Rhodora X Episode 28

Rhodora X Episode 28 The Ferrer couple made a decision to leave to the province with Angela, Angela ruins Rhodora and Joaquin’s dinner date

Angela joined Joaquin who was drinking and began her seduction. Joaquin told her the problem he and his wife were having and Angela said she hoped she was not the reason.

Joaquin left her to join his wife in bed. He apologised to his wife for his action earlier. Angela in a washroom talked to her reflection about her plans to sëduce and trap Joaquin so that when he falls for her, she would jilt him for him to feel how it hurts when the one you lōve abandons you.

She promised to make Rhodora lose all her loved ones till she was left miserable and crãzy. Joaquin told Rhodora that he promised God and before her and her family that he would lōve only her. He assured her of how she and her daughter meant a lot to him and would do anything to make their family work.

Nico was worried that Angela might fall for Joaquin and he would be at the losing end. The next day, Rhodora was at the kitchen cooking. Panchang arrived there to finish it, saying she knew she was thinking and it was about Angela. She told Rhodora that she had to take care of herself and needed not to do house chores while there were servants who could cook.

She told Rhodora to take care of herself and look good just like how she (Panchang) used to be. Panchang narrated that in her youthful years, she looked good for Rhodora’s grandfather and he did not look anywhere. She advised her to look good in order to get her husband’s attention because if she looked old, her husband would look elsewhere.

On the breakfast table, Lourdes and her husband broke the news about their decision to move to the province so that Angela could start all over again. Angela objected and made it look like she was worried to leave her new boyfriend, Nico behind. Derick said if he did lōve her, he would make it a point to visit.

Rhodora talked over with Lourdes but Lourdes said it was for the best of everyone. If it was left with her, things would be different but she and her father have decided so they could not rescind on their decision. She assured that it was for her own good as the return of Angela had not been good for her health. Rhodora said she would talk to Angela.

Joaquin spoon fed Jenna and Rhodora came to meet them. She said Joaquin would be late for work but Joaquin said they were his number one priority. Because Jenna had been good girl, Rhodora decided to reward her with her favourite chocolate drink. Angela who was spying once she saw Rhodora leaving for the chocolate drink descended down to carry her niece.

She reminded Joaquin of their dreams of having a family together but too bad that Jenna was not her daughter. Joaquin hoped she would get a great man to make her happy. Once Angela saw Rhodora approaching, she quickly hugged Joaquin. Rhodora left her and went to think. As if she was having an episode, she set her hair loose and later she looked all stunning visiting Joaquin at the office.

Joaquin seeing her new looks for a moment thought she was Roxanne so he mentioned her name and realised she was still sober unlike Roxanne. Rhodora saw that he did not look cheerful, she wanted them m to have a date that was why she dressed in that manner. Joaquin said she did not need a beautiful makeover for him to lõve her but he fell in lõve with her because of her beautiful heart.

Lourdes went to see Dr Ferds to inform him about the possible stress Rhodora was passing through when Angela returned. She said Angela was blaming Rhodora for what happened to her. Dr Ferds said Angela was not helping Rhodora, it would make her feel alone and Roxanne might resurfaced.

Panchang told Derick and Angela about Rhodora’s dinner with Joaquin so that meant that she would not join them. Angela exclaimed that what kind of mother Rhodora was for going out with her husband leaving her daughter behind and said she was a bad mother. Derick said he was there to take care of Jenna.

Angela came up with a plan since she has seen Rhodora would give her tough time in getting closer to the heart of Joaquin, she called Nico to inform him and they also decided to ruin that moment of the couple. At a restaurant, Rhodora was telling Joaquin that due to Jenna, they hardly go out again and Joaquin said they would do that again and would do it at least once every month to rekindle their lōve.

To their dismay, they saw Nico and Angela who were there but they did not have a reservation and joined Rhodora and Joaquin on their table. Rhodora requested for a chocolate muse for Joaquin but Angela said it was not Joaquin’s favourite. Joaquin went for the one his wife requested and Angela said he could change his favourite but would always go back to his first lōve.

Angela later sent Rhodora to a table to show Rhodora the favourite pastries and snacks their parents would lōve. Chef Kimmer saw Angela and he told her that he heard she was involved in an accident and d!ed. Angela said she was alive and the news ain’t true. Kimmer also said he heard Joaquin was there and asked if they were now married but she said they did not, he married her sister.

Angela then said sorry to Rhodora for people thinking she was the wife of Joaquin. Due to how things were going, Joaquin decided they leave the place. Nico said he would drive Angela home. Outside the restaurant, Angela felt so excited that she ruined the moment of the couple.

She told Nico that Rhodora could be stüp!d at times to be in a restaurant where she and Joaquin always had their anniversary. That, she said made it easier for her to make Rhodora feel that she was not good for Joaquin. Nico said he felt that and was jealous that he was her date but all she kept talking about was Joaquin.

Angela claimed that it was all an act to make Rhodora jealous. She assured to lõve Nico and Nico said she should make him feel that lōve. They k!ssed, while they did Joaquin looked furious in his car. They came home and Joaquin told his wife that next time they would go to a different restaurant because where they went was underrated.

Jenna was not asleep, she was with Panchang and Rhodora carried her., Panchang saw that they came so early. Rhodora told her that Angela and Nico came there and Panchang now understood why Angela questioned her on where Rhodora would be. Rhodora told Panchang that it was nothing.

The next day, Joaquin turned down Nico Ladesma’s proposal but being the president of the company, Cita told Nico that she would inform her lawyers. She assured that she was interested in the partnership. Lourdes and Derick left the girls to go to Pampanga to check the house they were buying in the province.

Derick saw that Angela was still not enthused so he tried to cheer her up. He said her aunt had found her a job and she would start her life all over again. Rhodora got closer to Angela to try to talk to her for them to settle their differences for them to be okay so that their parents would continue to live with them in the city.

Angela said they did not have to go anywhere because the person who had to leave was Rhodora. She did not have a place there, she wished her abductors k!lled her because she was no body her return ruined everything. Rhodora kept begging her and Angela insisted that she planned everything that was why she showed up during her engagement party to claim she was her sister.

Not knowing that she actually had that intention to ruin her life, she took everything. She told Rhodora that if she wanted to make up the she should give her back everything she stole from her, her family and Joaquin. She would only forgive her if she returned Joaquin to her.

Rhodora said she thought she was over Joaquin and she was with Nico. Angela made it clear that she was only using Nico and the one that she actually lõved was Joaquin. She walked out on Rhodora. Panchang found Rhodora sitting all alone and knew Angela has misbehaved again so she wanted to call Lourdes to inform her.

Rhodora stopped her, saying with time things would be well between her and Angela. That evening, Joaquin was having a breather outside, sitting next to his laptop. Angela brought coffee to him and began her seductive act. Joaquin stopped her.

He knew her game and what she was trying to do. He warned Angela to stop bringing their past as that made Rhodora uncomfortable. Angela asked if she could not be sentimental. Joaquin told her to stop so that they all could get along. He smiled to urge her on but least did he know that his wife was spying on them.


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