Rhodora X Episode 33

Rhodora X Episode 33 Roxanne is captured for attempting to stãb Angela, Joaquin saves his family’s Company from the Ladesmas’ fraudulent business

Dr Ferds had the session with Rhodora and Roxanne said she seemed to forget certain things but she was okay. She believed taking care of Jenna was having a toll on her hence the stress. Ferds gave her medicine to drink in front of him but she kept it under her tongue and when he left to talk to her parents she threw the medicine away.

Dr Ferds advised the Ferrers that they should ensure she go through the therapy again. However, when he left Rhodora was upset with her family. She yelled at Angela that she wanted all the attention and believed she made their parents called Dr Ferds. Rhodora felt that they were ganging up on her.

At work, Santi made a futile attempt to get Joaquin to forgo his beef with the Ladesmas to allow them to transact business with their grandmother. Joaquin refused, he wanted the Ladesmas to be away from his personal life and professional life. He was ready to review everything given to them by the Ladesmas to get a loophole in order to dissuade Cita from partnering with them.

As Roxanne and Rhodora were fighting eachother on Angela, with Roxanne declaring that she would get rid of Angela, Rowena got upset with their fight and scattered everything. Joaquin got home and Lourdes told him how Derick screwed up.

Joaquin got there and Rhodora went to hug him and said she had something to tell him but her identity switched and Roxanne began to undress him. They got dirty and Roxanne was not ready to let him go but he had to review the documents. At work, Joaquin told Santi about change his wife sëxuality but he said he was so happy with it.

He then made a call to the land owner and was shocked to know it was a wrong line. The reviewed everything and concluded it was fake. As Attorney Gomez was getting Cita’s signature pended on the document to make the deal binding for the money to be sent to the Ladesmas’ account Joaquin and Santi rushed to the boardroom to stop Cita from signing.

They revealed to her that everything was fake perpetuated by Nico to trick them into getting their wealth. Lourdes came to Rhodora’s room to beg her for her action and also to ask for her leave to work on the house that they were buying. She left the Jenna in her care. Jenna asked that they play and her identity switched to Rowena.

They played hide and seek and as Jenna was calling her her mother, she claimed she was Rowena and not her mother because Roxanne has blocked her from coming. She said Roxanne was a very bad person like a w!tch so she should keep it from anyone, otherwise they would have it from her.

Angela was pacing back and forth at Pia’s place and Pia told her to calm down. Angela was sorry that she took a revenge and also went to k!ss Joaquin and now she supported her parents to call Dr Ferds to make Rhodora more upset. Pia told her to calm down she knew Rhodora really has a soft spot for her and would forgive her.

She hoped that the stress would not bring back Rowena. Angela heard that name for the first time and asked who she was since she only knew Roxanne. Pia explained that Rowena was the child alter of Rhodora and it was believed she was eight years old and was harmless unlike Roxanne.

The servants met Rhodora beneath a table and wondered what she was doing. Not knowing that the person was Rowena, her identity switched to Roxanne and she yelled at them to go and buy glossary. They told Rhodora that they just bought glossary yesterday so they have more than enough.

Roxanne reminded them that she was the boss and they were the servants so they only have to obey. They were sending juice to serve Angela but Roxanne took it and sent them away that she would serve Angela. She mixed the juice with rat k!ller, a poison.

Least did she know that Angela had been given heads up by Jenna that she was playing with her mother Rowena and since Pia had told her about the child alter Angel realised her sister’s sickness had returned. She went to the kitchen and Roxanne gave her the poisoned juice but Angela refused to drink and asked her who she was.

Roxanne was not ready to blow her cover so she kept quiet. Angela called her Rowena and since Angela was not moved by her pretence, she got upset and admitted she was Roxanne and she gave her the cross mark but now she would k!ll her. Angela managed to save herself in a fight with her and fled to her room.

She locked the door and carried Jenna. Roxanne recalled where Rhodora kept the keys and went for it to open the door. Meanwhile, Derick, Lourdes and Panchang stumbled on the maids and after listening to them they smelt something fishy and rushed home. As Angela was protecting Jenna, Roxanne told her that Jenna was her daughter and she would not hurt her.

Angela made Jenna run while Roxanne was about to stãb her when someone held her aback. Lourdes carried Jenna and due to the scene, she and Panchang fled with her for Derick and Angela to keep Roxanne under control. They tied her to a chair and Roxanne was very wild. Derick faced her squarely to demand for the presence of Rhodora.

At the Vasquez shipping company, Cita believed Joaquin was making up stories to stop her from signing the documents. She said Attorney Gomez went through everything and it was legit but Joaquin insisted it was fake. Santi added his voice and Attorney Gomez said it could be a mishap and Joaquin might have dialed wrong number.

Joaquin gave him the phone to call the number and Cita urged the Attorney on, Gomez shoved Santi aside and fled. Now Cita could see it crystal clear that Attorney Gomez was working in connivance with the Ladesmas. Joaquin then received a call that Roxanne had returned. Cita could not believe that one problem to the other.

Derick after fighting Roxanne decided to call Dr Ferds but Lourdes stopped him since she did not want Rhodora to be admitted in the mental home again. Joaquin got there and was left with Roxanne but he found out that it was Rhodora instead. Rhodora told him that she wanted to tell him about it but she could not.

She advised Joaquin not to untie her and he should confine her to the mental home. Angela came there to inform Joaquin that Dr Ferds was on his way there. Since Rhodora was informed that Roxanne wanted to hurt Angela but her father was there on time to curtail the situation, she apologised to Angela and told her that should her situation get complicated, she should take care of Jenna.

Angela got closer and told her not to talk like that she would be fine, suddenly she turned into Roxanne and was about to bite Angela.
Attorney Gomez escaped to the Ladesmas residence and Ryan could not allow him to sit to ask about the money which had to be transferred to their account.

Attorney Gomez broke the bad news to them and advised them to escape as he did, otherwise Cita would file a case against them. Dr Ferds arrived and looking at how Roxanne was furious and explained why she had to return to save Rhodora from Angela, he advised the family to make her be admitted at the mental home.

Lourdes was against it and she cried. Derick asked Joaquin since he was the husband and he also said they should get her admitted because that was what Rhodora told him. Dr Ferds then called ambulance but Lourdes was still affected by it.


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