Rhodora X Episode 38

Rhodora X Episode 38 Roxanne makes a futile attempt to k!ll Angela, Nico is declared deàd while Angela finally finds a way to escape the Island

As they were sailing in search of Angela and Rhodora, Joaquin prayed to God for guidance and the right direction they should take. The divers together with Joaquin and Santi jumped into the sea but the waves were heavy so they were advised to return home.

Lourdes failed to eat since she did not know whether her daughters had eating or not. Panchang and Pia calmed her down. Elsewhere, Roxanne was walking all alone in the bush. She sat for breather when Rowena approached to complain that she was hungry.

Rhodora also appeared to question her for separating from Angela. Roxanne got upset saying she could survive on her own. She took a walk and found a tuber fruit, as she was about to eat, Angela appeared there to stop her, saying the fruit could be poisonous. Roxanne felt that Angela was jealous that she has found something to eat so she fought with Angela but Angela managed to throw the food away.

Derick was not ready to give up the search so he was against it and he accidentally fell into the sea. Joaquin and Santi dived to save him and he agreed that the waves were dangerous so they returned home. But they came across an island and decided to go there to find Angela and Rhodora.

As Roxanne and Angela were arguing they heard the sound of a boat and rushed there seeking for help but those fisher folks didn’t hear them and that led to another dramatic fight between Roxanne and Angela. Derick and Joaquin search proved futile as none of the fisher folks had seen the two women in the picture washed up ashore there.

They returned home to hear from Lourdes that Nico d!ed. Lourdes was devastated that she would not find anyone to blame for the missing of her children. If she knew he would d!e, she would have unplugged his life support to watch him d!e in pains. She felt that God has not done well to them to allow Nico to d!e that easily. Joaquin agreed with her that Nico needed stiff punishments for the pains he has caused.

After sleeping next to the shores, Angela found fresh waters the next day and went to inform Rhodora to go and drink some. However, Roxanne felt she was plotting against her and refused to go. She was eating fresh fish and thought Angela want some but Angela said she was her sister and even if they were fighting they were sisters but Roxanne refused to be her sister.

As Angela was leaving, Rowena took over the host body and went with Angela. As they went inside the river, Rowena was so happy and dipped in to play with Angela. They began to splash water to each other but when Angela pushed her, Roxanne got agitated and took over the body, thinking Angela wanted to harm Rhodora.

She said Angela wanted to k!ll her so she would k!ll her first. Roxanne attacked Angela but the latter managed to escape. Roxanne was holding a rock ready to hit it on Angela, when Lourdes woke up with screams. Derick held her and she said Rhodora wanted to k!ll Angela. Tears dribbling down her eyes but Derick said it was only a dream and Rhodora could not do that.

Lourdes said Roxanne would but Derick was sure Rhodora was able to overcome Roxanne so that would not happen. The police came there and told the family that they have extended their search, yet, they have not been able to find them. Lourdes believed they were still alive and wanted them to do something immediately before something bad happens to any of them.

Angela kept hiding in the bush, while Roxanne searched for her. Rhodora appeared to fight her for trying to help her sister. Roxanne said Angela was usëlëss to her but Rhodora said she needed her sister because she lōved her. She fought her to throw the rock away and as Rhodora was fighting her alter, Roxanne slipped from a cliff and screamed out for Angela’s help.

During the day for the search at the possible islands, Derick was quiet so Joaquin asked Derick what he was thinking about. Derick narrated Lourdes dream to him that Lourdes saw Angela and Rhodora in Trisha’s place, wearing wedding gowns and Rhodora attempted to k!ll Angela. Joaquin saw that as possible if Roxanne control the body of Rhodora.

Derick hoped Rhodora could fight her alter and Joaquin said he had faith in Rhodora that she would not allow Roxanne. Angela after contemplating of helping Roxanne, decided to help her after a snake showed up. She got the snake away and assisted Roxanne but her identity switched to Rhodora when the screams got to a point. Rhodora thanked Angela for helping her.

She asked the day it was since she could not remember anything and believed Roxanne took over. Angela said not only her but Rowena did as well. Rhodora cried and wanted them to be off the place to go home since she might not know what she would do against Angela. Angela revealed that she has thought of how they could get out of there.

They fetched for wood and made a raft. The rescue team went to the Island which the police believed the girls could be and searched all over. Rhodora asked Angela if the raft was good enough to send them home.

Angela said there was no help coming their way so that was the only way they could help themselves. Derick, Joaquin and the police got exhausted. Derick was tired after screaming the names of his both children in the bushes.

The two girls wore their life jacket and when they were on the raft, Rhodora accidentally fell into the sea and she recalled how the syndicate member’s boat exploded for her to jump into the sea. Angela reached out for her and told her to get on the raft, least did she know that Roxanne has taken over the body.

Roxanne fought Angela for the raft, claiming she did not deserve to be on the raft and she should be the only one on it. Angela fought her to gain the raft while Roxanne was still in the sea.


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