Rhodora X Episode 31

Rhodora X Episode 31 Rhodora’s sickness triggers after Nico kidnaps Angela and Jenna, Angela escapes from home

Lourdes told Derick that she had already spoken to Angela and Derick said he has also given Joaquin what was due him. Derick bemoaned how they could not forsee that Angela living under the same roof with Joaquin would cause lots of trouble.

She was sad that Rhodora was the one who was hurt the post but her husband made her see the possibility that Angela was equally a victim and was hurt as well. Lourdes made him see that Rhodora was the wife and everything was hitting on her.

Angela after packing her things saw Panchang and bid her goodbye, saying she she did not want to create any more problems so she was leaving. Panchang saw that as a good idea since Angela had been acting all flirty with Joaquin. She was saying bye to Jenna and Panchang left them both that she was going to do something inside and she would return for Jenna so she should bid her well.

Angela after saying goodbye to Jenna decided to leave. At the gate, Angela stumbled on Nico and he was forcing her to leave with him but Angela was not ready to make him add to her problems since she had a lot on her plate. Jenna who was not happy with her aunt leaving rushed outside to stop Angela from leaving but she saw the bad guy and Nico termed her as bråt and carried her.

Angela fought with him to leave her niece but Nico kidnapped both and drove them away. Panchang came out for Jenna but to her dismay, she could not find her granddaughter so she rushed in to inform the family about the missing of Jenna.

Joaquin called Angela quite number of times and Nico snatched and threw away her phone, saying he did not want any distraction. Panchang believed Angela went away with Jenna out of revenge but Derick knowing his daughter so well objected. They contacted patrol men to do a search and they have not set eyes on Angela nor Jenna.

Rhodora after recalling the omen she had to pass through as a child thought her daughter suffered the same fate and has become a victim of a child trafficking syndicate. She thought Jenna’s hair was cut that was the reason she was not recognised. Joaquin sent her home in hopes of returning to find their daughter at home.

However, Jenna had not returned. Joaquin did not want Rhodora to get stressed so he made her stay while he would go to the precinct to file a complaint. Nico locked Angela up and not ready to release her to go since she broke up with him. Jenna wanted to go home but looking at things, Angela told Jenna that they might have to spend the night at Nico’s place.

She kept her company and sang a lullaby for her. Ryan talked to Nico to release Angela but he refused. Derick asked Joaquin what he would tell the police so that he would not sell Angela out. Joaquin said he would report the missing of Angela and Jenna and he would not tell on her that he escaped with his daughter.

Rhodora was in her room watching the picture of Jenna and sulking while singing lullaby. Suddenly she began to hear voices of Roxanne calling her stüp!d for believing in Angela. As Lourdes was thinking about how the entire situation could fustrate Rhodora, Derick wrapped his hands on the actual thing which might have happened to his daughter.

He was quite sure that Nico had kidnapped them. Suddenly, the screams of Rhodora was heard and they ran to her room to find her unconscious. Joaquin who was in a car going to the precinct was called and Peter had to drive him back home. He found his wife unconscious and Lourdes believed she was stressed up and broke down.

Soon, Joaquin was left alone with his wife and he suddenly saw her shivering. He called the nanny to inform Peter to get the car ready so that they send Rhodora to hospital. Some few minutes later, Rhodora regained consciousness and she was all smily. She was now in the state of Roxanne but Joaquin did not notice. She refused to go to the hospital, stressing that she was okay.

She acted all hōrnëy and k!ssëd Joaquin. Joaquin was surprised so he asked if she had forgiven him and she said yes. She has actually missed him. When Nico fell asleep, Ryan wen to free Angela and he made it crystal clear that he was not releasing him because he sympathised with her.

He really did not like what she did to his brother but he did not want trouble that was the reason he was setting her free. He told Angela not to involve the police, the he was doing that so that his brothers did not end up in trouble. Angela thanked him and took a cab to the house. As they were making lõve, Joaquin was called downstairs that Jenna had returned.

Joaquin took the lead to go for his daughter, Roxanne now recalled Panchang informing them that Angela had escaped with Jenna. She rushed down for her daughter and when she set her eyes on Angela, she gave Jenn to her nanny for her to be carried upstairs. She confronted Angela for taking her daughter away out of revenge.

Agel deied that her act was out of revenge. She pleaded with Rhodora to trust her that Nico kidnapped her and Jenna but Rhodora refused to listen. She was quite sure that Nico only came for her and Angela decided to tag her daughter along. She spit to Angela to leave because everyone would be happy without her, much to the surprise of her parents.

Derick wanted her to listen to what her sister was saying but she claimed to hate Angela and she climbed up the stairs to her room. Lourdes calmed Angela down. Rhodora changed into a night wear and combed her hair still talking I’ll about Angela. Joaquin made her see the light that their daughter has returned.

Rhodora thought Joaquin was siding with Angela just like her father. Joaquin said that was not the case, they were worried for Jenna and Angela has brought her home. Roxanne said she has really missed her daughter and she went to lie next to her husband. The next morning, she woke up and Rhodora now realised that her daughter has returned.

She quickly went to carry Jenna and the girl told her the bad man who kidnapped Aunt Angela, getting Aunt Angela scared. Rhodora w quite sure that Jenna was talking about Nico. Derick went to wake Angela up only to find the letter she has left after escaping from home. Lourdes cried that Angela has left them to stay with Pia for the meantime until her parents find them a place they could stay.

Rhodora found her parents worried and Derick talked to her to patch things up with Angela. At Pia’s house, Angela told her about the k!ss she gave Joaquin and her cousin wanted her and Rhodora to settle the case as an adult.

As they were watching a movie, Angela was lost in her thought but assured Pia that she was fine. Jenna called out her name and she rushed to hug her. Pia sent Jenna away to excuse them for them to talk. Rhodora thanked Angela for taking care of Jena. Angela explained that it was because she lõved Jenna.

She then apologised to Rhodora and told her that she lõved her a lot and did not mean for the k!ss to happen between her and Joaquin. Nico woke to go and see his hostages but was furious to know that Ryan freed them. He attacked his kid brother and reminded him that he has already warned him not to meddle when it comes to his issue with Angela.

Ryan said he did that for them so that he would not be arrested for kidnapping. He told Nico that he was protecting their business and reputation, otherwise his act could go a long way to affect the public image of their business and was not ready to make them lose everything all because he was head over heels for Angela. Nico left him in fury.


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