Rhodora X Episode 23

Rhodora X Episode 23 Rhodora is acquitted and sends to a mental institution for treatment, Roxanne attempts to k!ll Jenna during her second birthday party

Joaquin told Cita that Jenna was his daughter and was ready to acknowledge the child. Cita was thinking the Ferrers were using the child to get close to their family but Joaquin said it was for Cita to accept it or not because he would acknowledge his child.

The Ferrers talked with the female attorney who was incharge of Angela’s case and she said they would plead not guilty because of insanity. Lourdes was scared that the case would not reach anywhere and it would be like Angela’s case. The Attorney said Rhodora’s case was different and it would not be like Angela’s own.

The attorney said it would actually be a win-win situation for Rhodora as she would be exonerated as well as gained a complete time to get her treated from her DID disorder. Dr Ferds said he would testify for Rhodora during the hearing and this delighted the heart of the family.

On the other hand, Joaquin went to the Ferrers residence to see his daughter. Pia allowed him to play with Jenna. When Lourdes and Derick returned home to find him there, Derick punched him and fought him. Lourdes tried to refrain her husband from punching Joaquin.

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Joaquin tried to reach an agreement with the Ferrers that he was only there to be part of his daughter’s life and that was not too much to ask. Derick refused to negotiate the custody of Jenna with him. Least did he know that the woman who Joaquin was with in his house was a lawyer and they actually came there to use legal means to talk about the custody.

Since Derick was hellbent on not allowing Joaquin to be part of Jenna’s life, the lawyer told Derick that then she would be compelled to use legal means to secure full custody of the baby to Joaquin since the mother of the child had already confessed to be a murderer. The Ferrers had no option than to give in to Joaquin’s demands to be part of Jenna’s life.

Fast forward, Rhodora’s murder case was processed in court and she pleaded not guilty to the charge due to her insanity state. The petition’s lawyer saw it it was just a ploy to get the accused off the hook. He asked why it took a year for the accused to confess her crime which meant that she carefully plotted the k!lling and tried to escape.

Dr Ferds went into the witness box to testify that his patient was diagnosed of Disassociated Identity Disorder and had three split personalities inside of her which one of the personalities, Roxanne was responsible for the crime. The judge did not understand it so the doctor broke it down that his patient, Rhodora had three people existing in her.

The host, Rhodora and other two personalities, Rowena, the child self of Rhodora and Roxanne the violent personality of Rhodora who had been defending her in times of trouble and in trauma. He said it took one alter to initiate the murder attack on Tricia. The plaintiff’s lawyer asked how possible it was for Rhodora to know about Roxanne’s crime and tried to thwart the lawyer’s account.

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Dr Ferds explained to the court that the subconscious of his patient was well aware of the other individuals living in her but she had no complete control over her body. She could not do anything when her alter was working especially when her alter was stronger than her.

Rhodora was called into the box and her Attorney asked her of Roxanne. She said she did not know and her Attorney provoked her with so much pressure for her mood to swing to her violent being, Roxanne. She began singing and set her hair loose, much to the Judge’s surprise. He asked anxiously what was happening to the client of the Attorney.

Dr Ferds replied from his seat that it was normal for a DID patient to behave that way. With her eyes widely opened, looking like she was about to devoured everyone in the court room. The Attorney asked why was she behaving like that and she said they were asking for Roxanne so she has come.

In subsequent scene, Rhodora woke up and surprisingly, she saw herself on an hospital bed. She turned her eyes and saw her lawyer. She wondered what was happening as she could not remember anything. The lawyer said they were able to speak with Roxanne in the court room but she should not worry because they got Roxanne to confirm everything that they needed.

The court sat on the issue again and gave its verdict on the case.The court found the accused Rhodora Ferrer not guilty of murder. She was mentally retarded person and would be confined in a mental institution and was not supposed to leave the facility till the court give its approval to her discharge. Joaquin went to inform Santi that Rhodora was exempted and confined in a mental institution.

As the Ferrers led Rhodora to the mental home, they felt sorry for her but promised her that they would take good care of Baby Jenna and told her to follow all the doctor’s advice to get well. They also promised to come there from time to time to check up on her.

It was three months already and there was no improvement in Angela’s situation. The doctor wanted to remove the plugs that kept but Nico requested for another week. His brother felt like Nico was building up his hopes in vain and believed it was time to dispose off her body because he has really tried for Angela.

As Nico finally listened to them and cried out to Angela, saying sorry to her that he really tried for her but it seemed it was time to let her go. He urged the doctor to unplug the life machines, they miraculously saw Angela moving her fingers. Nico became so excited and the doctor explained that it meant that she hears whatever they say.

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That gave Nico glimmer of hope and urged Angela to keep fighting. Joaquin visited Rhodora. She felt so ashamed for what her alter did to him. She saw that Joaquin was one of those her alter harmed and apologised to him for everything that happened. Joaquin told her that it was not her fault and she should not feel ashamed.

Dr Ferds gave update on Rhodora’s situation to her parent in a footage where Rhodora was fighting her two alters most especially Roxanne. She told Roxanne who was turning things in the room that she wanted to get better to leave the place but Roxanne vowed not to allow her get better because she was the reason they were locked in the mental home.

Dr Ferds said there was no improvement yet because said Roxanne was still hostile to the nurses and had not been taken her medicines but Rhodora and Rowena collaborate. He said he would use a different tactics to make all the three alters respond to treatment.

Soon, Joaquin sent Jenna to the mental facility to see Rhodora. To his surprise, he met Rowena instead, the child alter of Rhodora. Rowena asked if that was the daughter of Rhodora because the latter had told her about Jenna. She pleaded with Joaquin to give her Jenna and promised not to harm her because Rhodora loved Jenna so much. Though he was scared but he gave Jenna to her and she played with her.

She was excited when Jenna held her finger and Joaquin was surprised to see such a scene. When Joaquin went home, he told Santi about Rowena and Santi wondered why he had been visiting Rhodora frequently. He said Dr Ferds had advised Rhodora’s family to support her as that would help in her recovery.

Santi wondered if he had now become part of Rhodora’s family and Joaquin said he had a child with her so definitely he was part of her life and had to support her. Santi realised that Joaquin had rather developed a soft spot for Rhodora and since both were single, he knew where they were driving at.

Joaquin said he trusted Rhodora but not Roxanne. Cita came to see Joaquin holding Jenna and she claimed that Jenna did not look like him. Joaquin said the girl looked like his childhood photos.

Days had fled and Angela was still showing no sign of improvement. However, her sister Rhodora had improved a lot. All the three alters were responding well to the treatment. Jenna was almost two years old so the family planned ahead for her two years birthday. The day approached, and the party was organised in the mental institution to enable Rhodora to be part of her daughter’s second birthday party.

However, what was meant to be a happy moment was almost ruined when Roxanne got hold on host body after she cunningly took Jenna from Joaquin. She realised that Joaquin only cared about Rhodora when she tried to entice him and he was not responding to his touches. He tried to get Jenna from her but Roxanne refused to return baby Jenna.

She went straight to the balcony and attempted to throw away Jenna while the girl was crying. Joaquin tried to stop her but Roxanne said she would get rid off Jenna since only cared about Jenna and Rhodora. Dr Ferds was called and he called out Rhodora in her to fight Roxanne in securing her beloved daughter. Rhodora managed to take control over her body and gave Jenna to Joaquin.

Joaquin quickly passed on Jenna to her grandparent to hold Rhodora. Later, Rhodora apologised and felt ashamed for almost k!lling her daughter. Joaquin told her not to because she was brave to fight Roxanne to save her daughter.

Dr Ferds had a therapy with her after the water or swimming pool therapy to overcome her fears, he also sent her to a room to make her close her eyes as she took a journey down memory lane to recall her past. She remembered that she was kidnapped and sent to a shark where she met Roxanne and the girl in an escape plan was shõt deàd.

Dr Ferds asked her of her kidnapper’s and she recalled her kidnapper’s name as Mando and told Dr Ferds that Mando was the one who kidnapped her.


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