Oli told her that she had failed his test and decided to convince Eva instead.

Eva was still not convinced to accept his proposal since Rosa would not like it. She eventually did though because Abel’s leg got worse and the doctor said they might have to amputate his leg if he did not get the operation on time.

Oliver gave Eva the 50,000 pesos and she told him that they would only have to act as a couple in front of his family. Oliver said that he was a complete gentleman but asked if they could at least hold hands.

Eva said they would do it only if it was necessary. Eva also received 3,000 from the fortune teller, Rosemary to help her out.
When Stella got home, she wanted to know who did her laundry. The housekeeper brought Rosa to her and they all thought that she had damaged the clothing.

Rosa said she hand washed the dressed since the fabric was delicate. Stella was impressed and said that Rosa would be the only person allowed to wash her clothes.

Stella launched a new jewelry store but it was a complete failure since they did not have any new designs on display. The bloggers they invited to the event blogged bad news about the event and they refused to change their reviews even after Stella confronted them.

Her staff asked her to calm down because her outburst was giving the company a bad image.

Inno decided to search for Jewelry designers and asked for staff members who would help him. They decided to look at trade fairs for new designers and launched a jewelry design competition as well. They couldn’t find anyone at the trade fairs so Inno decided to go to the market bazaars instead.

Oli had agreed to meet up with Eva to talk about their “love story” the one they would tell his family. Eva asked him to meet her at the Bazaar where she was delivering her jewelry.

Oli arrived first and was waiting for Eva when she ran into Inno. Inno asked what Oli was doing there and he said he was out meeting a friend but refused to tell him who she was. Inno’s staff told him that they had a meeting so he had to leave.

As Inno was leaving, he bumped into Eva. She was rushing to go see Oli. Eva dropped her phone and Inno picked it up. He wasn’t pleased to see it was her and Eva wasn’t happy either.

She told him to leave because he was now in her territory. As Inno got into his car, he saw Eva meeting Oli and he was puzzled about it. He wanted to warn Oli because she might steal from him but decided it was okay for him to learn a lesson.

He then worried that Oli might take advantage of Eva but again decided that she deserved it so he sort to leave the two of them alone.
Stella asked for a bag in her car since she was getting a headache but her secretary brought the one Inno had asked to be returned to the train station.

Stella opened it and ended up finding the jewelry pieces that Eva had made. She called Inno to her office pretending to assign him the responsibility of organising his grandmother’s party.

She wanted to know if Inno knew the owner of the bag and was glad when he said he didn’t.
When Inno got home, the housekeeper introduced Rosa to him. Rosa needed money for Abel’s operation but was embarrassed to ask for a salary advance so the housekeeper asked Inno instead.

Inno gave Rosa 20,000 pesos as an advance payment and said he would draw up a contract for her to sign so that she wouldn’t leave before paying it back. Rosa said she would make sure to work there until she paid back the money.

Eva’s design book was among the things in the bag, it was a viola for Stella. Her prayer has been answered she copied the designs.
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