Now and Forever Episode 61

Now and Forever Episode 61 Stella is arrested again over frustrated murder 

Rebecca called Neil, Eva’s bodyguard and asked him to bring her home.
Mrs Rosemary lit candles to ward off the evil spirit around Eva and Inno. Neil walked into the room, there was no one there, and he realised that Eva had escaped from him.

He alerted the security team and told them to go after Eva. Stella saw them running out of the restaurant and decided to find Eva before they did.

Eva and Inno removed their costumes and got on a horse carriage. They got off at a tall building where they lied that they were scouting locations for their wedding photoshoot.

They were showed the helipad at the top of the building where they asked to be alone to get a feel of the place. They were glad to finally be alone together and talked about how they were going to make their families forgive each other and accept their relationship.

It was already dark when they went down and they ran into Stella. Stella said she had wanted to speak to Eva after being released, explaining she wanted to apologise for everything that she had done to her.

She said the prison she went had shaped her for the better, thus her priority now was for her family to be happy. She therefore asked Eva to forgive her for Inno’s sake and gave her a hug.

Before Eva could answer, Neil arrived and took her away. Eva arrived home to find Rebecca there and was delighted that she was out of coma.

Rebecca told them what happened on the day she was attacked and that Hernan had confessed to killing Rodrigo. Eva told her that she and Inno were back together but Rebecca told her to break up with him since she could not forgive everything that his family had done to them.

After Eva left, the police arrived and arrested Stella for frustrated murder on Rebecca. She was taken to prison and Inno went with her. He however could not get her released since it was weekend and the courts were closed.

When Stella arrived she found that Lucia, her mother had been arrested too.
Oliver went to see Stella in jail and they figured out that Rebecca had woken up from her coma. Oliver told Inno that Eva fooled him to get Stella arrested.

Inno said Eva wouldn’t do that since she l^ved him. Inno and Carmen later moved into Stella’s house to keep Oliver company.

With Rebecca back, Eva was no longer allowed to see Inno. Abel and Adessa however managed to sneak him into their van when they took Adessa for her check up, without the guards knowing.

Eva was delighted to see him but she also told him what Rebecca said, that Hernan was the one who killed Rodrigo. Inno said his father would not do that but Eva said Hernan confessed it to her mother.

They agreed to wait until the hearing to learn the details about what happened.
Rebecca went to see Stella and Lucia in prison.

Stella said she was a different person and had even approached Eva for forgiveness. Rebecca said she did not escape from death to listen to Stella’s lies. She promised to exhaust all her resources to make sure they remained in prison.

Oliver was going somewhere when he ran into Cathy, the girl who conned him before. He later went to see Stella and told her that he was going to protect their family now. He said he no longer wanted to be with Eva and supported Stella’s plans to take revenge against Eva and Rebecca.

The day of the hearing arrived and Rebecca gave her account on what happened on the day she was attacked. She said that Hernan confessed to killing Rodrigo but they were attacked and Hernan protected her.

He told her to run away and she never knew what happened to him after. She added that the men behind the attack came after her and overpowered her.

Before she lost consciousness, she heard one of them call Lucia to tell her that Stella’s orders had been carried out.

Stella took the stand for her defense and her lawyer argued that she could not have given any orders since she was in jail without a phone.

Stella said the last call she made was to her lawyer before she went to jail and he told her that Rebecca had prevented her from posting bail. Rebecca was furious at Stella and slapped her when she was heading back to her seat.


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