Rhodora X Episode 26

Rhodora X Episode 26 Angela goes berserk after seeing Rhodora in a public place, Angela finally returns home to take her revenge on her family

Joaquin and Rhodora woke up the next morning from their honeymoon bed. Joaquin k!ssed Mrs Vasquez. The couple soon returned home from their honeymoon to find Jenna playing hide and seek with Panchang.

After settling, Derick asked Joaquin if his daughter was doing well and whether she mentioned Angela and Joaquin said she never talked about it. Angela has also recovered and the doctor Naomi said she did not need any assistance to move again.

However, she realised that Angela’s heart was not healed. She advised her to give herself a chance to get healed. Angela later told Joaquin that she deserved to be happy as Dr Naomi said and accepted Nico to be her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rhodora told Joaquin about how she had failed to get over Angela and she was scared that when she told him about it, he might think she was having a relapse.

She told Joaquin she wanted them to see Dr Ferds for counseling. The next day, as Nico and Angela were having a lõver’s day out, Joaquin also talked to Santi to know if Rhodora’s alters could return. He explained that Rhodora was thinking about Angela and he believed that could be a stresser.

Brian was upset with Nico for planning to leave the country with Angela as they were having other plans. Nico said their plans for revenge would push through. Joaquin and Rhodora went to the hospital to talk to Dr Ferds on what she has been seeing and the manner she was thinking about Angela.

Since Joaquin told Dr Ferds that he has not witnessed any change in attitude, it was normal for Rhodora to think about her sister. Angela was also at the other side of the hospital and she was also fine. As Joaquin was heading out with Rhodora, she said she left her handkerchief so Joaquin took the lead.

Rhodora stumbled on Angela and surprisingly called her, her sister and hugged her but Angela asked her how on earth she called her, her sister. Angela slapped her but Rhodora begged her and told her that she was sick and Dr Ferds was there so she could follow her to see the doctor to hear from him that she was actually sick.

Angela called her a bad person and evil, she beats her and showed her the X mark which was a reminder to her how evil and liar she was, making everyone believed that she was a k!ller and went to prison for a crime she did not commit. Rhodora said she had DID and the evil person in her was Roxanne, she caused Angela the pains.

Angela kept hitting her while Rhodora sat on the floor crying. Joaquin stumbled on Nico and he quickly used the elevator, Joaquin ran using the steps. Nico quickly went to hold Angela to leave with her but Joaquin bumped into them before they could leave. Angela slapped Joaquin and said he and Rhodora deserved eachother.

Joaquin went to help Rhodora up and when they went home she told her family about seeing Angela and Joaquin confirmed it that she was with Nico. The Ferrers got to the house of Nico to demand for Angela. Nico told them that Angela was not there and sacked them.

Lourdes refused and said Joaquin and Rhodora saw him with her and Rhodora told Nico that he has her sister. Lourdes began to scream out Angela’s name to come out and she came out. She quickly opened the door to hug her daughter but Angela pushed her and sacked her family from the house.

She claimed they never searched for her but Derick said they did for over a month and even that night he went there to search and never found her. Angela accused them of only being concerned about Rhodora and she knew they were shocked to see her alive because they were praying and hoping that she would d!e, much to her parents surprise.

Lourdes told her that she did not know how happy they were to know she was actually alive. She said Rhodora was only sick and never meant to hurt her. Rhodora once again explained her situation but Angela did not heed and sacked them.

Derick wanted to get the police involved to charge Nico of kidnapping but Lourdes stopped him. She said Angela was no longer a child and was upset with them. She believed in Nico and it would not be advisable to charge Nico of kidnapping at the moment. Later, Joaquin went to Nico’s place with Santi. Nico hit Joaquin, he fought and sacked him.

Brian went to call Angela to see how her ex was causing trouble. Angela sacked Joaquin but Joaquin explained that Rhodora was actually having a mental problem and Dr Ferds could confirm to her. This meant that Rhodora did not mean to hurt her. He gave her his address and pleaded with her to go back home to her family.

Since Angela threw the paper with the address away, Joaquin reminded him how her family, most especially Rhodora was devastated not seeing her. He said the Angela he fell in lõve with was compassionate. Angela said he was mistaken then, same way she also did a huge mistake about him.

Santi saw that they were wasting their time and told Joaquin that they should leave. As the Ferrers were worried with how Angela was mad at them, Rhodora shouldered all the blame and told her parents that Angela was only upset with her and not necessarily them. She begged them that her act has extended to them for Angela to hate them all.

Panchang retorted that the blame game was enough. Angela told Nico that she would go back home to carry on with her revenge. She would take everything and everyone Rhodora took from her. Nico asked if Joaquin was among. Angela said she despised Joaquin and take a revenge on him too. She made Nico believe that she wanted to stay but she had to leave.

Nico said they had their plan to leave the country but Angela said everything changed when her family saw her. Nico accepted for her to go. Joaquin got home and told the family that he earlier went to talk to Angela and she has changed so much. Joaquin did not understand why Nico was putting up with her attitude.

Derick was positive that Nico was turning his daughter against them. Lourdes saw that as possible since he kept Angela hidden from them without letting them know that their daughter was alive and with him. Elsewhere, Nico regretted to allow Angela to leave the house.

Brian did not understand Nico and asked if he did not trust his girlfriend. He said he was feeling jealous that Angela would spend more time with Joaquin and not him. Brian reminded him that Joaquin was married and was sure staying in the house, Angela could help in keeping eyes on Joaquin’s movement to aid their revenge plot against the Vasquez.

That night, Derick was brewing with anger and decided to go to the house of Nico and Lourdes was worried because it was getting late and they did not know how Nico’s mind worked. She said if he was really stopping Angela that made him a very dangerous person.

“That is exactly the point!” Derick said.

“If that is really the case, it means I need to get Angela away from him now!”

“Sir I will go with you,” Joaquin said.

“Just be careful alright!” Lourdes cautioned.

As they reached the gate, they bumped into Angela and she was with her things. They hugged and welcomed her. Angela said she missed them and wanted to return home. Lourdes hugged her and Rhodora once again asked her for forgiveness. Angela asked if they would now return to their old house and Derick said he sold the house.

Joaquin said Angela could live with them there for them to become the family as they were. Angela said Joaquin was still good as he was and told Rhodora that she was lucky to have such a husband. Rhodora ushered her into the house.


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