Now and Forever Episode 8 Oliver introduces Eva to his family as his girlfriend

Now and Forever Episode 8

Now and Forever Episode 8 Oliver introduces Eva to his family as his girlfriend

Inno pleaded with Stella to attend his grandmother’s birthday with him since Hernan would be going there. Stella told him that he wasn’t going back to her and she did not want Carmen to judge her as a wife and for her business decisions.

Inno told Stella that it was not an excuse for her to miss the party. He said they had to be there as Carmen’s family. Stella agreed to go with him so Inno called the house and asked the housekeeper to bring the clothes they would wear to Carmen’s house.

Rosa prepared the clothes and gave them to the housekeeper but she asked Rosa to accompany her.

Adessa prepared noodles for Abel and shared them with Dom to thank him for lending them the money for the surgery. Eva was not there so her parents asked Isda where she was and he said that she was working.

At the party, some girls went to talk to Eva about Oli. They laughed at her and said she was the “September girl” and complemented her, saying she was lucky for dating the son of the owner of Cortes Jewelry. Eva remembered that Rosa worked for the Cortes family and started to worry.

Oli came to get Eva and offered her a drink but she asked for water. Eva said that she didn’t know he was the son of the owner of Cortes Jewelry.

Oli asked whether it mattered and Eva said it did not. She asked if his house staff would be at the party and Oli said he wasn’t sure. Eva then asked to go home because it did not seem like Oli’s mother was attending.

She also wanted to check on Abel at the hospital so Oli agreed to let her go. He called for his driver to take Eva since he could not leave his grandmother alone.

Inno and Stella got dressed once they arrived at the party. The organiser told Inno to go downstairs to be with Oliver since he was alone there. Inno asked if Oli was with someone and she said he was with a certain girl.

When Inno went to look for Oli, Eva saw him and had to hide. She sneaked out of the house and told the driver that she would go home by herself but the driver said he would get into trouble for not doing his job. He asked Eva to wait for him and went to get the car.

Inno went to greet Carmen and found her with Oliver. She scolded him for arriving late and Inno told him that Stella was there as well. Oli was glad to hear that his mother had arrived and rushed to get Eva. Inno tried to stop him but Oli said he wasn’t doing anything wrong by introducing his girlfriend.


Oliver caught Eva before she left and asked her to go back in. Eva was not comfortable and wanted to leave but Oliver reminded her that he already paid her 50,000. Eva therefore went back in with Oliver.

Rosa and the housekeeper were waiting to go back home after helping Stella get dressed so the driver who was supposed to drive Eva took them home.

Stella went downstairs to greet Carmen but she asked her where Hernan was. She called him several times but he did not answer. Hernan then walked in and apologised for arriving late.

Carmen asked where he was, he then said he was at the farm in Quezon. Stella had a discussion with Hernan and asked him not to tell Carmen anything concerning their marriage and the problems they were facing.

Hernan said he was not insensitive and would let his mother enjoy the party. Oliver approached them and introduced Eva to them as his girlfriend.

Inno also got there and Oli introduced him as his younger brother. Carmen was curious as well so she joined them and Eva wished her a happy birthday. When they went to sit down for dinner, Eva said she wanted to leave but Inno insisted that she stay and have dinner with them so that they would get to know her better.

The family wanted to know how Oli met Eva and he said that they met when she was chasing a thief. Inno found it interesting and asked Eva how many times she met people while chasing a thief. Oliver asked what he meant so Inno told Eva to explain.

Eva admitted that she had met Inno before while chasing a thief too and didn’t know that he was Oliver’s brother. Inno said she tried to kill him by adding nuts to his soup and Eva explained that she didn’t know he was allergic to nut.

Oliver confirmed that it was true they caught a thief and sent her to jail but Inno said she was a con-artist. He called Eva a thief and a would-be murderer. Carmen was upset with the drama so she told Stella to take care of it. Eva excused herself to leave and Stella told Oli not to go after her.

Oliver said it was serious with her and went after Eva. He apologised and asked to take her home but Eva refused since she did not want to cause any more trouble with his family.

Carmen was upset and told Hernan that Stella was to be blamed for everything since she could not control her children. She told Hernan that she would be moving in to his house to live with him and his family.

Eva went home in tears and Dom went to see her. He was upset that she was crying so he asked what had happened. Eva explained that Oli had paid her to act as his girlfriend.

The following morning, Able was discharged from the hospital and Eva went to pick him up. She signed a promissory note for the remaining debt that they owed to the hospital.

Oliver was in a hurry to leave but Inno asked him to have breakfast with the family and support their parents since they were finally going to tell Carmen about their separation.

During the meal, Hernan and Stella fumbled around and couldn’t tell Carmen the truth so Oli blurted out that they were already separated and Hernan resigned from the company.


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