One man-one wife is imposed on the blacks— Lawyer Anokye

One-man-one-wife is imposed on the blacks— Lawyer Anokye

God in his wisdom was portraying polygamy but Christians have changed the real concept of marriage to “one-man-one-wife,” a renowned historian, Yaw Anokye Frimpong has asserted.

Mr Anokye Frimpong who doubles as a legal practitioner explained that Dr Joseph Kwame Kyeretwie Boakye Danquah popularly known as JB Danquah, a celebrated Ghanaian politician said “one-man-one-wife” marriage was imposed on Ghanaians by the Europeans and it has nothing to do with one’s faith in serving God.

Educating Ghanaians on the history of JB Danquah in a media interview, Mr Anokye said the concept of “one-man-one-wife” marriage has increased the plight of many women as far as marriage is concerned.

“Today when you visit churches, there are lots of women praying and fasting just to get a man to marry,” he lamented.

Mr Anokye indicated that God in his own wisdom made the female species become more, they multiply and develop faster, in this light, he claimed God introduced polygamy for multiple women to be entitled to a husband.

“We all know there is no problem if 18years girl marry a 90 year old man. However, 18years boy cannot marry a 22year woman. This further indicates that God in his wisdom was portraying polygamy but we have changed it,” he added.

Mr Anokye said in the Akyem Abuakwa Constitution which Dr JB Danquah authored gives detailed account on the need for polygamy.

To the deceased politician, the blacks have to take an aspect in the Bible which would help them significantly, rather than the ones which would send them to doom.

He noted that the Europeans in the ancient times started developing their country with polygamy, reason Queen Elizabeth’s husband was from Greece, therefore expressed that there’s no need for the blacks to stick to the “one-man-one-wife” marriage.

Mr Anokye said JB Danquah was trained to be polygamous.

“So with this training the first two children of JB Danquah were from different mothers before marrying his wife Madame Dove and they also gave birth to two children becoming four children,” he stressed.

Mr Anokye said per JB Danquah’s books, he urged Ghanaians to imitate the Bible verses which would help the blacks not the ones which would help the whites.


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