Rhodora X Episode 36

Rhodora X Episode 36 Rhodora escapes the mental home, Nico escapes with Angela in a journey to Hong Kong

In desperation, Derick stormed the police station to find an update on Angela but the police had no news yet. They promised to keep on with their search for Nico and Angela. A moment later, Rhodora was escorted to the Mental institution in the escort of Lourdes, Derick and Joaquin.

She told Joaquin to take care of Jenna and said sorry to her mother for not protecting Angela from Nico. Lourdes said it was not her fault. As she was being escorted in, a retarded person startled her and suddenly her identity switched to Roxanne. She was dragged into the room since she was resisting.

Angela woke up to find herself in the room with Nico. He apologised to her for how he handled her, saying Angela forced him to do it and tried to steal a k!as from her. Ryan came in to inform him about the cops surrounding all their yacht but Nico had a backup plan.

Rhodora talked to her alters to leave her but Roxanne blamed her for surrendering, adding that they were locked in the mental home due to her. Later, Dan took her out and she was attacked. A patient took her hair band, and Rowena fought her to take the band.

Rhodora fell unconscious and woke up to find out that she had a fight. She could not remember and Dan, the Health assistant said her child alter engaged in such a fight. Lourdes and Joaquin showed concern about Rhodora being kept among criminal mental patient. She was scared that her daughter would be hurt.

Rhodora was scared that her sickness would not go. Dan assured her that she would be fine but she believed he was motivating her since he was a nurse. Dan revealed that he was not a nurse, he used to be a patient of the place but after he got well, none of his family was willing to help him due to what he did to them.

Derick led the officers to Nico’s place after he called Nico and the latter spoilt the chip to tell Angela that her family would no longer get in touch. The officers after a search did not find anyone there. Roxanne initiated her plan to lure Dan to escape the place. He tried to take the keys but Rowena took over the body to destroy Roxanne’s plan.

Dan quickly left when Rhodora was having an episode. Roxanne punished both Rowena and Rhodora for meddling. Angela refused to eat and told Nico right in front of his face that she never lōved him and only surrendered to save Rhodora. Nico said he would take him from there and Angela said he could take her across the globe and keep her as his prisoner yet she would never lõve him.

She told Nico to wake up from his fantasy, this made Nico upset to spill the food. Roxanne pulled a fast one on Dan to get the keys to open all the mental patients from the mental home to flee. Elsewhere, Nico got drunk and asked Angela if she lōved him, Angela said she did not and there was no way she would ever lōve a monster like him.

Nico told her that he would make her lōve him just like he did. He forced himself on her and Angela managed to punch him. Nico said she was no longer beautiful with that X mark on her face and she was nothing than a rejected product. Angela said she would never lōve him so if he was the only one putting up with her then she was sorry.

Nico grew more furious and decided to rãpe her. As Angela was screaming, Ryan got there and stop Nico before going nãked with her. Nico was upset that his brother stopped his game. Ryan calmed him and give him update on the yacht they would escape with.

Nico stepped out and Angela pleaded with Ryan’s to help her escape but the latter refused, saying Angela knew too much about their plans. So it would be better they send her along. He walked out, leaving Angela to wallow in misery.

As Roxanne was jumping the wall, a security guard tried to stop her but she kicked him and fled. The next day, Joaquin was called by Dr Ferds and was told about the escape of Rhodora. He came down to the dinning hall to find the Ferrer family having breakfast and he broke the news to them.

Lourdes did not understand why they would infor them the next day while Rhodora escaped the mental home the previous night. He explained that they searched for her all over and couldn’t find her that was the reason they informed him now. Per the footage, they realised Roxanne took over the body to attack Dan and unlocked all the patients to flee.

The Ferrer couple decided to follow Joaquin to the mental home. Rhodora woke up and found herself at the middle of nowhere, in a bush. She rushed home to find Panchang eating and Panchang insisted that she was Roxanne and would not be swayed by her cunning act.

As she was exacting pressure on Rhodora, Roxanne took over and pushed the old lady from pulling her to the mental home. Panchang found her act as insülting and slapped her, Roxanne retaliated and pressed on her neck, saying she had been wanting to retaliate her or she thought she could not slap her back because she was an old lady.

Pia intervened and when Jenna was brought there by her nanny, Rhodora took over her body and wanted to get close to Jenna but was not allowed. Ryan drove Nico to the Manila Pier. Nico told Angela to look at the road well because that was the only time she would see Philippines.

As they were in a car going, Derick received a call from the police and when he was done talking to the cop, he told his wife that he was getting down. Lourdes told him to wait since she wanted to know why. Derick said there was no time for argument, their both daughters needed them. He made Peter pullover.

Back to the house, Rhodora understood Panchang and Pia for keeping Jenna away from her. She saw that they were doing the right thing since they did not know when Roxanne would take over. Pia called the nanny to come for Jenna. Rhodora asked for her parents and Angela and Panchang said she should know since Angela surrendered to make Nico set her free.

Panchang told her if she was Rhodora then she should tell them where Nico sent her sister. She then revealed that Nico was planning to send Angela to Hong Kong using Manila Pier. Panchang called Derick to inform him about what Rhodora said.

To their dismay, Rhodora stole the purse of Panchang, boarded a taxi to the Manila Pier only to find Nico’s car parked there. Nico had already board the yacht. Elsewhere, the police argued with Derick after he gave the new lead which Rhodora told Panchang. The police did not want to take Rhodora’s words seriously since she was mentally unstable and believed she was misleading them.

After being informed by Pia that Rhodora came home but has fled, Joaquin made Peter take a new lane since he was positive that Rhodora was going to save Angela. Rhodora paid for a boat and started to follow Nico’s yacht. She recalled her childhood days which her boat exploded but she overcame her fears and after a twice fall into the sea, she still went ahead.

Fortunately, she saw the yacht and climbed up while Nico was positive that he had escaped and no one would be able to trace him and Ryan.


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