Rhodora X Episode 32

Rhodora X Episode 32 Roxanne makes a futile attempt to k!ll Angela, Joaquin can forget a night with his wife, Cita falls into the trap of the Ladesmas

At Pia’s house, Angela apologised to Rhodora and told her to always keep in mind how much she loved her and always should keep in mind that she was a call away. She should get in touch whenever she needed her help. She wanted them to be like how they were before. They hugged and Rhodora told her to return home.

Pia was sad but she was at the same time happy that the sisters have patched things up. Angela returned home and Joaquin asked Rhodora if she was okay that Angela would stay with them. Rhodora said so far as what happened between the two did not continue.

She understood that they acted that way due to the alcohol and also Angela cared about Jenna so bringing her back home would also help Jenna. Joaquin asked if she has forgiven him and she said they would start from scratch. Later, Rhodora was making a milkshake when her parents joined her to expressed their happiness for accepting Angela to stay with them.

They also suggested she goes to see Dr Ferds for examination since she fell unconscious the previous night. They ran a test on her and she could remember everything. Lourdes believed Rhodora was alright and she did not want Derick to exact pressure on her as she was acting all stressed out, asking whether she has forgotten.

Rhodora watched through the window and saw Angela playing with Jenna. Joaquin joined them and Rhodora was happy to see them play. Suddenly, she felt dizzy and she went to lie down. Soon, she was transformed into Roxanne and she went to watch them again.

Roxanne was upset with Rhodora for bringing Angela back. She scolded Rhodora for bringing Angela back while she did everything to drive her away. She said the family were aware of her so she would now be cautious so that they would no suspect about her return. She would not allow Rhodora to be sent back to the mental home otherwise she would be kicked out. She promised to destroy Angela.

Joaquin was leaving for work and he went to talk to Rhodora to say goodbye. However, he received some passionate k!ssës from her and he was surprised. He prayed she continued to eat the food that she ate. He even had to plead with her to allow him to go for them to meet later, his grandmother was waiting for him and needed not to be late.

Rhodora got down and Jenna wanted them to play ball but Roxanne was not ready for it. Jenna threw the ball to her, and her identity switched to Rowena and she played with her but fell and sustained a wound. Panchang appeared in the scene to help her out. She suddenly switched to Roxanne and she yelled at them.

As she went to the room to apply medicine to the wound she scolded Rowena for being so clumsy. She explained why she had to return to save she and Rhodora from Angela’s hands since both were weaklings. Joaquin told Santi at work how Rhodora has suddenly become so passionate and given him some warm k!sses.

Santi believed she was acting that way since she might be thinking that she was not passionate enough, the reason Joaquin cheated. Santi saw Rhodora as good wife for not divorcing Joaquin. Joaquin said he would make good use of the second chance he has been given. Roxanne went into Angela’s room to find her sleeping.

She seemed it as a perfect time to get rid of her. She saw a pillow on the the floor and was about to press it on her when Derick came in to destroy her plans. She told lies and went to her room to scatter things , seeing Derick as nuisance. She did not understand why Derick had always been Angela’s protector from day one and thought of different plan to get rid of her.

In the evening, Roxanne applied her lipstick and looking all $ëxy waiting for Joaquin. When he came home, they had marathon of sëx. She made Joaquin confessed his lõve to her before he slept. The next morning, she was so weak and Joaquin believed they went over board the previous night, the reason she might be having the headache. He advised her to take a rest and laughed that he saw the other side of his wife and his back hurt.

In a car going to work, Peter teased Joaquin for being so late for work and believed Jenna would become senior sister soon. Rhodora joined Lourdes and was surprised when her mother asked her if she was okay, she was even about to give her medicine since Joaquin said she was not feeling well. Rhodora acted to prove she was fine.

She asked her mother what day it was and was surprised to know it was Friday. She could not remember anything and kept on with her pretence that she was absolutely fine. She did not want to entertain the thoughts that her sickness might have returned. She found Jenna playing with Derick and she joined the bubble game.

She felt a sharp pains on her leg and was stunned to know she had a sore. She seemed not to know what had happened to her. Derick advised Jenna to say sorry to her mother for hurting her. As Jenna apologised she told Jenna that it was not her fault. She wondered how she was wounded and Jenna told her how she got the sore yesterday while playing with her and slipped.

Derick saw that she was acting strange and went to voice out the unexpected news to Lourdes. Lourdes did not want to think of the worse and knew her husband might be right, especially, after Rhodora asked what day it was. It seemed she had been forgetting things. They decided to inform Dr Ferds knowing how cunning Roxanne was, they were not ready to inform Rhodora.

Rhodora was inside her room trying to memorise everything and saw that the arrangement of the things in her room had changed. She wondered who could have possibly done that. She was suspicious and searched and saw lipstick in her a drawer.

At work, Joaquin could not forget how Rhodora drove him crãzy with her bedmatics and called her. The sound of her ring tone got her startled, making the lipstick to fall from her hands. She received the call and Joaquin was all smily asking how she was and she acted along that she was feeling fine, trying to even tell Joaquin about his last words to her before leaving.

She hanged up as she recalled how Roxanne applied lipstick. This definitely couldn’t be happening to her. She sat in front of the mirror to think about the symptoms which Dr Bautista told her about DID. She screamed out that could not be happening.

The reflection in the mirror, Roxanne said it was possible and reminded her of the k!ss Angela gave her husband and called her weakling for forgiven. She told Rhodora how her life had been in shambles  after she left her and declared her return to make everything right. She screamed out not to need her but Roxanne took over her body.

She was on her way to go and disturb Angela again when she surprisingly met the presence of Dr Ferds together with her family. Roxanne pretended to be Rhodora and played along that her family could have told her to go and see the doctor instead of him coming over. Ferds said he was not busy, both were left for them to talk and Ferds noticed something about her.

Meanwhile, Attorney Gomez, the lawyer of the Vasquez had a meeting with Cita to inform her about the land which the Ladesmas had bought for the shipping expansion. Joaquin requested the lawr to give him a spate of one month to go over everything but Attorney Gomez was able to sway Cita into accepting the offer without hesitation.

Least did she know that her attorney was working in cohort with the Ladesmas to transfere the whole money of the Cita Vasquez to the account of the Ladesmas. Ryan was so happy after the attorney told him the good news over the phone and he told Nico about it.

However, Nico did not look cheerful since everything meant nothing to him if he did not get Angela.


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