Rhodora X Episode 16

Rhodora X Episode 16 Angela discovers she is pregnant for Joaquin after her murder case is forwarded to court, Roxanne traps Joaquin to bed her

After hearing the voices, Lourdes went inside Rhodora’s room to ask her about who she was speaking with. Rhodora denied speaking with someone and claimed that she was just packing up her things but Lourdes insisted on hearing angry voices earlier.

The attorney went to the precinct to try convincing Angela not to stick to the truth but should lie her way out for a short sentence or could even get a mental home to stay. Angela was not ready to lie till someone believed in her truth and innocence.

Lourdes talked with Derick about Rhodora. She believed there was something wrong with her but Derick was crushed by everything his family was passing through so he was drunk and shed tears. Joaquin went to see Angela at the precinct to demand for the last time that she should tell him the truth.

Angela wondered what was wrong and Joaquin said he knew she has been lying to him. He showed her the necklace, this made Angela wondered how her necklace got into the crime scene. She stood by her alibi and denied wearing that necklace.

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Joaquin found her sayings as lies and left her. Angela got heart broken so when her mother, Lourdes went to the precinct with the attorney, she did not care about the case anymore. She gave the Attorney the go ahead to continue the story of lies to reduce her sentence. The attorney saw Angela’s decision as good but Lourdes was not happy with it.

She went home to cry that her daughter would be imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Derick came home and he was once again drunk. Lourdes confronted him for his consistent drinking and believed he was doing less to help Angela. Derick reminded her of her own drinking habit after discovering Rhodora was kidnapped.

He warned her not to preach him because it was due to Angela’s situation that was why he has been drinking and had also been working tirelessly to pay off the Attorney. However, Lourdes saw his act as not enough to help Angela. She said Angela needed his support.

Fast forward, the case was forwarded to court and Angela was charged with the the murder of Trisha Aravelo, she pleaded not guilty on the basis of insanity. Trisha’s father was upset with Angela’s plea as well as Cita. After the proceedings, Angela saw Joaquin who had defied Cita’s orders to be at the hearing.

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As the police was dragging her out, Angela called out Joaquin’s name but Cita did not want her closer to Joaquin and warned her. When they reached home, Cita was upset that Angela was not ready to admit to her crimes. She found her alibi as no news since her kid sister was also having mental problems and she believed the sickness was running through the family.

Santi believed Angela might be right for pleading to be insane. To him, anger makes one not think with her head but it was only left for her to prove to the court that she was actually not in her right frame of mind.

In her new cell, Angela had a cell mate who has a child and she also told her story that she k!lled her rapist and got pregnant in the process so she gave birth at the place and the insanity plea helped her to raise her daughter.

Soon after, Angela began to vomit and she discovered that she was pregnant for Joaquin. She told her parents not to reveal it to Joaquin. Derick was upset about Joaquin’s act but Angela refrained him from what he intended doing. Joaquin, on the other hand, got drunk and Peter sent him home. Seeing Cita, he blamed her for everything that happened to Angela.

Santi was upset with how he was disrespecting their grandmother. Cita ordered Peter to send him to his room. Later, when he became sober, he apologised to his grandmother for blaming him.

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Roxanne in a club saw Joaquin and she told Bianca that she would get Joaquin no matter what. She tied her hair for Joaquin to see her as Rhodora and approached. She pretended to care about Angela’s situation and acted like she was affected by it and joined Joaquin to k!ll the pains Angela left in their heart.

Since Joaquin had run out of drink, Roxanne went for a bottle of drink for them to get wasted. Thinking about his family’s problems, Derick felt like skinning Joaquin alive for all the pains he had caused Angela. Lourdes said he shouldn’t do that.

Derick wondered where Rhodora was and Lourdes said Rhodora has sent message that she wouldn’t be able to come home, she would spend a night with a friend.

Elsewhere, Roxanne pretended to be drunk just to lure Joaquin to bed her. Joaquin wanted to alight her at her house but she refused, claiming she did not want her parents to see her in that condition and began to k!ss and put her head on Joaquin’s chest.

She kept on with her pretence that her head was aching so Joaquin took steps with her to send her to his house.


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